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Here Is Link To Download iCloud Photos App

Today The Apple Company has launched the new iOS version the iOS 8.1. Now you can download iCloud photos app. As together with the the iOS 8.1 launch Apple has released the iCloud Photo Library. The company also add very useful feature the Wed element. This feature lets users from any Web browser to view their photos and videos.

iCloud photos app

There is Web portal alongside the iOS 8.1 that gives users access to any media that has been saved to their iCloud Photo Library. If you download iCloud photos web app from their Camera Roll you will be able to upload photos and video automatically to the cloud for storage and cross-device syncing. Let’s take an example. You took a picture of your favorite pet. This photo will be placed on the cloud. And from there other devices that are signed in to that iCloud account can view this photo. Also the devices that have been granted access through iCloud Photo Sharing can do the same.

With the help of Photo Stream feature the users can download photos from the iCloud Photo Library folder for local storage.  Apple claims that iCloud Photo Library will be the area where all our photos and videos will live once it goes fully live, forgeting the need for services like Dropbox and Google Drive.

download icloud photos web app

From the software side, Apple allows users  to choose  to download full-resolution images or to save space by storing only optimized versions locally. The amount of photos, panoramas, videos and other content of the Camera Roll users can save in iCloud Photos is based on their iCloud storage tier.

Try iCloud photos app for your device here.


iOS 8.1 Direct Download Link for iPhone / iPad / iPod touch

iOS 8.1 release is officially available. Apple has launched its new firmware version and users who have a compatible iDevice can now update to iOS 8.1. This upgrade supports iPhone 4S+ devices up to the newest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, iPod touch 5G and iPads starting with the second-gen model.

iOS 8.1 download link is available to those who can’t upgrade via OTA-update. The new operating system offers Apple Pay feature which was long awaited bu Apple fans. It comes with Camera Roll option and a lot of other little nice things you can get once you download 8.1 version.

iOS 8.1 Direct Links

You can use the iOS 8.1 direct download link for your particular device and update right now.

Supported iPhones

The most recent iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6.

Also here are the iOS 8.1 links for other supported iDevices:




iOS 8.1 Launch Download Links to Be Available on October 20

Apple has officially announced its next iOS 8.1 release date. This is another big day for all iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users who have updated to firmware v.8 and can soon install the newer operating system version.

iOS 8.1 download links are to be available on Monday, October 20. This is the official launch date for the new firmware update. As the iPhone maker notes, the upgrade will be available for direct download to all supported iDevices.

The information comes from a trusted source. It was announced by Craig Frederighi [Apple].

iOS 8.1 launch is long awaited because this operating system will come with the new Apple Pay feature that is supposed to make purchases through apps and retail stores a one-second move. It will work on Touch ID supported devices only.

Besides, the operating system will offer iCloud Photo Library which will be offered in beta version. Apple should also introduce Messages Continuity support.

You’ll be able to download iOS 8.1 through direct links if you have iPod touch 5G, iPhone starting with the 4S model and up to 6 Plus and iPad 2 and up, including the mini and Air models.

Devs have already tested the upcoming firmware version 8.1. This release will kill some iOS 8 bootloops but it should also bring fixes to previous bugs and problems experienced by iOS 8 users.


Apple Offers iTunes 12 Release with new Features

iTunes 12 updates is already available to all Apple fans and iOS device owners. The company offered its new iTunes 12 release along with OS X update and introduction of the new iPad mini and iPad Air line.

Users who wish to update to iOS 8.1 this Monday should also download iTunes 12 to update it to the latest version available. This program has an updated design and a lot of new options. For example, you can get Family Sharing feature along with enhanced Get Info etc.

iTunes 12 release

According to Apple, its new iTunes 12 launch is must-have as this program will be much easier-to-use from now on and users should find it more entertaining and enjoyable. The new look is found to be elegant and there is more room for user’s content.

Mac owners should definitely install this update since it brings the ability to share apps, books and games purchased in iTunes between family members. There will be no need to switch accounts and passwords in order to play the game your brother has downloaded a couple of days ago etc.

download itunes 12

There is also iCloud Family features which you can set up in iOS 8 Settings app or on your OS X Yosemite Mac. Apple has changed its iTunes store, library and whole feelings of this desktop program.

Have you not updated its? It’s time to download iTunes 12 which you can do directly from your Mac App Store or Updates menu. You can also use the direct links for Mac and Windows 32 bit and 64 bit.


