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Apple Presents iTunes Update 11.2.1 with Bug Fixes

Apple has presented its iTunes update 11.2.1 for Macs. iPhone and iPad users who need this program for their everyday life should install this version as it solves one problem. To make it clear, this latest iTunes update fixes include the solution to the hidden folder. Users whose folder is hidden will see it again after upgrading.

Windows people haven’t noticed the problem. But Mac users with OS X 10.9.3 launched recently found the issue with their /Users folder which got hidden after update. Apple learned about this bug and introduced its iTunes update with error fix.


The iTunes update fix 2014 is not a big upgrade. This is just a minor release that fights the bug. Users who experienced the problem with their folder being hidden assure that once they have installed the new iTunes version 11.2.1 – their User folder appeared again.

You can download the new iTunes for Mac through “Software Update” option. You can alternatively visit your Mac App store and grab it from there.


Change Siri Language on iPhone 5 and Other iDevices

Sometimes you borrow your iPhone / iPad to kids or friends. It might also happen that you purchased a used iDevice from someone on the Internet and it came with a strange language installed on it. How can you change Siri language on iPhone 5 / 4S / 5S / 5c / 4, iPad and other iDevice?

The instruction is simple. You will follow the steps and be ok within moments. You know that Apple made the personal assistant bi-lingual to support users from all over the world. There are dozens of options to choose from. Maybe someone you know speaks a foreign language and you need to adjust iPhone 4S Siri language setting or settings on other models.

siri language change

Change Siri Language iPad / iPhone Guide

Once again we’ll mention this is not complicated. It is simple to program Siri to your native language or switch to a foreign language whenever you need it.


Step 1. Take your iDevice.

Step 2. Open Settings app.

Step 3. Select the General menu and Siri.

Step 4. Open Language and choose the language for your personal assistant.


Siri will speak and understand the language you select from now on. You can always change it when needed. Remember to exit Settings app once you are done.

We hope that our short Siri language change instruction has helped you to solve the possible problems.


How to use Siri on iPhone 5S with Typing and not Talking

You can always type to Siri instead of talk on your iPhone 5S and other models / iDevices. This program understands a lot of commands and knows answers to different questions. There is no need to jailbreak iPhone. Sometimes, of course, it might misunderstand you. It can happen when you are typing or talking but anyway there is a way how you can adjust the query and clear it up to this app.

It is easy to use Siri by typing. Users can edit their texts and help Siri respond correctly. These are things to type into Siri when you wish to edit your question or command. You can type them from any Apple smartphone or tablet that supports Siri.

Step 1. Open Siri. To do this, just click and hold your Home button.

Step 2. Speak your request and scroll up to see it. It should be on your display.
Step 3. Click on this text and you will be able to edit what you have spoken.
Step 4. You can now apply changes.
Step 5. Once you have finished editing the request click on Done [this option is located in the low right corner of your keyboard].
Step 6. Allow Siri re-process the command and answer it.
You can use Siri on iPhone 5S / 5c / 5 using this method. It is handy when you have to use a name place or titles that can be misunderstood until you edit them manually.

iPhone 6 Features vs. iPhone 5S / 5 Specs

Apple is about to update the line of its smartphones. Current customers can use models up to version 5S but the news and rumors show the next generation iPhone 6 that should get improved features and other specs.

It is always interesting to compare iPhone 6 and iPhone 5 / 5S. These handsets might get similar design but they get different options. Of course, the next iPhone 6 specs are created based on leaked images and reports from different sites. These rumors might not become real or some of them might be real. Let’s see how they are different from the current iPhones.



You Can Get In-App Purchase Promotional Code from iOS Developers

It is now possible to get iOS in-app purchase promo code from the game / application developer. iPhone and iPad users will be glad to hear this news. Apple has finally made it possible to create such promotional codes and give them to users. The new option is pretty handy and useful as it will much easier to test the content inside programs with in-app purchase feature.

in-app purchase promo code

In-app purchase promotional code for iDevices will also make game promotion more interesting. Users might be more willing to download the free app if they are able to get the in-app purchases at no additional cost. This will be an interesting promotional campaign.

