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Check Out Features List Of Google Chrome App For iPhone

Take a look at Google Chrome features list for iPhone and iPad and why you should to download it. You may know that Google team have recently launched Chrome app for iOS and here you can download it for free and watch short video review.

Despite of slowness in functionality this app stays being one of desirable apps for iOS users. You download it for free on the App Store and enjoy it. But first you take a look at Google Chrome features list and find out what of them would be the best for iPhone or iPad.

Features List Of Google Chrome for iPhone and iPad


Loggin to your Google account on Chrome and save all your bookmarks to get access to them on other devices running Chrome. This feature allows you to sync all your bookmarks. It is also separates mobile bookmarks from desktop.

Sync Tabs

You can use Chrome to have access to the open tabs on any devices running Google Chrome iOS app and this option is one of the best. It remains me one of iOS 6 features on Safari.

Find Your most Visited Sites

This Google Chrome function remembers sites viewed before when you open new Window. Also you can see the links that was recently opened.

Incognito mode

You can use this mode to not save history and passwords, disable Omnibox search suggestions. Also Incognito tabs act like they are on other browser and you can switch to this mode within the browser.

Voice Search

Forget about standalone Google app and use voice searches in this Chrome browser for iOS devices to find your searching info.

Swipe Gestures

This feature gives you the possibility to use swipe gestures. For example on iPad just swipe from outside of the screen and drag without releasing to switch tabs and drag and tap the tap to dismiss it.

Choose Desktop or Mobile Version of the Browser

If you like to use desktop version on your device use it without a doubt with this iOS Google Chrome iPhone app feature.

There is short list of Google Chrome functions and you can decide now to download it or not.

You might hear about very slow performance of Chrome on iPhone and iPad and that was true. And that because of lacking Nitro Javascript engines.  But don’t worry I’m sure that Google and Apple will quickly fix this issue like problems with MacBook Air and Chrome releasing updated version.

I hope you liked my small roundup through Chrome app for iPhone features list and shared it with friends to help them to decide to use it or not.