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Apple Will Set Selfie Unlock iPhone Option

In the near future it will be possible to selfie unlock iPhone, as the United Stated Patents and Trademark Office (USPTO) has today granted a new Apple patent under the “Locking and unlocking a mobile device using facial recognition” title. This patent describes a system that utilizes a mobile phone’s camera to capture an user’s face picture, then analyze it and unlock the iOS device if it matches the owner’s face through the Re/Code.

The process of camera capturing and face recognition may trigger by the iPhone having detected that it has been motionless for a some period of time.

In another way, a locked iOS device is arranged to capture an initial image using its camera, capture a new picture in response to detecting movement of the device. The user should move the device to a use position, then the iOS device will analyze the subsequent picture to detect a user’s face, and unlock the device in response to detecting the user’s face.

Apple company tells that its new technology to unlock iPhone with selfie would resolve some of the time-consuming steps problems for unlocking a device. With facial recognition, the device will automatically unlock when a iPhone is set into “a use position” and the camera picture matches the initial one taken image of the owner, instead entering a password manually or use Touch ID to unlock the device.

With this selfie unlock iPhone option it will be faster and safer to unlock any mobile device. The patent also gains the notes that this technology could be used to identify also other authorized users of the iOS device, such as family members or friend.


Apple Store Revenue Prediction for 2016 and 2017 Wows

We’ve seen Apple Store revenue prediction that states that the company can double its earnings by 2018. The information comes from App Annie and IDC. Their forecast also mentions in-app ad tripling in 2015, 2016 and 2017. The similar numbers are mentioned for Play Store by Google.

As experts think, the records set by Apple in Q1 2015 when the company generated over $10 billion in revenue would double in the next several years. The iPhone maker that still benefits from offering its iPhone 6 and bigger iPhone 6 Plus released in the fall of 2014 will earn even more by 2018.

The first week of this January helped the Cupertino-based giant get the highest billings in its history. In just one week the company made over $0.5 billion and this was during holiday season when a lot of customers were purchasing the new smartphones as gifts.

These numbers are considered conservative by App Annie experts. They also note that the predictions made in the past didn’t promise Apple such huge revenue that exceeded any forecasts made.

Apple Store Revenue by Countries

Users are also believed to use more free applications and games in the future, the ones that have in-app purchases but cost nothing to download and install. In-app ads will triple by 2018 but they will vary from region to region just like it happens now.

For example, customers in Japan and Russia add less than 25 percent of the total revenue while users from India and the UK bring over two-thirds. Such facts come from the information collected by App Annie / IDC.

The revenue can be boosted by the next line of iPhones that predict to have the 4-inch iPhone 6c and new Apple Watch that is officially released in April.


Chinese Customers Can Trade-in iPhone and iPad at Local Apple Stores

Chinese customers who are fans of original iOS products can now participate in the iPhone trade-in Apple China program that has been officially confirmed by the company’s spokeswoman Kitty Potter. The rumors about this have been floating on the web for a while [everyone knows how Apple benefits from iPhone sales in China]. Now everything seems to be set up between the Cupertino-based giant and its local stores in Asia.

You should be able to trade-in iPhone in China anywhere you live. This popular American program has to be available across all Chinese iOS retail stores. The ‘fruit’ giant is extending opportunities for customers. For example, the company updated its program in the U.S. and now accepts non-iOS gadgets as well which includes BlackBerry, Android and Windows Phone devices.

Now its Asian customers can also trade in both iPhones and iPads. When you bring your older model to the retail store you will get a credit that can be used as a discount to your purchase of a new iPhone or iPad. Of course, your older device has to be in good condition and able to turn on.

According to Potter, the famous iPhone maker is bringing this program to Chinese users to assist those of them who want to recycle the previous-gen models. This way customers can help the environment and also receive a credit. In other words, local consumers can finally exchange an old iDevice for a new iPhone 5S, 6, 6 Plus or iPad.

Previous rumors said that all the ‘fruit’ trade-ins in China would be handled by Foxconn. This company is going to take all the recycled models, repair the ones that can be repaired for good and resell them through its network of sites.

Where will you be able to purchase a repaired old iPhone or iPad in China? Reports mention such platforms as eFeihu and FLNet.


iOS 8.3 Beta Twitter Update Discovered with No Sharing Button

Do you remember Twitter sharing button in iOS 8.2 and earlier versions? A lot of iPhone and iPad users liked tweeting right from iOS apps using it but the current iOS 8.3 extra features get rid of this button. What can it mean?

It looks like iOS 8.3 beta Twitter update is coming soon. Will we see a new Twitter’s own share extension in Apple mobile firmware? It might mean this as developers and users who can install iOS 8.3 beta 4 without UDID have noticed the absence of a familiar ‘blue bird’ button.

Some experts think that Apple could stop on the fourth beta and others believe the company might release a fifth version for testing before making 8.3 a public release. We have talked about iOS 8.3 what’s new options to give you an overall idea of what to expect this spring.

The most recent change in this operating system shows now Twitter sharing button that was used for many years in a row, beginning with iOS 5. It made it simple to share images, links and posts right within Photos, Safari and other applications.

Will you miss this simple option or not? It might happen that Apple didn’t intend to remove it and this is just an error in iOS 8.3 beta 4 code. Twitter is so popular that the ‘fruit’ giant just can’t take it away from its firmware. So we have two main ideas on what has happened. Firstly, it could be the bug that will be solved by the time the OS is released officially. Secondly, Twitter might update its existing button making it a share extension with multiple opportunities.