If iOS 8 Personal Hotspot Missing After iOS 8.0.2 Update

iOS 8 personal hotspot not working complaint comes from a lot of users who have installed iOS 8.0.2 on their iPhone. Somehow this update made the important feature disappear. After fixing iOS 8 Bluetooth connectivity problems here we will try to fix your e connection.

ios 8 personal hotspot not workingiOS 8 Personal Hotspot Missing Fix

It is worth mentioning that not too many of Apple fans reported the issue, but if you are among those who suffer, you need to fix it. Before you try to fix iOS 8 Personal Hotspot option, make sure you have subscribed for it. It is not always available for free, some carriers make you pay for an opportunity to use this feature on the iPhone or other iDevice.

If 8.0.2 Personal Hotspot Missing

Step 1. Go to Settings program on the iDevice.

Step 2. Select either Mobile menu or Cellular menu.

Step 3. Users who don’t see the Personal Hotspot menu should choose Cellular Data option.

Step 4. Find Personal Hotspot menu [scroll down till you see it]. You need to know your cellular data APN settings as you have to enter them now.

ios 8 personal hotspot missing

Step 5. Get back to the previous menu option and click Back.

Step 6. This should return your Personal Hotspot option back.

Step 7. You should now be able to see Personal Hotspot when you go to Settings – Cellular or Mobile depending on the iDevice you are using.

Step 8. Click the Personal Hotspot toggle on and it will be enabled.

fix ios 8 personal hotspot

If you are also missing the ability to use your personal hotspot on iOS 8 device, you can try to solve the problem using the shared tips.


Apple Store Not Working Once Again in 2014

Apple has some difficulties with its site. Apple Store down during pre order period was a big issue back in September when the Cupertino-based giant introduced the now-popular iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Well, Apple Store down today is now an issue that repeats once in a while.

The company’s site went down ahead of its long-awaited iPad event. The giant was busy updating its site on October 16 before it was supposed to stream live the official iPad mini, iPad Air and new OS X announcements. Well, the fix isn’t available still, on October 17.

app store is down

Users who tried to visit the store hope it will become available soon after the site started to say that it will be back after updating the Apple Store. Just like it happened during the iPhone 6 official pre-sail launch, the site doesn’t have any linen background. It just now says about the update in several languages and has a flatter design.

We’ll remind you that Apple has already introduced its next iPad lines, still you can’t visit at the moment to learn more. We are hoping that this Apple Store not working issue will be solved later today providing the new look along with the new tablet devices.


Steps To Fix iOS 8 Bluetooth Connectivity Problems

A lot of much-requested features like extensions ,custom keyboards and widgets. Apple added with already launched iOS 8. But because of  the rapid stream of development can appear the introduction of  bugs as iOS 8 Bluetooth connectivity issues.

Before you start to fix iOS 8 Bluetooth connectivity issues ensure that the problem is with your iPhone or iPad. But not the issue with the Bluetooth accessory you’re want to connect. So try connecting to the accessory with your  PC, Mac or any other device. Then look if there is an issue or not.

enable BluetoothWhen you find out that the problem lies with your iPhone or iPad running iOS 8, here is how to fix iOS 8 Bluetooth connectivity issues:

Step 1. Turn off Bluetooth and restart your iPhone or iPad

Turn off Bluetooth from Control Center, or you can click on Settings > Bluetooth and turning off the switch. Reboot your iPhone by holding the Home button and the Power button until on the screen you see the Apple logo. Now enable Bluetooth again from Control Center or Settings > Bluetooth.

iOS 8 Bluetooth connectivity issues

After this step1 try to connect to the device. If the issue still isn’t solved, move forward to the step 2.

Step 2. Forget Device

You can try forgetting the device you paired with from Settings. And then try reconnecting:

  • Click on Settings >Bluetooth.
  • Click on the “i” icon against the device name you’re having issues connecting.
  • Click on the “Forget This Device” button. Then confirm your action.

iOS 8 Bluetooth connectivity issues fixNow pair your iPhone or iPad with the device again. After that see if the issue has been solved.

Step 3 Reset Network Settings

You can also try resetting your network settings. Be careful because if you will do it all your Wi-Fi settings will also be cleared. So you must have to rejoin Wi-Fi networks.

How to reset network settings:

  • Go Settings and navigate to General > Reset
  • Click on Reset Network Settings
  • Enter your Passcode, if you have
  • Confirm your action in the popup

how to fix iOS 8 Bluetooth connectivity issues

Your iOS device will reboot. After it starts up, try to pair to the device again. If your issue  still isn’t solved try another step 4.

Step 4. Restore and Setup as new iPhone

The last step is to restore your iPhone or iPad via iTunes. Connect your iOS device to the computer.

  • Select your iDevice in iTunes.
  • Click on the Restore button in the Summary tab.
  • Click the Restore button.

After your IDevice is restored to factory settings, it will restart.

set up as new

You’ll see on screen “Hello”. Then “Slide to set up” slider. Follow the on-screen instructions to setup the iOS device. Set up your device as new.