Previously developers could create promo codes for paid games and app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It was impossible to do the same for in-app purchases. The changes are curious and much easier for app reviewers, testers and ordinary gamers. It is always nice to get the full game or application content without paying for it.

in-app purchase promotional code

iOS in app purchase promo code for premium programs can be generated by the devs. Apple is expected to soon update its website for developers as for now it sill says that promos do not support in-app purchases.

At the same time, this screenshot by Jeff Scott proves that the option is already available to users.


iPhone Lost iMessages Glitch on iOS 7 Firmware

There is a big problem with Apple devices and software. Some users who wish to switch from their iPhone to another handset or tablet might lose their iMessages. This doesn’t affect all users but those who face iMessage glitch cannot get help from Apple Customer Support.

The company says it is aware of the lost iMessages on iPhone but is not able to deal with this problem. According to Adam Pash who used to edit Lifehacker, the famous iPhone maker when he lost his messages Apple did nothing to fix the issue as it simply has no solution how to deal with message delivery glitch.

Lost iMessages on iOS 7 smartphones that have been disabled by their owners simply cannot forward the messages sent from other users to the new active cell phone. Instead, they continue being routed to the disabled gadget. The result is upsetting, as the receiver gets not message at all.

According to Pash, his messages were lost once he began using the Android gadget instead of iOS one. He contacted the customer support and hear that this was a problem to a lot of users. The support assured that Apple’s engineering team was looking for the solution but was at the moment “apparently clueless as to how to fix it.”

The first reports about the iMessage glitch appeared back in 2011. Sadly, it is still not fixed. All you can try to do: turn off iMessages before you deactivate your iDevice. This way it might be removed from the Cupertino-based company’s system in time to stop forwarding messages to your old device.


How to Choose iPhone Between iPhone 5S, 5c and 6

A lot of users who haven’t bought iPhone 5S and 5c last fall or last Christmas are now wondering what unlocked iPhone to buy. Apple is expected to present the new iPhone 6 in fall or late summer. This smartphone will get new features but it will be most likely priced higher than current iPhone 5S and iPhone 5c.

Should you wait until the next-generation update or get the model now? We will try to help you make your choice based on our advice.



Reasons for AT&T iPhone Unlock Problems and Issues

AT&T unlock problems that started in October 2013 still bother users. More than half a year ago Apple forums and AT&T discussion forums were full of complaints from iPhone owners who requested official unlock from the American carrier and failed to make it work.

The most common problem showed the following message “ Your SIM card is not supported ” after their request was fulfilled by the mobile operator.

A&T iPhone Unlock Problems of “ SIM Not Supported ”

The problem comes to both ordinary users and companies that specialize in factory unlocking iPhone 5S / 5 / 5c / 4S / 4 by IMEI number. Ordinary iDevice owners often contact AT&T on their own after their contract expires asking for the free service. Here is how it should work.

at&t iphone unlock problems

Step 1. You contact AT&T Customer Care requesting the unlock for your iDevice.

Step 2. The carrier confirms your order and emails you your request number asking you to take the following steps in 24 hours from the moment you got the email confirmation.

Step 3. You need to launch iTunes, connect to the Internet, insert your original AT&T SIM into your smartphone and connect the cell phone to your computer.

Step 4. You should backup and restore your iPhone via iTunes.

Your smartphone should be unlocked after the steps above are complete. However, a lot of people complaint that this does not happen.

AT&T iPhone Unlock Troubleshooting Story

As mentioned last November by 9to5Mac, the problem began last year. Back in the fall 2013 a lot of resellers had to close their business because AT&T iPhones could no longer be unlocked. These handsets are popular across the world because of the frequencies used by this American carrier that are good to be used in many foreign countries.

AT&T iPhone unlock policy was changed at that time causing problems, delays and unlock fails. The new rules became strict and complicated for everyone in the market. Some business owners were forced to leave the market. Others had to adjust asking their customers for patience.

unlock at&t iphone free

As WSJ noted, AT&T didn’t change its policy for individual unlocks. Customers can still request this service after the contract has ended [but we see that this practice also experiences big problems nowadays].

