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iOS 7.1 Update with Personal Hotspot Problems on the iPhone

You can easily update to iOS 7.1 but you should know about personal hotspot problems that you might face after this installation. iOS 7 hotspot has been buggy and users hoped that Apple would solve most of the problems with iOS 7.1 release. Still this firmware upgrade brought new bugs, including fast battery drain and Wi-Fi issues.

According to some iPhone owners, their update from iOS 7.0.6 to iOS 7.1 cracked their personal hotspots on the smartphone. Their APN settings simply couldn’t be saved and disappeared after the update.

ios 7.1 personal hotspot

You can still enter data into your APN fields however it won’t be saved. Once you try to create a tethered connection you will see an error. This is how your Cellular Data Settings stops working correctly after the update. Such iOS 7.1 bugs aren’t pleasant, but hopefully the problems will be fixed in iOS 7.2 or other version which Apple is expected to present sooner or later.

A lot of people report the same problem. Apple support forums have a long thread devoted to this Wi-Fi personal hotspot bug and it looks like the company’s support is confused with it. Some users suggest it could be related to your carrier.

personal hotspot not working

Users who contacted their mobile operator didn’t get the fix. Right now such iOS 7.1 problems are reported in several countries, including Spain, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Hungary, Thailand and others.

The bug appears on iPhone 5S, 5, 4S and 4 models. If you are still out of luck to have your personal hotspot option work on iOS 7.1 you should wait till Apple releases the problem fix. Customers from the UK, U.S. and some other countries assure their tethering option got deactivated as soon as they installed iOS 7.1 upgrade.


Improve iOS 7 Mail App by Adding Mailbox Folders

Some users like to use Mail application on their iPhone and Mailbox on the iPad or opposite. Anyways, they are using different apps but often wish to quickly access particular folders while being on a different iDevice. For example, imagine that you have Mail on the tablet and Mailbox on the smartphone. In order to get to Follow Up folder on the iPad you’ll need to click on several folders. There is a faster way you can use.

I am talking about the possibility of adding Mailbox folders to your Mail program. This is easy to do on iOS 7 firmware. You’ll get a chance to easily get to where you want on any iOS device. Follow the detailed guide posted below and enjoy using this little iOS 7 trick.


Here is how to make iOS Mail application add folders from you emails:

Step 1. Open Mail program on your iOS 7 gadget. It can be iPad or iPhone. This doesn’t matter much.

Step 2. You need to check out the list of your Mailboxes and this way all the Inboxes should be displayed.

Step 3. Go to the email accounts of your. Users who have turned on Smart Mailboxes and VIP options will now see them in their list of accounts as well.

Step 4. Find “Edit” option which is located at the upper right corner of your iDevice screen. Click on it.

Step 5. Now search for “Add Mailbox” option at the bottom of the screen. Do you see it? Tap on it.

Step 6. You can now click on the email account that you wish to get a folder in from. For instance, users who like Gmail service can select their Gmail account at this point. It will show all your Gmail folders along with your Mailbox program folders.

Step 7. Choose the folders / folder that you need to see in Mail list of folders. Click on Done twice to return to Mailboxes.

Step 8. Enjoy seeing your Mailbox folders in your Mail account / inbox lists.


iOS 8 Presentation: What The Next Apple Firmware Will Be Like

We will see a new version of iOS firmware for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch later this year. It should be released along with the next-generation smartphone and other devices from Apple. What is iOS 8 to be like?

Apple is now working on its iOS 7.1 update (coming versions) that should fix all the bugs from 7.0.4. This mobile operating system is expected to be launched in time for March. iOS 8 update should be much bigger. It will offer new options and features corresponding with the things offered in the next-generation smartphones and tablets.

ios 8

Polished Graphics and Interface

It took a long time for Apple to completely change the look of its iOS 7. Thus experts believe no big changes are coming in iOS 8. It might offer minor improvements but its interface and graphics will most likely stay without any major changes.

The new firmware might get some polishing and improved functionality. Just don’t expect any dramatic enhancements and introductions.

More Sensors

There are reports that state iOS 8 could get different sensors and tracking, for example, for health and fitness. There might be a new application released as the main component of tracking.

What do you think about the possibility of tracking your weight loss, heart rate, steps taken etc. with the help of your iOS 8 iPhone 6?