Step 5. Visit an Apple Store

Even after you tried all these steps and you’re still having issues, then you should visit your nearest Apple Store to know of any possible hardware related iOS 8 Bluetooth connectivity issues.


Setup APP Specific Passwords For iCloud | Userguide

To increase the security of  iCloud accounts Apple added app-specific passwords on October 1st. When user use third party apps, this  useful feature of two-step verification  allows user to sign in to iCloud securely.

app specific passwords for iCloudApp specific passwords for iCloud permits user to sign in securely to personal iCloud account when you use third-party apps such as Microsoft Outlook This app  doesn’t support two-step verification.

How how to use app specific passwords for iCloud

To use app specific passwords for iCloud you need to visit the My Apple ID website.

  • Select Manage your Apple ID and sign in.
  • From the menu on the left-hand side tap on the Password and Security option generate the app-specific password
  • Then tap on Generate an App-Specific Password.
  • Enter a label for the app-specific password, and click Generate an App-specific Password.
  • You can enter or paste this app-specific password into the password field of the app you would like to use with iCloud.

Generate an App-specific Password 2You can create up to 25 app-specific passwords for your iCloud account. If you used all 25 app-specific passwords for iCloud you have an opportunity to revoke one or all  passwords individually. If you believe that your device where you’re using the iCloud account is compromised you may also revoke the password. Here is how to do this:

Step 1. Go to  My Apple ID website.

Step 2. Select Manage your Apple ID and sign in.

app specific passwords

Step 3. From the menu on the left-hand side tap on the Password and Security option Select View History.

Select View History

Step 4. Tap Revoke next to a password to revoke only that password, or tap Revoke All to revoke all passwords.

If you revoke the app-specific password it automatically sign you out of the iCloud account . If you want to use app specific passwords for iCloud you should  sign-in again.

Please note when you reset your primary Apple ID password, all the app-specific passwords will also be revoked automatically with aim to protect the security of your account. For the third-party apps that don’t support two-step verification you will have to regenerate the app-specific passwords.


iOS 8.1 Bugs Fixes Necessary for iOS 8 Smooth Update

There a huge iOS 8 bugs list, maybe not huge, but it’s long enough to confirm that this system is far from being perfect. Apple knows about the issues and is now working on its next iOS 8.1 update. Reports mention October 20 as iOS 8.1 public launch date. Developers have already been seeded beta 1 and beta 2 of iOS 8.1.

iOS 8.1 bug fixes should improve the system a little bit. Still it’s hard to say how much Apple is going to actually fix because its major point in iOS 8.1 launch is the introduction of Apple Pay service which is completely new for the company and iPhone users.

ios 8.1 bugs fixes

According to users who have installed iOS 8.0.1 or 8.0.2 already, these updates brought some new problems. They are not major issues but they still need some work to be done in order to improve the operating system on iDevices. Firstly, users complain about problems with cellular connection. Secondly, they mention crashes with Settings app, the blue screen of death, problems with Notifications banners and other minor bugs.

What problems do you have on your iOS 8, 8.0.1 or 8.0.2 device? What is needed to still be solved by Apple? Are you satisfied with this update overall or looking forward to iOS 8.1 update in hopes to get a good working system?


Is It True that The iOS 8.1 Launch Date On October?

Last week with a number of changes the Apple company presented the first iOS 8.1 beta to developers. As Bank Innovation has previously reported that iOS 8.1 contains hidden settings for Apple Pay and Apple’s NFC based mobile payments service that was announced at the iPhone 6 event. It also wrote that the publicity will get the new update on  iOS 8.1 launch date on October 20. Bank Innovation has learned that iOS 8.1 will include Apple Pay, based on multiple sources. And the iOS 8.1 release date will take place along with Apple Pay.

From Bank Innovation report, based on multiple sources close to Apple, Bank Innovation has learned that iOS 8.1 will include Apple Pay, and the current expected timetable for the public release is schedule for October 20.

Sources close to Apple considered that Apple Pay has been connected to iOS 8.1 since the September 9 iPhone 6 event. Bank Innovation states that the public iOS 8.1 launch date  will be performed sometime in October and will have improvements for other Apple services.

Previously was reported that iOS 8 will be adding major improvements to the Apple Maps app. These features hasn’t been added on to the initial release of iOS 8.

iOS 8.1 launch date on October

We expect the iOS 8.1 launch date on October could coincide with a rumored iPad media event that Apple will reportedly host this month. iOS 8.1 beta includes references to an iPad with Touch ID, hinting at an iPad Air and iPad mini refresh with Touch ID fingerprint sensor and Apple Pay support.

Also Apple is moving forward. References to iOS 8.1, iOS 8.2 as well as iOS 8.3 versions have started to appear in analytics logs.