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How to Jailbreak iOS 8.1.3, 8.2 and 8.3 with TaiG 2.0 [Instruction]

TaiG 2.0 is the latest jailbreak program unveiled by the Chinese hackers for all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users who are running iOS 8.1.3-8.3 versions. Learn how to jailbreak iOS 8.3, 8.2 and 8.1.3 iDevice using this latest jailbreaking utility for Windows computers.

Just like we have already mentioned, this guide explains how to jailbreak iOS 8.2, 8.3 and 8.1.3. So three different firmware versions can be finally untether jailbroken. All you have to do is download TaiG 2.0 program, make sure your iDevice model and firmware is supported and perform the jailbreak.

Once again, note that you have to do everything on Windows PC.

How to Jailbreak iOS 8.1.3 - 8.3 with TaiG 2.0

How to Jailbreak iOS 8.1.3 – 8.3 with TaiG 2.0

Step 1. Before you do anything you should always backup iPhone and other gadgets. Create a backup copy of everything you have on your iDevice. Do this using iTunes or iCloud.

Step 2. It is important to turn off firewalls / antivirus tools you have on the Windows PC before you proceed.

Step 3. Download TaiG 2.0 program and unzip it.

Step 4. Take a USB cable. Use it to plug the iDevice to your PC.

Step 5. Launch settings and go to iCloud – Find my iPhone (turn it off) and Touch ID & Passcode (to turn off your Passcode). You’ll be able to enable everything back after you are jailbroken.

Step 6. TaiG 2.0 tool has to be opened through Run as Administrator (use right-click option).

Step 7. The program will detect the iPhone or other gadget and show your OS version. Remember to uncheck 3K Assistant 2.3.0 before you proceed (it is located right under Cydia store).

Step 8. Begin jailbreaking by clicking on the green Start option. The whole process might take half an hour or even longer. Be patient.

Step 9. Your gadget should reboot on its own. Don’t worry as this is completely ok.

Step 10. Once the jailbreak is finished you will find Cydia on your iDevice. Hooray! This means you have successfully followed our how to jailbreak iOS 8.1.3, 8.2 and 8.3 guide.

Step 11. Now you should wait for Saurik to upgrade his Cydia Substrate to support iOS 8.1.3 – 8.3 versions. This should happen soon.


iOS 8.1.3 – iOS 8.3 Jailbreak TaiG 2.0 Release [Download Links]

The rumors about Apple planning to release iOS 8.4 GM version made hackers to hurry and finally unveil the first iOS 8.1.3, 8.2 and 8.3 jailbreak TaiG 2.0. The program has been just present and you have now a real chance to untether your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that is running one of these firmware versions.

TaiG 2.0 Jailbreak iOS 8.3, 8.2, 8.1.3

iOS 8.3 jailbreak release was long-awaited. There were a lot of rumors and expectations about it. Users hoped to get iOS 8.3 and 8.2 jailbreak download links and get Cydia store on their iDevices and developers were eager to update their tweaks as soon as the jailbreak tool becomes available to public.

There were some users who were skeptical about soon iOS 8.1.3 jailbreak TaiG launch because it took hackers several months to find the new exploits in the ‘fruit’ firmware and develop the program that can perform the jailbreak on all the firmwares that were non-jailbreakable for a long while.

It now looks that TaiG program supports all current iOS 8 versions. The original program can jailbreak iOS 8, 8.1.1, 8.1 and 8.1.2. The recently updated TaiG 2.0 can jailbreak iOS 8.1.3, 8.2 and 8.3.

Right now only Windows PC users can download and use TaiG 2.0 to jailbreak their ‘fruit’ devices. The Chinese group of hackers promise to soon launch the Mac version. Till then you can run Windows program on your Mac using a virtual machine and also untether your Apple gadget.

You can download TaiG 2.0.0 jailbreak for iOS 8.1.3-8.3 right now and become fully jailbroken today.

