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Evasi0n iOS 6.1 Jailbreak with Untethered Status [Download]

Sunday is the day when you get a chance to download evasi0n 6.1 jailbreak for iOS gadgets. Evasi0n iOS 6.1 untethered jailbreak is the official name of this utility. It has been confirmed by the Evad3rs Dev-team, the guys who worked on its release and finally finished their development.

Famous hackers promised to present for download iOS 6.1 untethered jailbreak after the official release of iOS 6.1 by Apple which happened this week. Now all iPhone and iPad users who wish to start using third-party applications on their device after firmware upgrade are waiting for Sunday which should be real Funday.

Evasi0n iOS 6.1 Jailbreak

Where To Download Evasi0n 6.1 Jailbreak

The new Dev-Team called Evad3rs gave a hint that their new jailbreak tool is to be officially presented on Sunday, February 3rd. They provide much information on the official site of their jailbreaking utility or on evasi0n 6.1 jailbreak Fun page. You can visit it and be the first one to hear all the news about this tool and be the first one to actually download evasi0n 6.1 jailbreak for Apple handsets and tablet computers.

Download Evasi0niOS 6.1 Untethered Jailbreak

The utility must support not only the latest version 6.1 of mobile firmware for iOS gadgets. It should support all iOS 6.x systems available today, and this list also includes the iOS 6 and iOS 6.0.1 versions.

About Evad3rs Team

The team who created evasi0n iOS 6.1 jailbreak includes MuscleNerd, Pod2g, Pimskeks and Planetbeing. You should know all these hackers as they made so much for iOS jailbreaking. As Planetbeing posted on his Twitter account the evasi0n 6.1 jailbreak works great and really adds the status “untethered” so you will be able to perform jailbreak once and enjoy it on your smartphone or tablet computer for a long time.

As MuscleNerd said the utility should be available on Sunday. Let’s wait a couple of days, and we will be able to finally perform untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.x devices.


You Will be Able to Download iOS 6.1 Jailbreak Untethered Soon

If you are waiting for iOS 6.1 jailbreak untethered download the great news comes! It is almost here! Famous hackers finally created their utility and are ready to officially release it to public. They share one important hint with all iPhone and iPad users who wish to use their program. It is important to upgrade to iOS 6.1 via iTunes and ignore software update feature.


Guide for iPhone 5 3.04.25 Baseband Unlock

Users with new iPhone 5 who just got their device can unlock 3.04.25 baseband that you get when you decide to update to the most recent iOS 6.1 released by Apple for public usage. How is it possible? What should you know about unlock service?

Apple has just presented the new version of its mobile firmware for iPhone users. If you have already jailbroken this device you should avoid updating to iOS 6.1. If your gadget isn’t jailbroken and you want to upgrade and later unlock your iOS 6.1 smartphone, our guide should give you some useful information.


Methods to Unlock 04.12.05 Baseband on iPhone 4 Running iOS 6.1 / 6.1.2

Only few hours ago I wrote a guide on how to unlock iOS 6.1 for all iPhone users who are looking for it. And now you can find several solutions you could possibly use to be able to unlock 04.12.05 baseband iOS 6.1 and iOS 6.1.2. I will refer to each and you’ll learn if it can function or otherwise don’t upgrade your device.

Also I have to inform you that beginning from last Saturday (February 26) it became illegal to unlock iPhone. but this will affect those who bought iPhone after this date and only in the U.S.A. All others may safely use any unlocking method listed here.


How to Unlock iOS 6.1 Using Diferent Methods

I know that it is great to enjoy all features in the new iOS version from Apple. But first many iPhone users need to unlock iOS 6.1 and only then enjoy features.

I know that there are many iUsers who will update their gadgets. But the problem is that iOS 6.1 baseband is not unlockable for all known methods except IMEI unlock method. So, if you use Gevey or Ultrasn0w or other solution that relies on baseband – don’t update your iPhone to the latest firmware. Wait till baseband preservation method that I’ll give you soon.


Find Out iOS 6.1 Baseband Versions After Upgrade

Only yesterday Apple released its new firmware and many iPhone users no wondering what iOS 6.1 baseband will be on iPhone after upgrade. That’s why I decided to be the first to show it to you. So, read this post to the end and don’t update iPhone in Settings (OTA). You better download iOS 6.1 firmware on your computer and then use iTunes to restore it.

As usual, after every iOS update modem firmware (baseband) updates too. iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S users know how essential to keep the old baseband. Because after every baseband update previous unlock doesn’t work. So if you want to unlock iOS 6.1 first you need to find out what baseband your iPhone will have after update.


Finally Apple Released iOS 6.1 So Now Let's Wait for Jailbreak | Download

A few hours ago Apple released an update and you can download iOS 6.1 firmware for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The update aims to fix some errors. As we previously mentioned, iOS 6.1 is a minor software updates, innovations which are mainly concentrated in the user interface.

Key changes and iOS 6.1 features include enhanced support for LTE operators, improved search technology in Apple maps and the emergence of opportunities to book movie tickets using voice assistant Siri. iTunes Match subscribers also can download songs from the iCloud.


Crazy iPhone Unlock $500,000 Fine Or Even More Penalties

From now on U.S. citizents will have to pay penalties for illegal iPhone unlock. It has become illegal to get phone unlock yourself (without the permission of the carrier you are locked to) since January 26th. Personally I find the new iPhone unlock $500,000 find too crazy to be real, but this is how much you will be charged in case you wish to pay no attention to the law.


How To Perform iOS 6.1 beta 5 Jailbreak And Enjoy On Supported iDevices

Apple seeded its fifth beta of iOS 6.1 to developers on Saturday. Even though it happened recently you can already jailbreak iOS 6.1 beta 5 devices, particular models of iPhone and iPod touch. Not everyone can perform this jailbreak so you must first be sure 100% that you are eligible.

So what requirements should you meet? You should really want to jailbreak your gadget and you should understand that this process is tethered [in other words it requires tethered boot on every reboot]. Or you can wait for iOS 6.1 untethered jailbreak from evad3rs team.