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How to Find Out if iPhone 6 Is Unlocked or Locked? [Instruction]

Users who are planning to buy a used or new iPhone might be interested in how to find if iPhone is unlocked. This can be done with any Apple smartphone model, including the most recent iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Only SIM unlocked device can be used on different networks without issues and it is worth much more than a locked gadget.

Here is how to find out if iPhone 6 is unlocked or locked. Once again, this can be done with any phone, even iPhone 5, 5c, 5S, 4S and earlier versions. There are different methods and not only iPhone network checker you can use.

How to Find If iPhone Is Locked / Unlocked

Method 1. If you are buying the iPhone 6 directly from Apple and pay full price for it you should get a model unlocked by default.

Method 2. If you are buying the new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus from a carrier with a subsidized plan or 2-year contract you get a locked smartphone.

Method 3. To check if iPhone is locked or unlocked you need to access its settings. Turn the device on and go to cellular settings. If you find the Mobile Data Network option your gadget is most likely unlocked.

Method 4. You can check SIM lock status on your own. Take a couple of SIM cards from different carriers and insert them into the phone. If you are able to see the signal and make phone calls with any SIM (for example, from AT&T and Sprint or T-Mobile and O2 etc.) you are successfully unlocked. If there is no signal, you are locked.

Method 5. You can use iPhone network lock check free distant service to find out if you are locked or unlocked by IMEI number which can be looked up in Settings. This method works for users who don’t have the gadget in hand.


Apple Watch 2 Rumors: Expect Wearable Upgrade in 2016

While the original iWatch is being sold since April 2015 there are already Apple Watch 2 rumors that promise an upgrade with more features. This device was introduced in the end of 2014 but launched in 2015 thus experts think that the Cupertino-based company might hold its next line till 2016.


At the same time some analysts predict Apple Watch 2 release date for the end of 2015. No one can tell you the exact launch date and time yet because the famous iPhone maker shares no information about its plans and upcoming devices.

There are a lot of unnamed sources that provide information about future Apple products price, specs and software updates. Some data turns out to be true and other information is fake. It’s impossible to distinguish between the two types of rumors until the official presentation organized by the iOS giant.

What Apple Watch 2.0 could offer customers? According to predictions, this 2015 or 2016 model can have a number of interesting changes and additions. For example, it could get a camera allowing users to communicate via FaceTime. Wouldn’t it be great to make and answer video calls while wearing the Watch on your wrist? The camera could be built into the gadget’s top bezel. Besides, this gadget might get other improvements and further enhancements.

It seems that the battery life won’t be improved but the company should improve the wireless chipset to enhance Watch’s power and allow Watch working independently from the smartphone. The software will also be upgraded. The next line of wearables should also get more versions priced over $1,000. There are no details about these versions so it’s unclear what materials Apple is planning to use for future devices.

The next Watch OS 2 will most likely be released along with Watch 2 model.


iOS 9 Picture-in-Picture Hacked DOOM Game To Run On iPhone And iPad

Developer Adam Bell has managed to hack DOOM game on iOS 9 iPhone and iPad for playing within Picture-in-Picture mode. He posted a video in which he opens apps and perform other functions on his iPad, while a demo of Doom runs in a smaller window.

After proclaiming that the iOS 9 Picture-in-Picture, which originally is developed for videos and video calling apps like FaceTime, mode is boring, Bell decided to make some entertaining experiment. He’s one of the developers who worked along Steve Troughton-Smith and Jay Freeman to get a nano file browser running natively on watchOS 2. He also known for hacking around to force the Canabalt game to run on the Apple Watch, all without the need of a jailbreak. With latest modification Bell extended the functionality of the iOS 9 Picture-in-Picture mode to et Doom to be played from within a PiP window. It should be said here that all the work was achieved utilizing entirely public APIs that Apple serves up to developers within the latest iOS SDK.

Bell said that his iPad isn’t jailbroken, and he didn’t use any kind of process injection. He also added that his method involves the use of public developer APIs, which means there’s theoretically nothing stopping developers from implementing this in their apps, however it’s unlikely Apple would approve it.

For those who missed all of the WWDC introductions last week, then Apple showed off some new features in iOS 9, including Picture-in-Picture. The functionality, which is for iPad Air 2 only and don’t allow to hack DOOM game on iOS 9 iPhone playable. Picture-in-Picture mode let users view videos and FaceTime calls in a small window while completing other tasks.

Apple launched a beta of iOS 9 to developers on June 8, and plans to seed a public beta sometime in July, with an official launch coming later in the fall. Other new features in the software include an enhanced keyboard with cursor control, and a much improved Spotlight and Siri.


iOS and OS X Malicious Apps Can Steal Your Password

How safe are Apple users right now? According to the new reports, new iOS vulnerabilities and OS X security holes [find out more about the previous iOS 8 Masque attack vulnerability] have been discovered by researchers and they give a way for malicious programs to steal users’ passwords and personal information even through the App Store.