It is curious that other hackers from China Pangu also promise to unveil iOS 8.3 jailbreak soon. Apple still has some time to patch the exploits used in TaiG’s new program in the new iOS 8.4 and 9. For some reasons hackers didn’t want to wait until Apple unveils the final iOS 8.4 beta version and already offered their program to public.


It Seems That Apple Will Release iOS 8.4 And iOS 9 Beta 2 On The Same Date

Due to recent reports iOS 8.4 release date will be next week. On June 22, Apple company seeded iOS 8.4 GM (Golden Master), which was candidate software for release, to registered developers. Apple also planned to launch iOS 9 beta 2 for Monday but the report says the company bumped back the new iOS 9 beta seed another week on June 29. Though two week intervals have basically been the standard for most betas.

The iOS 8.4 GM will succeed iOS 8.4 beta 4 and as reports say will most likely be the final pre-release version before the software update will be pushed to public. Apple Music for iOS devices requires iOS 8.4, so the update should be launched for all users within the next eight days, with the new streaming music service built into the revamped stock Music app. Rumors say that Apple Music may include Taylor Swift’s latest album following public criticism of Apple’s payment policy and a quick reversal on the company’s part.

Apple Music was announced earlier this month as an all-in-one streaming music service, live global radio station. This new music service will be a great social underground for artists to connect with their fans. Users will pay $9.99 per month for the subscription-based service after a three-month free trial for iOS devices, Mac and PC. Reports say that Apple TV and Android versions of this service will be available for users later this fall.

Meantime, iOS 9 was first introduced two weeks ago during WWDC 2015. But Apple most likely will release iOS 9 beta 2 next Monday on June 29.

Both iOS 8.4 release date and iOS 9 beta 2 will bring some new features and enhancements to iOS devices. iOS 8.4’s focus is on the new Music app and support for Apple Music. iOS 9 includes the new Music app, but also adds other features such as Intelligent Search, Siri improvements, Proactive information, a new app switcher, deep app linking, iPad split-screen multitasking, and more.


iOS 9 Beta 2 Release Date Was Moved To June 29

According to recent reports from trusted source iOS 9 beta 2 release date may be settled on the next week. iOS 9 beta 2 was reportedly scheduled for June 22, although the release date was pushed back by one week to June 29.

The Apple’s latest mobile operating system was first introduced two weeks ago at WWDC Keynote. It’s typical for Apple company during the initial beta cycle to push the second beta after two weeks.

Meanwhile iOS 8.4 has been in testing for several weeks. It features the new Music player that will bring Apple Music to the all users. Apple’s new streaming music service will be launched on June 30th and will requires iOS 8.4 update. The software release also includes a redesigned music app and a host of other new features and improvements.

iOS 9 builds on the content introduced in two previous versions of mobile operating systems, bringing slight design changes, new features, improved functionality, and many performance enhancements.

iOS 9’s biggest focus is on intelligence and proactivity, letting iOS devices investigate user habits and act on that information, launching apps before we need them, making suggestions on places we might like. Also guide us via our daily lives to ensure we’re at the right time and place. Siri will be at the heart of the improvements, and the personal assistant will be able to develop contextual reminders and search via media in new ways. If you will swipe left from the home screen also you will see a new screen that brings “Siri Suggestions,” . This service will provide you with favorite contacts and apps along with nearby restaurant, location info and important news.

With iOS 9 beta 2 release date it will feature the new Music app, deep app linking, Proactive information, a new app switcher, Split-screen multitasking for iPad, install size optimizations and more.


iMessage Outage June 2015: Not Sending / Receiving Messages on iPhone

Is iMessage not working on iPhone? A lot of users experience iMessage outage June 2015 problem this week and you might also be getting the same issue when trying to send someone a message. You might also have problems with receiving iMessages from your friends.

iMessage Outage June 2015

Some Apple customers are actually able to get and send messages but they assure that the whole process has become abnormally long. Or it takes a couple of attempts to send the text, or it simply fails.

Do you have iMessage not sending issue or not? Apple system statuses are ‘green’ and the company says nothing about iMessage not delivered issue. Still users tweet that they do have complaints about the app that doesn’t work properly.

