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iOS 8.3 Issues: iPhone Users Get Redirected to App Store without Permission

iOS 8.2 release [you can update to 8.2 version using a step-by-step tutorial] didn’t change App Store Safari issues and if users believed that iOS 8.3 bugs wouldn’t include this problem they were wrong. Apple launched iOS 8.3 beta 3 which you can download directly without UDID and this firmware version demonstrates that there are ads in mobile Safari browser that don’t ask users for permission to redirect them to the App Store.

The new iOS 8.3 bugs were unveiled recently. It is not cool when you browse web pages on your iPhone and get redirected once in a while seeing the App Store loading when you didn’t even plan to visit it.

Such iOS 8.2 and iOS 8.3 issues are similar to the problem that was reported in 2014. It doesn’t exist in each web page you see but some random ads redirect you even if the page didn’t have time to fully load. Some iOS users have already complained that iPhone Safari redirects them to App Store even though the company added the changes to its iOS 8 platform that were meant to fix the bug. It seems that online advertisers found a new way how to send you to the page you weren’t looking for.

There is a video online which proves that iOS 8.3 beta on iPhone and iOS 8.2 firmware on iPad lead to such redirections. It is also curious that Apple did solve the problem in early iOS 8 reporting that Safari blocked advertisements from redirecting customers from their webpage to the App Store without their permission. This issue doesn’t seem to be fixed judged by the new facts.

Do you experience any other iOS 8.3 problems with betas running on your iPhone or iPad?


Will iPhone 6S Be Released in Pink with Force Touch Technology?

The next iPhone we will see later in 2015 might be the iPhone 6S, and different rumors predict various features that are not present in the current iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. According to iPhone 6S specifications that are believed to be added by Apple to its line of smartphones, this smartphone model could be available in different colors, including pink.

The unusual iPhone 6S color options [right now the company is testing pink as the possible color but this doesn’t mean that it will be really offered to customers later this year] are not the only thing that can change about this cell phone. Apple is also expected to add Force Touch technology to the iDevice. This technology was created for the Apple Watch that can be pre ordered starting on April 10 and will be shipped on April 24 to the U.S. and some other countries of the world.

Thanks to iPhone 6S Force Touch feature, the gadget’s display will be able to distinguish between deep and light taps of a finger. The Cupertino-based giant assures that its new creation is the ‘most significant sensing option’ since the release of Multi-Touch feature.

What screens can iPhone 6S get? Reports mention the 5.5-inch and 4.7-inch screen sizes for the 2015 models developed by the ‘fruit’ company.


How to Fix iOS 8 iTunes 12 Sync Problems [Instruction]

When you are trying to connect your iPhone or iPad with iOS 8.2 or earlier iOS 8 version on it to your computer you might face iTunes 12 sync issues. There are a lot of complaints from Apple users who wish to solve such iTunes syncing problems on the new 2014-2015 firmware versions but fail to do so.

We’ll tell you how to fix iTunes 12 sync problems if you get such failures after iOS 8 installation or newer firmware update [we have already shared a detailed instruction on how to upgrade to iOS 8.2]. The new guide will help you bypass the syncing process without getting stuck in the middle of it.

iOS 8 iTunes Sync Problems Fix for iOS 8 – 8.2 Data and Music

Step 1. If you haven’t updated to the firmware version released in March you should install it and maybe even save SHSH blobs for iOS 8.2 iPhone or iPad. This is the first thing you can try to do in case you are not running 8.2 version yet.

Step 2. To solve iTunes problems you are also advised to update your iTunes to the most recent version on your Windows computer or Mac. You can do this through Check for Updates menu inside the program.

Step 3. Try to connect your iDevice to your computer with a USB cable.

Step 4. With iTunes launched select your Apple mobile device at the top menu and uncheck Sync option for both Automatically sync [the program will stop automatic syncing when your iDevice is connected] and WiFi [it will stop syncing when you are connected through WiFi network]. Remember to confirm your actions by selecting Apply.

Step 5. Close iTunes.

Step 6. Disconnect your mobile device and restart your computer.

Step 7. You can once again launch iTunes and connect your mobile gadget using the cable.

Step 8. Enable the syncing options for both WiFi and Automatic sync while the iDevice is connected to your computer.

Step 9. The iOS 8 – 8.2 iTunes syncing problems should be gone.