AT&T unlock issues with resellers began with the higher unlocking price. The U.S. company said it would unlock the cell phones at the price of $100 instead of $1 or $2 they used to get for the same mass-unlock service. Why has the carrier changed its policy?

It is not clear and no one can answer this question. AT&T itself does not unlock devices that are still on contract. Third-party companies do. Yes, they experience problems with iPhone 5S / 5C / 5 unlock, delays and sometimes fails, but a lot of their requests are fulfilled and successful making customers happy.

AT&T iPhone Unlock Delay

Different sources and forums mention AT&T iPhone unlock issues in the end of 2013 and early 2014. Delays are not the biggest problems since you can be still unlocked, even with the status delivery delay while others cannot.

at&t iphone unlock delay

There are a lot of reasons that can affect your successful iPhone unlock. Many of them have nothing to do with the new AT&T unlocking policy. The problems can be experienced by users whose smartphone has been once jailbroken / hacked. Customers who have unpaid bills with AT&T or bad account will fail to get the unlock, even if their contract is over with the mobile operator. Users with the lost or stolen cell phone cannot be unlocked at all as well as customers with blacklisted IMEI code.

If you are sure that everything is well with your account, bills, clean IMEI and your first request with AT&T unlock failed to become successful, you are advised to give it a second try. One user from Discussions Apple forum mentioned here that his second unlock request was approved and iTunes finally saw that the iPhone was no longer locked.

In other words, you should keep trying as different unlocking companies do. They search and use all possible ways to deliver AT&T iPhone unlock to their consumers. Read the official unlocking problems from the operator and hope that your request will be painless with the possible biggest problem of AT&T unlock delay.


Straight Talk Data Throttling to Affect Customers

Sprint promised to throttle customers who will use too much data. The similar plan is offered by Straight Talk. This mobile operator is going to bump high speed data for $45 monthly payment. This is the AT&T MVNO and this carrier is pretty popular among prepaid mobile companies in the United States.

Customers will be able to enjoy bumped data allowances at the same price they paid. The company is going to offer the unlimited data plan at $45 per month but it will provide Straight Talk data throttling to users who get to a particular point of data usage.

straight talk throttling

The carrier used to offer 2.5GB of full-speed data to its consumers, and it will now increase this number up to 3GB. There is no need to pay extra for this service.

Straight Talk throttling plan will affect only some customers. They will notice Straight Talk throttled speed once they reach the limit of data usage per customer. If you need international data plan for iPhone or other device you will have to pay $60 per month. The company assures that this plan comes with up to ten times more data than $45 plans.

U.S. users who are looking for prepaid unlimited text, calls and data are choosing Straight Talk which supports both T-Mobile and AT&T smartphones.


New iPhone 6 4.7-inch Screen Images Leaked from Foxconn [Renders]

The new iPhone 6 render images have been shown by one Chinese source. The images are not of top quality but you can still see what is believed to be the new 4.7-inch iPhone 6 that is expected to surface in late summer or early fall. The pictures are reportedly provided by Foxconn [this is the main supplier for Apple products].

You can see the device sized at 138mm x 67mm. The same size was earlier predicted MacFan magazine [Japan] and AppleCorner blog [Taiwan].


Changes in iPhone 6 Images Leaked

There is a number of changes in smartphone design. For example, the pics show a new location for the power button, new rounded corners of the body and rectangular volume controls. The gadget’s Apple logo has also been changed from what is present on the iPhone 5c, 5S and other smartphones.

The back of the handset might get the 3-stage aluminum design because of the 2 antennas located on the rear part. It is not clear how the company is going to change its antenna design to make it go in line with the smartphone’s design.

The gadget will most likely be thinner. It should get a better camera and powerful A8 processor.


iPhone 6 4.7-inch Screen

The next-gen fruit cell phone should be launched with 4.7-inch display and later with 5.5-inch screen. The first version might be released in August with the second one following the next month.

There are reports that Apple might use NFC payment function in the next generation of smartphones. The famous fruit giant might also integrate the China UnionPay service into its app [maybe Passbook]. There is news about Apple striking a deal with this company. The technology could be possibly used for making purchased in Apple stores.