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iPhone 6 Video: New Concept Presentation

A lot of fans of Apple products are now following all iPhone 6 news as they hope to figure out what to expect from this company in the future. Would you like to get the idea of what the next-gen smartphone might be like? We have one Apple iPhone 6 concept video that we are about to demonstrate. We believe it is interesting to see.

Will this handset have a bigger display? Will its design be updated? How many buttons will we find on the iOS device? We can answer some of these questions, just keep in mind that this is just a concept the Cupertino-based company might even not look at.

iPhone 6 Concept [Watch the Video]

Rishi Inamdar presented his view on the seventh-generation iPhone. This designer wants Apple to release a smartphone with a 4.5-inch screen. The concept also shows us a thinner handset. Even getting the bigger display this gadget looks nice compared to the most-recent iPhone 5. You will not see iPhone 6 with curved display but this concept is interesting as well.

Rishi sees the iDevice with no Home button. This concept looks neat; still the new volume buttons isn’t something I would like to get. It is not clear from the video, but there are reports that Inamdar wants the smartphone to have buttons below the screen [it might be something like the multi-touch trackpad on MacBook].

Take a look at this concept:

and this:

iPhone 6 Rumors

By the way, there is one more video by Rishi where he compares iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 concept. Here it is [the concept is in the middle, you can recognize it easily as there is no Home button on the handset’s screen]:

According to iPhone 6 rumors, Apple might actually release a device with a bigger screen. These might be just speculations or the reality.

Do you like this design idea? Would you buy such an iPhone 6? We’ll be glad to hear your thoughts in the comments.


Update iPhone to iOS 6.1.3 While Preserving Baseband For Unlock using Sn0wbreeze 2.9.14

Now is a great time to keep unlock on iPhone if you are looking to update to iOS 6.1.3 and preserve baseband. Only with Sn0wbreeze you can do that. If you still using Ultrasn0w or Gevey Sim on your iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 you can use 2.9.14 version to keep it.

The most recent form of sn0wbreeze is version 2.9.14, that was lately launched. It also brings support of iOS 6.1.3 jailbreak on A4 devices. This new edition of sn0wbreeze will also support APTicket validation, considering the current difficulties with APTickets.


Alfred App Tips and Useful Tricks

Do you like to use Alfred app to launch iPhone apps? Would you like to discover some awesome Alfred instructions that will improve your experience with it and share some of the interesting features you might have missed before? Alfred is designed for much more than just launching iPhone applications from Mac.

What great techniques can it offer you? They are described right after the jump and you can get most of them with the free app version.

Alfred App Review

Firstly, you can use Alfred app for Mac as a calculator. You need to open the program and type a calculation. Users who wish to get advance calculator [for example, you wish to figure out =sin(21)] need to go to Preferences. Are you there? Indicate “Enable advanced calculator with keyword ‘=’” and you’ll be able to do the task. Also you can use Alfred app snippets manager like yo need.

alfred app tips and tricksSecondly, Alfred app lets you define words as if you were using OS X Dictionary. You just have to type “define word” [you can also use “spell word” command] to get a definition or word suggestion.

Thirdly, it is possible to control various options using this program. You can empty the trash, shut down your computer, start the screensaver etc.

Fourthly, the application gives you a possibility to open Google sears query by typing your search and hitting Alt+Enter or create an automatic search query by going to Preferences and replacing the search query with {query} in the URL.

More Alfred App Tips

There are also extra Powerpack features that are not free to get, but they are worth their price. Here come Alfred app instructions for users who want to get more out of their application.

alfredFirstly, you can quickly send emails. Type “email” and add the first letters of your contact and you will be able to write a message in a default client. Need to attach a file to your email? Type “Find” and add the name of your attachment. Press on the right arrow and choose “Email to” with the first letters of your contact following. Press on return key and your message will be sent.

Secondly, you can copy entries to the clipboard and not worry that something could be accidentally overwritten. Alfred gives a great way for storing snippets and letting you select phrases and sentences with a few keystrokes.