New Brute Force iPhone Passcode Bypass 2015 Solution

There are numerous methods on how to bypass iPhone passcode for your lock screen. We mentioned a lot of them, including the cool DNS iCloud bypass for iPhone and iPad that gives users a lot of functions with the screen still being locked. But since this DNS bypass works only on Windows computers, you might want to look at other tools.

One iPhone passcode hack we’ve heard recently about is the small box capable of brute forcing to get past the locked iDevice. This is the most recent iPhone passcode bypass 2015 tool that is not free. It is pretty expensive costing up to $300.

Apple doesn’t make passcode lock bypass simple for its customers. If you forgot the password and the company can’t help you with getting access to your iPhone back you might wanna spend $300 and unlock your smartphone instead of purchasing the brand new model, especially if you were already SIM free on the one that is locked.

The IP Box, as its creators say, is a small box [even a tiny one] that keeps the iPhone’s data intact while bypassing your lock screen. This tool has been reportedly used by device repairers who are helping users who don’t remember their passcodes for iOS 7 or iOS 8 smartphones.

If you try to remember your passcode without having to use iPhone passcode hack you only have 10 attempts. If you fail 10 times all your data will be automatically wiped. The IP Box, as its dev [MDSec] says, can bypass this Apple’s security measure meaning all your information and data will be safe.

Since the box accesses your iPhone by finding the right PIN combination, the procedure of such unlock can take about 111 hours. It cuts off your iPhone power before it records the failed attempt to bypass the iOS 8, 8.1 lock screen. The iOS 8.2 lockscreen unlock has yet to be tested by the box creators.


Apple Users Experience iCloud Gmail Rejections Problems

Issues with Apple services surface once in a while. This time people mention iCloud Gmail problems that cause delivery delays. Apple let’s its users utilize and addresses for their emails but something is wrong with them at the moment.

The current iCloud issues are related to Gmail services. Those who try to use Apple’s email options and whose messages are sent to Google’s service get a series of messages that also include iCloud ‘too many rejections’ error. Others just see long delays in the arriving of such messages.

About a week ago there was a long outage on the iTunes, App Store and other Cupertino-based company’s services. It happened when Apple was introducing its new product called Apple Watch. Users couldn’t download and update apps and use other things offered by the iOS giant. It took the company more than 11 hours to fix the issue and resolve the problems.

If you get the error ‘too many rejections’ you can try again later just like it is suggested by the service. Apple will soon fix the bug which makes its server to reject messages sent through Gmail. The company’s engineers are surely working on it.

If you get the issue you can call Apple and report that you are facing problems with iCloud Gmail.


Hack Allows Android Wear Watch Accept iPhone Calls

Can you imagine that hack iPhone calls will help users to answer incoming calls from this Apple smartphone with Android Wear device.
Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh, the Cydia developer created jailbreak tweaks such as SpotlightSiri and DoubleTapToSleep. Back in February he showed off proof-of-concept which allows the stock iOS Messages app notification to be sent directly to a flagship Android Wear device, Motorola’s Moto 360.

Since that time he has been working to find various ways to add more functionality to the app and this morning posted a new great video shows how an Android Wear watch can accept an incoming call from an iPhone.

This Moto hack solution gains a little bit of software magic. As shown in the video below, the developer had to simulate the gesture to answer the incoming iPhone call on Android Watch, no jailbreak required herein.

To make answering iPhone calls with Android Wear possible requires ANCS usage. However an Apple’s smartphone featured in the video is jailbroken, jailbreak is not needed for the iPhone calling functionality on Android Wear.

And according to the nature of the API used, this also means that iOS 8’s Actionable Notifications are supported as well.

It’s important to remember that this is an unofficial hack iPhone calls solution so Apple company may choose to obviate Mohammad’s app at any time. And I am sure it will do it very soon.

Google in its the turn claimed that they plan to work on an iPhone app that will gain full Android Wear compatibility to iOS.


How Many Americans Are Eager to Buy Apple Watch?

How good or bad can Apple Watch sales be? This iOS smartwatch will be publicly released on April 24. Its pre-orders are to begin in less than a month from now. Customers are able to order their Watch beginning on April 10. Still experts are not too positive about this launch, mostly because of its high pricing that most consumers didn’t expect.

The poll was conducted among nearly 1,250 U.S. citizens earlier in March. It shows that only 13 percent of users from the United States are eager to purchase the new Apple product. Earlier experts thought that this number was much higher, but the official introduction of the Watch with 8GB of storage space that revealed high Apple Watch pricing policy made a lot of customers change their decision on whether to buy it or not.