This year Apple received many complaints from its consumers regarding cloud service work. The company experienced outage with different services that sometimes were shown on its site and sometimes were not.

You can always fix iPhone texting problem with iMessages and this solution is perfect for the iMessage outage in any time. It is better to be prepared for any possible issues with Apple services beforehand in order to fix them on your own while the company is fixing issues on its servers.

Some outages can last for hours in a row. And such situations happened earlier in 2015 so all ‘fruit’ device owners have to learn how they can send text messages and not iMessages in order to use this knowledge at the times of new problems. Sending messages as SMS is always a great way to reach your recipient, inform him or her about your plans and not rely on Apple’s services that might not be working just when you need them the most.

The company is currently working on iOS 8.4 and iOS 9 development. It is also believed to introduce new lines of iPhone and iPad sometime in the fall and new Apple Watch by the end of 2015 or in spring 2016.


How to Delete Music from iPhone 6: Albums and All Music at Once [Instruction]

Users who have 8GB iPhone 6 or other models with little storage space might want to learn how to delete albums from iPhone to free it for more images and games [you can also learn how to delete backups to free up some space]. It’s great that all the music won’t be deleted permanently and you’ll always be able to re-download it again.

Some users prefer storing songs and other files in the cloud. Others are fans of storing everything on the PC or Mac. Before you choose to remove music or albums you are advised to back up your music in iTunes or cloud. Follow the guide below and you will find out how to get rid of extra files within seconds.

Delete Music from iPhone 6

How to Delete Music from iPhone 6

Method 1. It is possible to remove everything at once. This how to delete all music from iPhone method is simple. You have to launch Settings and go to General – Usage – Storage and you will find Manage Storage feature. Find Music app from the list of applications and select it to see the music library on iPhone 6 or other model. Press on Edit option next to All Songs menu and you will be able to get rid of all songs stored on the handset.

Method 2. You can delete albums one by one through Settings. You have Music application that reveals every song you have got from iTunes and you are able to remove albums after you go to Settings, select Music and disable the feature called Show All Music. It is now possible to choose Albums from the Music app menu and select the album you wish to get rid of by swiping to the left. There will be a red box with Delete option you can use in order to remove one album at a time.

Enable Show All Music after you have deleted the albums.

Remember that you can always get the music back if you store it in cloud or purchased from iTunes.


How to Sign Up for iOS 9 Public Beta Program

It has become possible to sign up for iOS 9 testing and take a look at what Apple is doing now and how it is planning to improve iPhone and iPad mobile firmware. At the same time you can also start testing the next OS X El Capitan version.

All you have to do is sign up for iOS public beta program and get access to all the new betas that will be seeded during summertime to developers and public testers [you can also downgrade iOS 9 to iOS 8.3]. The Cupertino-based giant doesn’t often allow regular users to glance into the unfinished project even though there are direct links to beta ipsw files available online once in a while that can be installed without an official dev’s account and registered UDID number.

How to Sign Up for iOS Beta Program

Step 1. This is very simple. Go to the following site: as Apple has created it with the purpose to involve public testers into running unofficial operating system versions and reporting bugs.

Step 2. You will need your original Apple ID with password. Use these credentials to register in Apple Beta Software Program.

Step 3. You’ll have to accept User Agreement.

Step 4. Have you successfully registered? You can now sign in and wait for Apple to announce the first beta of iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan available for public testing.

While the first iOS 9 beta is already available to devs, public testers will be able to download it sometime in July. The same situation is with the new Mac OS X version. While are you waiting for the announcement you can learn more about both software tools.

The official releases are expected in the fall. Till then you have plenty of time to test, explore new systems and discover new features offered to iPhone, iPad, Mac and other Apple gadgets.


How to Fix iPhone Texting Problem If Your Friend Doesn’t Get Your iMessages

Does your friend experience iPhone text delivery failure and receives no text from you when you send it through iMessages? Such iPhone text delivery problems can be fixed. Use the guide below and you might be able to solve everything and continue communication with a friend of yours.