Most of the sensor features could be enabled by a new application. It might be an iWatch release that will be capable of measuring your hydration, blood pressure and other states. It is not clear how everything would cooperate but the idea is pretty cool.

iOS 8 Mobile Payments

Touch ID gives a lot of opportunities for introducing mobile payments which could happen with the next firmware release. Some rumors even mention PayPal that is said to want to work with iOS devices. This all could happen this year.

We’ll surely hear a lot of other rumors and see various leaks during 2014 since Apple will try to keep its iOS 8 features in secret. In other words, this secret information will partly leak giving us a better idea what we might see next summer or fall.


How to Check iPhone Blacklist / Clean IMEI Status

AT&T iPhone, Vodafone iPhone, Orange iPhone and any other iPhone locked to any carrier can be blacklisted without you even knowing about it till you try to use it with different networks. It is not nice to get to know your iPhone is lost or stolen, is it? Such situations are common for people who purchase their smartphone from resellers on eBay and similar sites.

Blocked iPhones can be unlocked for accepting any SIM. This is the solution to customers who live, for example, in Europe and buy the iPhone from U.S. You can check iPhone blacklist status using the iPhone blacklist checker. This is trusted and guaranteed service which helps thousands of people across the world.
The service is simple to use.
  • Firstly, you place your order for checking your blacklist status by providing iPhone IMEI along with the email.
  • Secondly, you pay for it and wait till results are emailed to you.
  • Thirdly, you learn if your iOS device clean or blacklisted.
iPhone blacklisted IMEI checking is performed through Apple server. This guarantees the results. The checker works with blacklisted iPhones only so you must be sure your smartphone IMEI is in the black list. Run the free iPhone IMEI checker to get this information before you proceed with blacklist checking.

 Knowing the information about your IMEI allows you unlocking the smartphone. Not all IMEIs can be unlocked so you should specify the info you got to the company that offers factory unlocking service by IMEI code to make sure you are eligible. Most gadgets blocked in one country can work in other countries.

Besides, you can figure out for sure whether your handset is being reported as lost or stolen or not. This is useful to know.
If your IMEI is clean you can freely order unlock. If it is barred, you have several ways to choose from.
Make sure your smartphone is activated with the carrier it is locked to. If it is not activated, its IMEI is not in Apple database and you can’t unlock / check such a gadget.

iOS 7.1 Untethered Jailbreak for iPhone 5S / 5C Claimed to Be Released!

With iOS 7.1 release being available for public download iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users line up to read iOS 7.1 jailbreak news hoping to see the release date or even download link for Evasi0n7 with support for this newest firmware. You can even find messages on Facebook and other social networks that assure there is iOS 7.1 jailbreak program you are able to download “from here.”

Some blogs keep telling they can jailbreak your iOS 7.1 iDevice directly from the smartphone or tablet. Don’t believe such “news” as this is real fake. Eva3drs haven’t launched a new jailbreaking program or updated their famous Evasi0n7 which can still perform jailbreak for iOS 7 firmware up to version 7.0.6 and not above.

Hackers will report officially their iOS 7.1 jailbreak event. Their Twitter accounts have no such news at the moment. Their official websites with Evasi0n7 software has no news about support for firmware version 7.1.

There are a lot of fake reports on iOS 7.1 jailbreak within a week of the firmware update release. Don’t believe everything you read unless you are following hackers’ blogs and official websites. Once such programs appear for public use, they will be free to download with detailed instructions introduced by Evad3rs or some else known in the jailbreaking community.

Here is the list of official sources where you can find real information about the state of working jailbreak for iOS 7.1 device: – the freshest news about any change in iOS 7.1 untethered jailbreak development. – Twitter account of this famous team that created Evasi0n and Evasi0n7 jailbreak solutions for iOS 6 and 7 up to version 7.0.6 – the official Evasi0n jailbreak tool website where you can download available versions for this program for Windows and OS X computers

There are two main sources you can use to check for iOS 7.1 jailbreak news and sources.