Thirdly, you can do various actions [delete the file, email it or move from one place to another] after you locate the file through “find filename” command and press the right arrow.

alfred app iphoneFourthly, Alfred lets you control iTunes by typing “iTunes” and choosing “Show the iTunes Mini Player” option. You get various options from searching for artists to rating songs. Here are some useful commands for playing and pausing files. Use “Alt + Cmd + down arrow” to choose previous songs and “Alt + Cmd + Left/right arrow” to select next tracks on the playlist.

At last, you can quickly open recent documents. To do so, type the document name in question and press on the right arrow to choose “Recent Documents.”

We hope that you find these Alfred app tips and tricks useful.


iPhone Orange Austria Unlock [Permanent Factory Solution]

A lot of Apple fans are in search for unlocks for iPhone Orange Austria and other carriers worldwide like Orange France. We all are aware of the fact how much the Cupertino-based tech company loves to lock its smartphones to one carrier network. This happens in different countries, including iPhone 4 Orange Austria and other models. Users are forced to stay on one network till their contract is over.


Perform Sn0wbreeze iOS 6.1.3 Jailbreak Using iPhone 3GS | Tethered

It is not easy to jailbreak iOS 6.1.3 with Sn0wbreeze if you don’t know how the process goes. Here I will show you how to do it on factory unlocked iPhone 3GS. Don’t forget that you can jailbreak your iOS 6.1.3 device tethered using Redsn0w but Sn0wbreeze is better.

Simply because it creates new custom jailbroken 6.1.3 version and you can use it while restoring iPhone in iTunes. After which your iPhone would be jailbroken and running Cydia.


New Sn0wbreeze Gives Support for iOS 6.1.3 Firmware Version | Download

Today is a good day for iOS hackers because iH8sn0w gave us the possibility to download Sn0wbreeze 2.9.14 and jailbreak iOS 6.1.3 tethered.

Right after the release of iFaith 1.5.8, iH8sn0w launched 2.9.14 version of sn0wbreeze to support iOS 6.1.3. This version was really long awaited because many users had problems not only with jailbreaking but with downgrading and APTickets validating that put your iDevice in Soft DFU mode. Now you can fix all that bugs with the new Sn0wbreeze.


Use Updated iFaith to Fix Bugs While Downgrading [Donwloading Link]

An hour ago famous iOS hacker released updated tool for iOS 6.1.3 downgrade and you could download iFaith 1.5.8 to fix some bugs during the process.

The updated version of iFaith doesn’t bring some essential features and support for newer devices with processor chip beginning from A5. However many users of iPhone 3G, 3GS had problems when they tried to downgrade iOS 6.1.3 to 5.1.1 or 6.1.2 (if  SHSH blobs saved locally).


Checkout Another iOS 7 Concept Video With Animation Feature

While Apple’s developers actively create iOS 7, third-party designers offer their ideas for the new operating system like activ status bar. Of course, not all of them are feasible in Apple mobile devices, at least in terms of aesthetics and style. But iOS 7 animation feature looks great. And many of them amazing like iOS 7 toggles. However, sometimes in the web you can find some interesting ideas that could well make the company the standard features of iOS.

I offer to meet with the concept of iOS 7 created by YouTube user, iamthe6ixth, who presented his vision of a new Apple OS. The designer’s job is decent enough and contains a number of new ideas related to the organization of the home screen, system icons and the overall iOS interface.

One of the most interesting ideas in the concept is the iOS 7 active status bar. You can use this item not only to display system functions, but also to involve him directly in the operating system. For example, by tapping Wi-Fi, could be to use the wireless network operator name or turn on airplane mode, and iOS 7 clock allows to launch a standard application with an alarm.

Also pulling down the icons, you can read in the fast mode of receiving the notice. This may be a post office, the news from Facebook, tweets, text messages, game events, etc. If you do this operation with icons without badges, they are run in a “Flipcons” – a sort of quick preview content in applications, which is especially true for social services, like Flipboard and Airbnb.

Do you like this video and iOS 7 animation concept of status bar?