When iPhone text messages are not delivered there is always a way how to text and reach the recipient even if you don’t have 4G or 3G coverage. The instruction is not difficult and might be a great solution to a big number of iDevice users who have the same issue.


Fix iPhone Texting Problem and Deliver iMessages from Anywhere

Method 1. Ask your friend to check his or her iPhone settings. It could be possible that they disabled iMessage and this is the reason why your texts are not received. This can be done though Settings – Messages menu.

Method 2. Your friend might not be using the iPhone any more. If this is the case, ask them to unregister from their iMessage account otherwise they will not be able to send / receive iMessages from anyone who has the iOS smartphone. Apple has official page with deregister iMessage service where it will be required to enter the 6-digit code received via SMS in order to confirm the decision to unregister.

Method 3. Sometimes there are problems with Apple servers being down. Such outages happen once in a while. The text could be delivered later.

Method 4. Try to send your iMessage as Text Message by clicking-holding your message bubble and choosing such a feature. This way your text message will be delivered.

Method 5. If you have problems with the previous advice you might like to disable iMessage. This way all your messages will be automatically send as text messages. You can do this by going to Settings, choosing Messages and disabling iMessage option.

Method 6. You might also like to disable data in order to text your friend. This can be done through Settings – Cellular (Mobile) where you can turn off Cellular Data.


App Store Bug iOS 8.2, Apple Watch OS Reported by Developers

There is a new App Store bug iOS 8.2 discovered recently. It causes iOS 8 App Store issues for developers that also affect ordinary users who have purchased the latest device Apple Watch and want to get more applications for it.


According to devs, there is App Store bug iOS 8.2 and Watch OS that doesn’t let the store approve programs. This doesn’t seem to trouble all developers but a lot of them discuss the problem on Apple forums. According to a number of professionals, it is not that easy and simple to submit Apple Watch app to the Store.

The new gadget was launched in April. At first it was running the specific version of iOS 8.2 firmware and later the Cupertino-based company presetend the real Apple Watch OS. While users are waiting for more apps to support the iWatch developers have problems when trying to submit a new program into the iOS store.

Here is what happens. App Store problems Apple Watch developers get result in inability to approve the programs with the system due to SockPuppetGizmi framework misuse. While this framework should work with cross-platform iOS device communication the store blocks such apps thinking that they are linked to non-public libraries.

It is curious that this is the private framework that belongs to Apple. Why does the system flag applications this way and block them? Developers don’t understand because they assure that they submit everything just like they used to do with other programs and games. Still the system fails to approve the Apple Watch apps.

Not all apps can pass Apple system and appear in the Store. However devs who used to successfully add programs for iPhone and iPad fail to submit apps for the Apple Watch gadget.


Does Apple Still Sell the Original iPad Mini?

Does Apple still sell the original iPad mini? This is the question that is asked by some customers right now. The company presented this 7.9-inch gadget back in 2012. It then upgraded this device to versions iPad mini 2 and mini 3.

While all iOS 8 versions released by Apple in 2014 and 2015 supported the iPad mini and didn’t bring support to the original iPad [even the most recent iOS 9 can still be installed on the first mini tablet] – the Cupertino-based giant seems to change this situation without any loud announcements. Does Apple sell original iPad mini? According to reports, the company has taken a decision to discontinue selling this small tablet.

You might also want to know the answer to the question ‘Does Apple sell refurbished iPad mini?’ – and it seems to also be ‘no’ as judged by the official company’s site. You can no longer purchase any original iPad mini model through Apple online store.

The news about iPad mini discontinued by the iOS giant might not sound too surprising. Apple likes to discontinue old product lines and upgrade them with newer more powerful devices that have more features, improved performance and other innovative things.

This gadget was recently available at $249. The company tried to attract customers by offering a lower price on the first-gen iPad mini compared to the second and third generation tablets. It had the A5 chipset and no Retina display. All other iPad models can boast A7 and A8 chipsets and Retina screens.

If there are fans who like to collect all gadgets and wish to buy the now-discontinued-by-Apple iPad mini they will be able to do so. Some retailers still have this device in stock and will be happy to sell it for $150-$200.