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Apple GSX iPhone Network Checker Not Working Any More? [Report]

There are a lot of people who prefer purchasing Apple devices from different platforms such as eBay. Their iPhones come from third-party sellers and not from the official retailers. Thus it becomes necessary to sometimes get the full GSX report about the popular iOS smartphone.

We have got reports that the well-known Apple GSX iPhone network checker is not working any more. GSX stands for Global Service Exchange. This system is widely used by providers and retailers that need to repair Apple gadgets for all the covered repairs. It is official and licensed by the Cupertino-based tech giant.


How to Use New GSX iPhone Network Checker System by IMEI.ORG

Don’t worry about Apple GSX iPhone network checker tool not working any more bacause we can still use it and learn more about your iDevice using the IMEI number. iPhone users often buy locked smartphones to later unlock them and save some money. The never-locked devices cost too much, and those who wish to save their bucks need to use special service to get the details about their carrier. Sadly, Apple GSX iPhone network checker is not working any more. This was the best and most popular way to get detailed information about your handset in almost no time.

GSX iPhone Carrier Checker Not Available from Apple [We Can Make It Work]

Repair and retail stores use the official GSX service by Apple to check details on iPhones and figure out whether the devices need to be repaired and can get a covered repair. The service has been created by the Cupertino-based company. It is not available to everyone, but a lot of companies used it for their needs. For example, those services that offer factory iPhone unlock by IMEI code ran AppleGSX network check tool to find out whether the iPhone can be unlocked or not.

You might wonder what models it was possible to check via GSX site. We’ll tell you. Any model is good. This method worked for iPhone 3GS, 3G, 4S and 4, 5 and the first smartphone released by Apple back in 2007. Could it be used for iPad? Yes, it could. It worked with the new iPad mini and older tablets running iOS firmware.

New iPhone Network Checker Results Sample [Provided by IMEI.ORG Checker Tool]

Serial: 8X024XXX3NP
Product Version: 6.1.3
First Unbrick Date: 06/24/10
Last Unbrick Date: 01/04/11
Unbricked: true
Unlocked: false
Unlock Date:
Original Carrier: US GSM Country Default Policy
Initial Activation Policy Description: 52 – US GSM Service Policy
Applied Activation Policy Description: 51 – US GSM Country Default Policy
Next Tether Activation Policy Description: 51 – US GSM Country Default Policy

How did it work? It required entering the IMEI number for the iPhone / iPad you needed to check. It gave all the necessary information, and you can still get it because we made it work again. In other word, we are able to run Apple GSX iPhone Network Checker tool.
Provide your IMEI code for the iOS smartphone and we will give you all the details about it, including its activation policy, lock status, carrier name, the most recent restore date, serial number and other facts.

How to Deal with Spam Using iMessage Spam Report Tool by Apple

Read this article and tell me what do you think about this reporting tool introduced recently? Do you think it could change the situation and help Apple fight with spammers? The new iOS 7 firmware should improve it since it will offer an option to block messages from unwanted contacts. Maybe, one day iMessage will become spam free.

There is a new document added to Apple site on Tuesday that explains to fruit fans how they can deal with spam using the service called iMessage. It is based on iCloud, and this method should help the Cupertino-based company to solve the problems that bother its customers.
Here is a closer look at the support document on spam reporting and the detailed instruction shared by the iPhone maker. The company even has a separate email address for users who wish to report any unwanted iMessage messages. It is [email protected]

 iMessage Spam Report

The new method introduced by Apple is meant for iMessage app users. The company asks its customers to not report unwanted messages they get via SMS / MMS messages to the email mentioned above as this is responsibility of your cellular provider.

It might be difficult at first to figure out which messages you got from iMessage and which come as your MMS / SMS. We have the guide from iOS creator and it says that your iMessage messages come in blue color while other messages are green.

How to Report Unwanted Messages

iOS users should take the following steps to report scam received via iMessage program.
Step 1. It is necessary to make a screenshot of the spam message you got.
Step 2. Users have to include this screenshot, their phone number, email from where the spam came from and time / date the unwanted correspondence was received.

Step 3. That’s it. But these steps are meant for iMessage spam only.


iOS 7 Beta 7 Release Delayed Rumors and Predictions

A lot of people expected to see iOS 7 beta 7 release this week, however the weekend shows us that Apple doesn’t seem to hurry and present the seventh beta of its next mobile firmware. Different news sources reported that this build had to be released on Thursday or Friday. We waited and saw no update.


New App Store Rules: Children and Gambling Apps Restrictions

The App Store brings some changes that are must-know for all children and their parents. The new App Store rules include COPPA’s expansion. The American Government introduced Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act in 2013, and now different companies are trying to improve their work based on this document.

