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Mobile Operator MTS Isn't Satisfied With iPhone Pricing Policy in Russia

The largest Russian mobile operator OAO Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) has criticized iPhone pricing policy in the Russian market.

When talking about iPhone price in Russia, Apple determines the level of complexity of its implementation, especially in conditions of extremely high competition and far more lucrative offers of other companies.

It was said by the head of the Russian mobile operator MTS for a special event in New York, dedicated to discussions on the development of markets in Russia and described by Bloomberg. In addition, Apple looks for compliance with all company standards in the implementation of retail sales, which further burdens the company-retailer.

iphone price in russia

MTS is the largest mobile operator in Russia. Also it covers such post soviet countries as Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia and Uzbekistan and every year there are more people who buy iPhone to use it with this operator despite the cost of iPhone in Russia.

Vasyl Latsanych, vice president of MTS, said that Apple professes the dictatorial regime of working with partners:

It seems that Apple is developing a very unbalanced, focusing only on the West. The farther from Germany’s eastern border, the less interest in showing the company to cooperate. But we do not believe that all should pray to one god. Arrogance, in collaboration with its partners does not pay off in major markets.

The vice president of OAO Mobile TeleSystems on strategic and cooperate development said on the conference that:

If Apple showed more flexibility then they would have a higher penetration in our markets

If it’s interesting for you 64GB iPhone 4S price in Russia is $1242  and iPhone 4 8GB – $800. Now you can imagine why MTS is angry at Apple.

But despite their differences, the relationship of MTS and Apple have a constructive character. Joshua Tulgan, OAO Mobile TeleSystems spokesman said that the iPhone was very important for both the company and its customers, and for developing the Russian market as a whole. Therefore, according to Tulgan, the operator will endeavor to ensure the greatest possible market smartphones from Apple.

I’m sure that with iPhone 5 release the price of older models will be lower in Russia than today. Also OAO Mobile TeleSystems managers will deal with apple about iPhone in Russia price.


Is iPhone 5 and iPad Mini Release September 12 True?

Quite a few trusted blogs have published the info that iPhone 5 and iPad Mini Release date is set to September 12. These things are usually placed in the category of speculation: those were too controversial things that repeat one, then other sources not backing up their statements with any facts. This time everything is different. As of today, September can be formally considered as a month of new Apple’s mobile devices presentation. So said a source  the information from which is confirmed with absolute precision for the third consecutive year.


Nitrous Cydia Tweak: Nitro Javascript on Chrome for iOS

Thanking to jailbreak tweak we can now enable the Nitro Javascript on Google Chrome for iOS. What does it mean and what’s it for? Chrome for iOS has a simple interface and supports the synchronization of bookmarks, open tabs, passwords and forms. Due to these advantages, 15% of users of third-party browsers on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad have already switched to the Google browser. Unfortunately, the pessimistic forecasts of “web quests” from the App Store are confirmed: Apple does not allow Google to use the latest engine called Nitro Javascript. First it was tested on the Safari desktop browser, and with version 4.3 is built into WebKit – the basis of Safari.


Apple Company Is Going to Invest In Twitter

Two editors  of authoritative The New York Times, Nick Bilton and Evelyn Rusil, wrote the post that Apple invests in Twitter hundreds of millions of dollars. However both companies have not published any official information, and there is no guarantee that companies will come to general agreement, however, there are still rumors that it can be in the near future.


Check Out Latest iPhone Popularity Statistics Which Is Not Hopeful Today

The results of the second quarter of 2012, which were announced by Apple company, were lower than analysts had forecast before. If we talk about iPhone popularity statistics, it seems that it has passed its zenith and goes down. So the all hope for iPhone 5 release and its new amazing features.

iPhone popularity statistics

For a short period of time, smartphones accounted a big part of total sales of Cupertino company. However, in the past quarter iPad tablet was more popular and the share of Apple iPhone’s sales declined.

And it is not strange because many people, mostly youth, likes iPad more than iPhone. It is good for studying and mostly because of the size of the screen. The past quarter was the most favorable period in Apple iPad’s two-year history. The previous record was set in the fourth quarter of 2011. It was sold 15.4 million of iPad then. Apple company earned then $9.2 billion! It is interesting for my what statistics will be after iPad Mini release this fall.

In the first six months of 2012 Cupertino company sold 26.3 million of iTablet and that was a big blow to iPhone popularity statistics in 2012. According to Peter Oppenheimer, Apple CFO, one million tablets of 17 were sold for the needs of education. Yes, iPad makes its way into general education, using the same love from teachers and especially students, the audience most receptive to new technologies which is normal nowadays.

