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Hooray! Evasi0n 1.3 Available for iOS 6.1.1 [Download Links]

Since Apple hurried up and launched its iOS 6.1.1 for owners of iPhone 4S models in order to fix the bugs with 3G connection, hackers had to quickly release their exploit so that iOS 6.1.1 users were able to download evasi0n 1.3 for iOS 6.1.1 and perform untethered jailbreak for their smartphone.

Evasi0n 1.3 update has been specifically developed for Apple handset 4S models and users who updated their iPhone 4S to the newest firmware version 6.1.1. The release of this firmware was so quick that people were afraid to upgrade, especially those who wished to have a jailbroken smartphone.

If you are not iPhone 4S user you can download evasi0n 1.2 with bug fixes and improvements.


iOS 6.1.1 Was Released! Let's Find Out How to Unlock It [3.4.02]

Now it is not news that Apple released iOS 6.1.1 for iPhone 4s. The release was made to fix 3G problems in Europe and not only. But what is the great that here you will find out how to unlock 3.4.02 baseband after upgrading iPhone 4S to iOS 6.1.1.

This specific upgrade fixes 3G connection problems, failures of Microsoft Exchange, battery problems and some say that overheating issues

The good news for those whose iPhone are running iOS 6.1 untethered jailbreak on iPhone 4S and don’t want to loose it. But if your iPhone is untethered jailbroken you won’t be able to update device to iOS 6.1.1 using over-the-air update (OTA). The reason is that easi0n exploit patches this option.


Apple Rushes with iOS 6.1.1 Release for iPhone 4S

Apple was so quick with its iOS 6.1.1 release because the company tried to address concerns from big European enterprises. However you can download iOS 6.1.1 only for iPhone 4S.

If you download iOS 6.1.1 beta firmware version presented last week you will see that it wasn’t perfect, and some mobile operators began to warn users not to update to iOS 6.1.

The main problems that worry European carriers include problems with 3G performance. Of course, the Cupertino-based iPhone maker had to react to these concerns. Apple has decided to rush the iOS 6.1.1 release that would fix the bugs.

Issues with iOS 6.1 and Fixes in iOS 6.1.1

Such operators as Three (3) and Vodafone noticed the problems with 3G connection. But they are not the only ones who complained about the latest iOS 6.1 firmware launched by Apple in 2013. iOS users left messages on various forums saying they experienced similar problems.

Besides, their battery life quickly degraded on the new operating system, they couldn’t enjoy Exchange support without issues, etc. As the result, AOL had to disable the option that allowed iOS 6.1 users to manage their mobile meetings from the iPhone. This is a temporarily solution to the problem, yet Apple had no choice but to release iOS 6.1.1 build 10B145 but only for iPhone 4S.

This firmware version should soon be available via OTA function as, according to one German blog, the tests of this iOS 6.1.1 update addressing found issues have been completed by carriers.

Where to Download iOS 6.1.1

The new iOS 6.1.1 firmware offers a 23MB update file. It should fix the problems with 3G performance.

Download iOS 6.1.1 for iPhone 4S

As network operators stated on February 11th, “testing complete” which means we will soon hear more about the new build 10B145 from iPhone 4S users who will most likely update to this OS and continue testing it just like they have been doing with the first beta version of iOS 6.1.1.

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Sn0wbreeze Updated to 2.9.9 Version [Download Link]

Famous hacker iH8sn0w has posted direct links to download Sn0wbreeze 2.9.9 jailbreak exploit that fixes bugs found in the previous version of this tool. The available update can make your jailbreaking experience easier and more fun. Since a lot of issues discovered previously have been solved, you can learn more about these bugs fixes and get your version of Sn0wbreeze right away.

Actually, the previous Sn0wbreeze 2.9.8 update was launched not so long ago. Still, it didn’t fix all bugs, so iH8sn0w released another update which you can download if you wish to jailbreak your pre-A5 device running iOS 6.1. Even Apple TV 2 users are able to jailbreak their gadget using this tool.


iOS 6.1 Update Activation Problems Fix

Sometimes users see the “after iOS 6.1 update no SIM” error which can be solved, and we know how you can fix iPhone activation problems. A lot of people waited till Apple released its public version of firmware iOS 6.1 to upgrade. At the same time many of users faced iOS 6.1 update activation problems and got upset over them.

There is no need to be upset. We will tell you what you can do in case you get the following message from iTunes, “There is no SIM card installed in the iPhone you are attempting to activate.”


How to Perform Ultrasn0w 1.2.8 Unlock for iPhone on iOS 6.1

iPhone users with the latest mobile firmware version installed can now unlock their device using Ultrasn0w for iOS 6.1. It has become popular to unlock smartphones and change SIM cards depending on the country you are going to or price packages offered by different carriers.

You can also unlock iOS 6.1 using SAM tool if you have Activation tickets.

I hope you will find this article useful, as this guide has been created to help owners of iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 to perform Ultrasn0w unlock for iOS 6.1 gadgets. The official Ultrasn0w, according to MuscleNerd, supports the newest firmware. You just have to make sure that you have an eligible smartphone and baseband in order to successfully use Ultrasn0w 1.2.8.


Use Direct Links to Get iOS 6.1.1 Beta 1 Firmware

The recent launch of iOS 6.1 and the quick untethered jailbreak Evasi0n for iOS 6 devices has probably pushed Apple to quickly seed the new beta version of its mobile firmware to developers. iOS developers are now offered to download iOS 6.1.1 beta 1 firmware which brings changes to Maps application for Japan.

We are not developers, still it seems that the main feature of the new beta seeded by the Cupertino-based company is map enhancements for just one country. We all know that Apple wishes to improve its capitalization on the international level, and this upgrade is how the company wishes to achieve its goal.

About iOS 6.1.1 beta Features

What does Apple offer in the new beta? Reports state that Apple Maps application gets better pronunciation of Japanese roads for turn-by-turn voice directions, navigation to highways and not narrow roads, indications about toll roads, labels for intersections, interchanges and various ramps, subway lines, traffic lights, etc.

Freeway color has been changed to green. iOS 6.1.1 beta 1 Maps app also has updated icons for hospitals, important Japanese buildings [for example, Japan Imperial Palace, Tokyo Station and Tokyo Tower], post offices, etc.

Where to Download iOS 6.1.1 beta 1 IPSW

Developers are able to get iOS 6.1.1 beta 1 by logging into their account at the iOS Dev Center. Remember that you should get the version of firmware for your particular device: iPad mini, iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. It is important to get the correct iOS for the gadget you have.

The most unusual thing about this release is that it has been offered so soon after the public iOS 6.1 launch. This is not ordinary for Apple to seed new builds to developers when the company presented its public firmware not so long ago.

Note: If you have jailbroken your iOS 6 gadget using evasi0n jailbreak tool, you should not upgrade to the new beta.


How to Fix iPhone Activation Problems

After appearing services that provide IMEI unlock many iPhone users have problems with iPhone activation in iTunes. Also many our visitors wrote us about these issues and I try to find suggestions on how to fix them.

First I wrote a guide to show how to activate iPhone after factory unlock. But there are still many users who complain on activation errors like: “We’re sorry, we are unable to continue with your activation at this time. Please try again later, or contact customer care.”

After exploring this problem I noticed that users began to deal with this problem after the release of the iOS 6.1. You can read the message of unhappy user:


Hackers Release Update to Evasion 1.1 Jailbreak

The first untethered jailbreak for iOS 6 / 6.1 devices called Evasi0n has been updated to version 1.1. All users who wish to enjoy bug fixes can now download Evasi0n 1.1 and perform jailbreak of their gadgets without issues discovered earlier.