By the way, Pod2g [Evad3rs member] actually said the team is not into full jailbreak development. Hackers are most likely waiting for the next firmware 8 release.


iOS 8 Maps Predictions for Apple Application: How It Will Improve

Unlike Apple Maps iOS 7 app which had a lot of bugs making users wish to use Google Maps instead, the new iOS 8 Maps release should be improved. According to reports, the company is going to polish the program. Maps is the creation of the Cupertino-based giant which replaced Google Maps in September 2013. The application was widely criticized by users because of various errors, bugs, lacked directions and other problems.

iPhone maker continues to enhance its iOS application promising that the next Apple Maps iOS 8 update will contain less issues. It is expected to fix current problems. The new app should be more accurate with more features. The mapping database should be much better with the iPhone maker acquiring different useful companies that can help. We should expect to get correctly labelled parks, highways, airports and other stations, stops and freeways.
Directions for regional transit and public transit should be clearer. The company promises a better job done by devs who work on iOS 8 Maps app for iPhone 5S / 5c / 5, iPad and iPod touch. This is what we believe will appear in the updated program. There will be more information closer to WWDC and iOS 8 release.

Top iOS 7.1 Features: Better Touch ID, Improved Siri, New Buttons

iOS 7.1 official release for iPhone 5S / 5c / 5 / 4S / 4, iPad and iPod touch [that are supported by this firmware] brings some interesting iOS 7.1 features worth mentioning. Apple has made its Siri better, introduced updated button and other options. You can start using all the new modifications once updating to the new operating system.

Keep in mind that as for today it is not possible to jailbreak iOS 7.1 iPhone, iPod and iPad. In other words, if you rely on iOS 7.0.6 jailbreak you better stay jailbroken avoiding the update. It is not known when hackers release the solution for the latest system release. It might take them nearly a year like it happened with iOS 6.1.3 and up versions.

iOS 7.1 Features

If you are not jailbroken and don’t wish to be you can install the new upgrade and enjoy the following things.

Best iOS 7.1 Features for iDevices

There are no dramatic changes in this release. All the features existed before. They were just improved.

For example, you are now able to turn off or unlock iOS 7.1 parallax wallpapers with a several clicks. This is a good solution for users who don’t like this effect and wish to get rid of it without any problems and without installing jailbreak tweaks.

iOS 7.1 parallax wallpapers

iPhone 5S owners got some unique options. Thus, they can now turn on auto HDR to improve the quality of photos taken with their smartphone cameras. They can also enjoy CarPlay feature that is exclusive for this handset model.

arPlay feature

Siri got some nice manners. It behaves faster and speaks more natural.

Touch ID sensor has also become more responsive.

Apple has also updated its button shapes making them look like buttons and not like text labels.

These are just some of the top features for iOS 7.1 iPhone and other gadgets you need to know about.


Semi Restore iPhone iOS 7 Full Support [Save Jailbreak]

There is no jailbreak for iOS 7.1 at the moment. Apple patched all the exploits and released a non-jailbroken firmware version for iPhone 5S / 5c / 5 / 4S / 4. In other words, users who wish to restore their jailbroken iPad, iPhone or iPod touch can’t do this because they will lose their jailbreak status while updating to iOS 7.1.


Evad3rs iOS 7.1 Jailbreak Release Date for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

With iOS 7.1 official release iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users wish to know when hackers from Evad3rs announce iOS 7.1 jailbreak release date for the community. As reports state, jailbreak geniuses credit security modifications in iOS 7.1 in their document.

When Evad3rs iOS 7.1 Jailbreak to Be Released [Date]

Every time Apple kills exploits used for successful jailbreaking process by updating their mobile firmware it also credits a user who discovered security flaws in the operating system. The same thing happened with the new firmware update. Using exploits pointed to by users from the jailbreaking community Apple fixed all the holes making jailbreak currently impossible.

While Evad3rs don’t announce the release date for iOS 7.1 jailbreak yet, Apple credited these hackers for finding 4 security problems of 20+ issues. Stefan Esser is one of hackers who is behind one of the vulnerabilities found. Others come from Chrome and Google Security Teams.

This is not that awesome since it is understood how comprehensive the company is about patching holes in its mobile operating system for iPhone 5S / 5c / 5 / 4S / 4, iPod touch 5g and different iPad models. While we have no idea when Evad3rs release jailbreak iOS 7.1 download links for Mac and Windows you better stay away from updating to this firmware version. There are rumors that hackers will postpone jailbreaking program update till iOS 8 release.