The new survey demonstrates that nearly 70 percent of U.S. customers are not even interested in the smartwatch developed by the Cupertino-based giant. It is curious that the big campaign rolled out by Apple regarding its upcoming Watch was unheard about half of users who participated in the survey.

Over 50 percent of people called smartwatches ‘passing fad.’ At the same time, there are users who don’t own an Apple iPhone yet and wish to buy it in order to purchase the Watch. About 13 percent of respondents said they consider purchasing the smartphone to get the smartwatch to work with it.

Would you consider getting the Watch? How much are you willing to pay for it?


New Steve Jobs Documentary Heads to U.S. Theaters

Steve Jobs did so much for Apple and the development of smartphones and Macs that movies about him grow like mushrooms after the rain [for example, Steve Jobs biopic got its release date]. The new Steve Jobs documentary titled ‘Man in the Machine’ heads to the American theaters and you can watch this work directed by Alex Gibney in your city soon.

The debut of ‘Man in the Machine’ on Jobs life was presented in Texas. It happened over the weekend and now the documentary film has been picked up by CNN films and Magnolia Pictures. What does it mean?

With CNN, you can watch movie about Steve Jobs on TV. If the company garners the rights it will surely show it eventually. With Magnolia, you will be able to watch the film in the movie. We still don’t know when the company is planning to bring the documentary to U.S. theaters but this will happen sometime in the future.

There are a lot of movies about Steve Jobs. Magnolia has already picked up seven of Gibney’s movies and it has now obtained the rights for distribution of the eighth film.

You can watch movies about Steve Jobs already, but not ‘Man in the Machine’ as this film is yet to be demonstrated to public.

Man in the Machine Review

According to those who have already seen it and knew Jobs when he was alive, this new film is ‘disappointing,’ but you will be able to watch it and decide yourself how much you like or dislike it.


Testers Reported What Bugs Apple Fixed in iOS 8.3 Beta 3

iOS 8.2 is the latest public release of Apple mobile firmware, but the company continues to work on the next update. It has recently launched iOS 8.3 beta 3 which you can download using direct ipsw links to install via iTunes if you are not a registered developer. This same beta was launched to public testers by Apple. Here is what users have already noticed in iOS 8.3 changes.

Firstly, the list of iOS 8.3 fixes includes the bug with Safari browser which is finally solved. The keyboard has been lengthened [it is too short in current iOS 8 versions on the bigger iPhone 6 Plus and 6 displays], the Go button is now smaller [it is too huge in current firmwares which makes it really easy to unintentionally click on the period key that is located between ‘Go’ and space key] and users shouldn’t have problems with clicking on the periods instead of getting the space in Safari.

In other words, when iOS 8.3 update comes to public users will be very gald as they get a chance to type in Safari without bunch of periods, especially on the iPhone 6 and its bigger ‘brother.’

Secondly, there are other iOS 8.3 bugs that Apple is fixing. If you are curious on all the changes you can either join devs or the group of public testers. If you don’t like to join any groups, you can either follow the news or risk yourself by installing the new betas through direct links. Any method is good if you like it.


iOS 8.3 Beta 3 Specs Revealed Along with Public Beta Testing Launch

Apple has released its iOS 8.3 beta 3 for public users to see what this firmware offers, find bugs and problems to solve them in the next update. The public beta testing for iOS 8.3 beta 3 is the new program launched by the company. Users who are registered can look inside the new version along with devs but they don’t need to have a developer account.

If you are not a dev and don’t participate in the new program, you can still download iOS 8.3 beta 3 ipsw and install it using iTunes without any UDID and dev accounts. This beta is available under the number 12F5047f. Apple is expected to release another beta later in March, iOS 8.3 beta 4, before it makes this firmware officially available to all users with iDevices.

iOS 8.3 Beta 3 Specs

The most recent update comes with fixes to some bugs and other things worth mentioning. This build should offer better performance to iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. It also increases stability of the system and comes with such features as 2-factor authentication support from Google, Emoji keyboard that was completely redesigned, Siri support for additional languages [Swedish, Turkish, Thai, Dutch, Danish and others], Wireless CarPlay and much more.

Anyone who is planning to update to iOS 8.3 beta 3 should create a backup copy of their smartphone or tablet before the installation. This will help you to save your data and personal information in case anything goes wrong.