Also I think that there is another problem with iPhone. Every time it becomes harder to unlock iPhone which is also a big blow to iPhone popularity statistics 2012. People from other countries simply refuse to buy locked “brick”.

However according to Peter Oppenheimer it is not the end for iPhone. The share of the iPhone in the company’s revenue fell slightly, but still very impressive. Over the past quarter, Apple sold 26 million phones and earned $16,2 billion. In fact, many experts predicted decrease in iPhone sales by 26% compared to 35.1 million units sold in the first quarter of the year.

But I think that next-gen smartphone will improve iPhone popularity statistics. And it is not just assumption. I state this because of the curiosity of our readers to iPhone 5. There is no doubt that all Apple followers are waiting for big release from Apple which can be this September.

So give me the answer: Can future Apple smartphone return iPhone popularity statistics in 2012 and 2013, how do you think?


OS X Mountain Lion Was Downloaded Three Millions Times [Apple Reports]

This morning, in a press release Apple announced that their new operating system OS X Mountain Lion downloads reached 3 millions from Mac App Store since its launch last Thursday. This is the most successful number of Apple’s OS sales in company history. Previous “cat” was downloaded a million times on the first day, and after 72 days showed the counter sales of 6 million copies downloaded.


How to Check and Decode iPhone Serial Number

The best way to decode iPhone serial number is to read this post because we all know that every iPhone has serial number but many of you don’t know how to decipher it and check when and where the device was manufactured.

It is good, for example, for those iPhone users who need to update 3GS baseband to 06.15.00 (iPad baseband) to unlock it but don’t know the date of release. Because this update doesn’t work on 3GS models which were released after 28th week of 2011, that’s why you need this iPhone serial number decoder.

Any mobile device from Apple, which is produced on such factory as Foxconn or other, receives a serial number, consisting of eleven characters. It may seem that this is a meaningless set of symbols, but it is not. The signs in the code contain information that can be very interesting.

If you decipher iPhone serial number it will tell you the phone release date, the phone model, color, memory, processor speed, and even the plant on which it was manufactured. This information may be needed to identify Apple communicator or to verify the authenticity of the device.

In contrast to the international mobile identifier – IMEI, to decode iPhone serial number you will see that it contains the digits and letters. These characters are constant, they do not change from the time of manufacturing the device. However, if the smartphone was held in the warranty repair service, Apple replaces the first signs in the code.

To decipher iPhone serial number you need to check it firs so go here:

Settings => General => About

How to Decode iPhone Serial Number

Serial numbers can be pointed as AABCCDDDEEF, (for example) where:

  • AA – the identity of the factory;
  • B – the year of production (simplified to the latest figures, for example, 2010-0, 2011-1, etc.);
  • CC – week of manufacture;
  • DDD – a unique identifier;
  • EEF – model of the iPhone, the color and amount of memory.

For example this iPhone serial number 83924XXXY7H decodes like: Factory 83, was produced in 2009 at the 24th week, a black 16GB iPhone 3G. Also check other last three characters that indicates iPhone model, color and memory storage:

VR0 (iPhone 2G 4GB Silver); WH8 (iPhone 2G 8GB Silver); 0KH (iPhone 2G 16GB Silver); Y7H (iPhone 3G 8GB Black); Y7K (iPhone 3G 16GB Black); 3NP (iPhone 3GS 16GB black); 3NR (iPhone 3GS 32GB black); 3NQ (iPhone 3Gs 16GB White); 3NS (iPhone 3Gs 32GB White); A4S (iPhone 4 black 16GB); A4T (iPhone 4 black 32GB).

Note that this template is suitable only for GSM version of the iPhone 4. The structure of the codes for other models, such as the iPhone 3GS and 4S, is similar but not equal to 100%. However there is a service that you can use to decode iPhone serial number and not only iPhone but 4S, iPad and iPod Touch including the most complete information.


AnyBrowser Cydia Tweak

A Cydia Tweak called AnyBrowser appeared on the jailbreak store yesterday. Basically it allows you to open a web-browser (not Safari) from your lockscreen. If you often need to search something on the internet and you need it quickly, opening Safari on the iPhone may seem like a very long process – it needs to either unlock the screen, or close the current application and then tap on the icon of your browser. It is much more convenient if it would be a simple gesture to activate the browser, including a locked screen.