The changes are related to children’s applications as well as gambling programs. They can be found under App Store Review guidelines. What are these rules about? How will iOS devs have to improve their apps? What are the new restrictions?

App Store Rules Review

We offer you a quick look at the main changes. These updated App Store rules for kids forbid iOS developers to collect any audio, video and pictures from kids. These restrictions are additional to the list introduced previously that prevents companies from collecting phone numbers, addresses and children’s names.
The guideline’s 17.3 and 17.4 paragraphs say the following things. Firstly, games and applications released for fruit mobile device can ask for date of birth. Secondly, if the program wants to collect any personal info from a minor it should “comply with applicable” kids’ privacy statutes.
The 20.5 and 20.6 paragraphs are related to gambling programs. They state that no iOSapplications can use IAP to buy credits and use in conjunction with real money gaming. They also say that different sports betting apps must be free to download and they should get permissions and licensing in the locations where they are used in order to be approved in the App Store.
The Cupertino-based company also states that no programs that can cause physical harm will be released through the App Store. You can view the full guidelines here.

Other Changes by Apple

The company also promised to approve program that mimic the App Store if the developers prove their app is released for a specific need. In other words, such programs as AppGratis might soon appear on iTunes.

How to Reset Apple User Password in Case Your Forget It

I don’t know many people who use the same password for all their accounts. Most of my friends, and I am sure most of you are using several combinations. Sometimes it happens that you forget the important word, phrase or word-number combination. Is it possible to reset Apple user password? How can you do this? You’ll find some great tips below.

Mac owners can easily attach their Apple ID to the App Store, iCloud and OS X user account. The process of setting it up is easy and quick. It will save you much time in the future in case you forget it because the recovery feature is simple. It lets you access user account by entering your “fruit” ID.

How to Reset Mac Password

Apple User Password Reset Instruction

Even if you have a Mac machine with several user accounts on it, you are able to attach a different ID to each unique account. There are no problems with assigning one Apple ID to your family Mac.

Author’s Note: You can learn how to change country in iTunes using Apple ID.

Here is how you can associate your Apple user ID with user account. The guide is designed for OS X users only. Note that it is better to associate your ID with OS X admin account. This way you’ll be able to get back full system access in case your main password is forgotten or lost.

Step 1. Go to Apple menu and launch System Preferences.

Step 2. Find the panel called “Users & Groups” to choose the main user account from the list of available accounts.

Step 3. Find “Apple ID” under your user name.

Assign Apple ID to OS X Account

Step 4. Press on “Set” and enter Apple ID [you use this login for different fruit services, including iCloud and iTunes]. Press on OK. This way you’ll confirm the changes.

Reset Apple ID to Mac Account

Step 5. Now you are able to “Allow user to reset password using Apple ID.”

That’s it. Don’t search for “Apple user password forgot” suggestions as your password based on Apple ID is easy to reset directly from the login screen. All you have to do is verify Apple ID details.

This instruction is perfect for Mac owners with Mountain Lion, Maverick and Lion systems. You just have to have an active Apple ID.


Gold iPhone 5S Images Leaked Online Along With Different Parts

Every time you are waiting for some new device made by Apple the first you want to find out how it looks like. The same situation is with iPhone 5S and it’s coming release date.

now Apple is going to release gold iPhone 5S and you can see it on the images below. According to Engadget:

Tired of Apple offering iPhones solely in black or white? If photos obtained by MacBoutic are accurate, you’ll get some variety soon… and some bling, for that matter. The repair shop’s images reportedly show an iPhone 5S shell in a simulated gold color, supporting recent spec predictions from KGI analyst (and frequent AppleInsider tipster) Ming-Chi Kuo. While it’s difficult to verify the snapshots when MacBoutic has erased all logos, this doesn’t look like an aftermarket project; the hue extends to normally inaccessible parts of the phone, for example. As a result, we won’t be surprised if we see a flashy gold iPhone at Apple’s rumored September 10th event.

And now just check out the photos of the gold-colored iPhone and parts:

photo iPhone 5S Coque Chassis Or

photo iPhone 5S Coque Chassis Or

photo iPhone 5S Coque Chassis Or

photo iPhone 5S Coque Chassis Or

Photo du Capteur de proximité - iPhone 5S

Photo du dock de rechargement assemblé avec différents éléments - iPhone 5S

Photo du Haut Parleur - iPhone 5S

Photo du Vibreur - iPhone 5S


Are You Ready to Get iOS 7 beta 6 To Test It?

From now iOS 7 beta 6 can be downloaded on the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad mini, iPad 2/3/4, as well as iPods iPod touch 5G. This update fixes some bugs from previous builds and some minor changes to the interface. The main objective of this technical update of – to solve the problem with the function of iTunes in the Cloud.