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When Does iOS 7 Beta 5 Expire?

Each testing iOS version has its expiration date. These firmware releases are meant for researches. Developers are asked to find bugs and different problems that might appear in the operating system and report issues to Apple. The Cupertino-based company, in its turn, fixes bugs and updates its beta build. The whole cycle continues till the official firmware version is presented to public.


Another iOS 7 beta Was Launched and You Can Download beta 5 Now!

Apple company, unexpectedly for users, extended fifth beta of 7th iOS for developers. Download direct links for iOS 7 beta 5 is available right now on the website of the developers or directly on the devices “over the air”.

iOS 7 beta 5 is available for the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad mini, iPad 2/3/4, and iPod touch 5G player. The update, available also on mobile devices via Settings – Software Update, fixed bugs from previous builds and made some changes to the interface. A detailed list of improvements in the new iOS 7 beta we will post soon.


How to Download iOS 7 beta 5 ofr iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Contrary to expectations of many bloggers, Apple has released new beta 5 update for iOS 7. Here you can download iOS 7 beta 5 using direct linkks or if you are a developers you can got to Apple Developer Center, but also on the links on our site.

iOS 7 is available for download from the Settings -> Software Update using a wireless connection Wi-Fi or 3G. The update is available for the iPad 4, iPad mini, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPod touch 5G.

Release of iOS 7 beta 5 is aimed at correcting errors found in previous updates, and includes minor changes to the user interface.

You can download iOS 7 beta 5 IPSW firmware files on the Developer Center at the presence of the official account.

Also you can use direct links here below if you don’t have such account. After downloading you can easily install iOS 7 beta 5 on Apple devices.

iOS 7 beta 5 Download Links


iOS Exploitation Training Course in Europe Allows to Jailbreak iOS 6.1.3

Anyone who is interested in jailbreaking iOS 6.1.3 untethered is offered to take a course organized by i0n1c. It will take place in Germany and last for 5 days this September. The price is pretty expensive. Right now the entering fess is 4,000 EUR and it will become even higher for users who purchase their tickets later this summer.


AT&T iPhone Unlock: Advantages of Factory Unlock Service

How long can you stay without your handset? I remember when my iPhone stopped working because of the dead battery and I had to wait for 3 days to replace it. It was very difficult. I am so used to using my smartphone that I couldn’t stop thinking about it when I had that problem.
Now imagine that your device is locked to AT&T network and you can’t insert the SIM card of Verizon, Sprint or other carriers. Isn’t it a big issue? I think it is. iPhone users who travel a lot need to be mobile and not dependent on one company. A lot of people purchase locked handsets and a lot of them dream about iPhone AT&T U.S.unlocking. I’ll tell you about this service so that you know how you can set yourself free from being locked to just one carrier.
About AT&T iPhone Unlocking Tool
I came across this intelligent iPhone unlocking site not so long ago. I needed to leave U.S. and go abroad where my AT&T iPhone became useless unless it was unlocked. I read a lot of consumer’s reviews and decided to give it a try.
AT&T iPhone Unlock [this is the name of the company] really helped me a lot. It works with fruit smartphones locked to this U.S. carrier. It doesn’t matter what iPhone model, baseband and iOS firmware you have as the factory unlock tool is perfect for any versions.
Here is what I did to place my order and getting the status “unlocked” in less than 24 hours.
Step 1. I found my IMEI number by typing *#06#. My phone displayed this code to me which is fast and easy to do.
Step 2. I was sure I was locked to AT&T but just in case I used the iPhone Network Checkerto verify this information and in a couple of minutes I got an email with the details about my handset.
Step 3. I emailed my IMEI code to the company and paid $9.99 for their service using my PayPal account. The company emailed me back assuring it got my order.
Step 4. The next email was received by me in less than 24 hours. I got further instructions that helped me finish the unlock. They were really simple and I had no problems following them and finally saw a message “Your iPhone has been unlocked” on iTunes.
Benefits of Factory Unlock
I was happy to know that my Apple warranty wasn’t void by this distant unlocking service. Now I can freely update to any iOS version / baseband because my unlock will not be lost. I can also use any carrier and I am really happy as it saves some bucks.

When iOS 7 Beta 5 to Be Launched

The latest iOS 7 beta launched by Apple on Monday was beta 4. Developers and carriers are not testing this mobile operating system for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad mini. Will there be iOS 7 beta 5 released sooner this summer? We have heard some rumors and made predictions that will be interesting to users who enjoy taking part in iOS testing.


What Does OpenJailbreak Mean and Why this Source Has been Opened by P0sixninja

Grand event  happened last week. Jailbreak community should clap their hands to OpenJailbreak source by p0sixninja. The source that was created for developers to hack iOS devices, store useful codes and exploits and even more.

Only few days ago such unknown team of hackers like UnthreadedJB announced that they could jailbreak iOS 5.1, iOS 6.1.3, 6.1.4 on any iDevice. Some say that p0sixninja was behind it, others that i0n1c and another big part of jailbreakers are sure that this project was made by Geohot. I think  we will find it out soon. But let’s talk about the real source from the real hacker.