TaiG Announced About The iOS 8.2 Jailbreak Progress

Let’s learn iOS 8.2 TaiG jailbreak progress and what we know for present time. TaiG iOS 8.2 jailbreak was rumored to be launched at the Mobile Security Summit event on March 27th. But all iOS 8.2 devices users that fervently waited for a jailbreak were disappointed as that hasn’t happened. TaiG has made an announcement on its current progress. Let’s discuss what they said.

TaiG team objected to all rumors about the they having already released an iOS 8.2 jailbreak tool, as the team is yet to launch it. They claimed that users should not trust any information that is outlined outside the TaiG Jailbreak Team official news channel.

Some members of jailbreaking community suggested that Apple patching up exploits in the iOS 8.1.3 and 8.2 updates, made these releases pretty tough. As it will be almost impossible to crack using the existing vulnerabilities that TaiG had been using in its jailbreaks up till iOS 8.1.2.

It is really so. These updates brought many bug fixes and Apple publicly mentioned that it had patched exploits in iOS 8.1.3 and 8.2 that were needed by the Pangu8, TaiG and PP jailbreaks to develop jailbreak. Also the Mac even patched some vulnerabilities discovered by Stefan Esser known as i0n1c.

Many jailbreak developers warned users to avoid updating their Apple mobile devices to iOS 8.1.3 or 8.2 with the aim to keep their jailbreak. Although there are a lot of users caught up with latest updates thinking that jailbreak solution will be released now.

MSS 2015 in Beijing that took place on Friday didn’t bring any jailbreak for iOS 8.2. But the TaiG team issued a statement saying that the purpose of this summit was to create world top jailbreak developer platform for open communication.

The progress of iOS 8.2 TaiG jailbreak stayed at the motionless position, as the team added that they wanted to release the jailbreak of iOS 8.2 as soon as possible. And its launch at MSS event was restricted to several factors.

With iOS 8.3 update expected to be released next month ahead of Apple Watch launch, it seems that we won’t have a new jailbreak release until iOS 8.3.


Big Apple Watch Shop Openings in Paris, Tokyo and London on April 10

The big Apple Watch Shop openings are officially announced for several high-end department store locations in different countries across the world while the production of this iOS smartwatch has been cut by half. The Cupertino-based giant will open its Apple Watch store in London, Paris and Tokyo. All these stores will sale only the wearable devices that should be available on April 24.

Apple Watch shop in Paris is to be located in Galeries Lafayette. The wearable shop in London will appear at Selfridges and Apple Watch Tokyo location is to be in Isetan. The company has confirmed that customers will be able to view and buy its new smartwatches in these locations however all the clients and consumers are to be directed to different retail stores of iOS giant for further support needs.

The big events are planned for April 10. This is when the grand openings for the new foreign shops will take place. This is also the date when customers can preorder their first smartwatches from the collections created by the company. It will reportedly be impossible to mix and match Apple watch bands and cases. The Cupertino giant wants potential users to buy bands they like additionally and pay extra $50-$450 for them.

The smartwatch by Apple will cost pretty much, however the new shop locations are believed to sell only luxury models that can cost up to $17,000.


TaiG Speaks About Its iOS 8.2 Jailbreak Tool Release Rumors

There were predictions about iOS 8.2 jailbreak TaiG official release in the end of March. This group of hackers from China was believed to officially launch an untethered tool for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch on the 2015 Mobile Security Summit which took place on March 27, and however this didn’t happen.

It has been already confirmed by Comex hacker who was speaking at this event that TaiG iOS 8.2 jailbreak wasn’t presented at the conference. Hackers from the TaiG team also reacted to the rumors that pointed to their new jailbreak program public release.

According to the team, the summit that was held in Beijing [China] had a purpose to create a platform for jailbreakers from all over the world to prepare for the future jailbreaks. The team really wanted to unveil the new tool as quickly as possible, but this hasn’t happened yet.

The team says that the creation / launch of a new iOS 8.2 jailbreak ‘was restricted to some factors’ and TaiG asks users to follow their official site as other channels might not be trusted. There is no official jailbreak program for iOS 8.2 firmware yet.

In other words, it is currently impossible to untether Apple’s operating system for iPhone and iPad version 8.2 but you can still save SHSH blobs for 8.2 firmware with TinyUmbrella. There is no information from TaiG group about their progress on this program development but users still wish them to present it very soon.


Apple Sets Up Its Q2 2015 Earnings Report Date for April

The official Apple Q2 2015 earnings report to be announced in the end of April. According to the iPhone maker, it will present the results on Moday, April 27. It should also discuss its second fiscal quarter results at the conference and with investors on the same day.

A lot of people are waiting to see Apple Q2 earnings because the first quarter of 2015 helped the company to set a breaking record in Apple’s history with amazing revenue of over $74 billion and an incredible net quarterly profit of $18 billion. The whole world seems to be waiting for April’s Apple earnings report date after the giant successfully sold over 74 million iPhone units, over 21 million iPad devices and over 5 million Mac computers in the previous quarter.

The results of Q2 won’t probably be as overwhelming because the first quarter included the holiday shopping season when millions of Americans and users from all over the world were buying gifts for their families. Still with the iPhone maker, we never know what to expect.

Apple is also preparing for the big launch of Apple Watch on April 24 with pre-orders being taken beginning on April 10. It will be impossible to mix / match Watch cases / bands but a lot of customers are impatiently waiting for this new product to be officially released. A lot of users still hesitate or don’t want to buy it because of the high price tag.