As noted by security researchers [the problem has been reported by experts from the Georgia Institute of Technology and Indiana University], any dangerous tools is capable of getting passwords through Keychain service. This is the special manager tool created by Apple that manages all passwords. Using it, you can save credit / debit card information, login credentials and other information.

The OS X vulnerabilities and iOS security holes found recently show that both ‘fruit’ systems are still sensitive to possible access through malicious applications that can collect information about user’s passwords and credentials stored by web browsers, Mail, iCloud and other programs. You can protect iPhone password but this might not completely protect you from possible intrusion into your smartphone.

As noted by researches, they uploaded one malicious program to the App Store and had no issues [learn how to check if your iDevice is affected by malware]. Apple was surely informed about such action but asked to not make exploits public. The zero-day exploit still exists and Apple makes no official statements about it.

This exploit can be dangerous to iPhone, iPad and Mac users because it can break application sandbox and steal personal data. Millions of users can be under danger because the exploit is real and it can attack both OS X and iOS platforms.

The main problem is that you can possibly download the malicious app right from the official App or Mac store. In other words, Apple might not be able to protect your passwords and other information from being obtained by third-party individuals.

It’s great if users get no attacks and the exploit is patched in iOS 8.4, iOS 9, OS X 10.10.4 and OS X 10.11 but these are only hopes of all the ‘fruit’ fans who wish to be able to download apps and games from the official sources without being afraid to get anything malicious.


iOS 9 Features Android Does Have: What iPhone Users Will Get

The new iOS 9 specs were unveiled with the first beta seeded by Apple in June. It is designed for developers mostly still some users download iOS 9 beta 1 through links that don’t require any developer account and registered UDID. If you tried testing this new firmware you might have noticed some Android inspired iOS 9 features.

The next iOS 9 release date is planned for the fall but you can already compare iOS 9 to iOS 8, learn about the hidden apps this system includes and also gets iOS 9 features Android does have as well. It is curious that the famous iPhone maker adds some options that are not original but implemented much better.

iOS 9 Features Inspired by Android

iOS 9 Case Sensitive Keyboard

1. New Keyboard

Apple has added the sensitive keyboard that finally reacts to shift tapping and changes the case. Such an option already exists on Android devices.

iOS 9 Proactive Assistant

2. Proactive Assistant

Siri should start working as Proactive Assistant and remind its users about upcoming meetings. It should also be able to make reminders for future events from emails (Apple makes it possible for Siri to recognize numbers). This is similar to how Google Now works but it is not linked to the Apple ID. In other words, this option can collect any information and discard it afterwards.

iOS 9 Apple Maps

3. Maps

Apple once again improves its own Maps in iOS 9. It adds navigation directions for public transportation in a number of countries. The new features are already included into Google Maps.

4. News Apps

The ‘fruit’ company included some new iOS 9 apps with options similar to what Android platform offers. For example, using Notes (similar to Google Keep) iPhone and iPad owners would be able to add images, map directions and checklists etc.

iOS 9 Low Power Mode

5. Battery Life Extension

Thanks to the new Low power mode iOS 9 will be able to provide additional battery life to iDevices for up to three hours. Google has similar power saving mode in Android devices.

6. Search

Just like Google, Apple added the new Search option to its Settings.

iOS 9 Sportlight

7. Spotlight Changes

iOS 9 Spotlight is now powered by Siri. It gives an opportunity to search through the system and is similar to Google Now.


iOS 9 VS iOS 8 Features Visual Comparison

Let’s compare iOS 9 vs iOS 8 features to see differences and all the changes in the latest Apple’s mobile operating system. Apple introduced iOS 9 at its opening WWDC 2015 keynote. And while iOS 9 was rumored to be a super bug fix and performance update, Apple sneaked in quite a lot of surprises for iPhones.

Here’s a visual comparison of iOS 9 beta and the latest iOS 8 release, which is 8.3. This comparison will give users a glimpse of what they should expect once the final build of Apple’s latest OS for mobile devices hits download channels later this year.

Note: You can see iOS 9 beta screenshots on the left and iOS 8.3 on the right side.

Home Screen: As you can see thee is the new Wallet app. It replaces Passbook. System-wide font has also been changed from ‘Helvetica Neue’ to ‘San Francisco’.

home screen

Notification Center. Apple’s latest OS for mobile devices has a stock widget to show battery status of iPhone and connected Apple Watch along with a new widget for Find My Friends. Battery widget is not available for not iPads, only for iPhones.

notification center

Settings: New search field at top in iOS 9, as you can see on the picture below.


Spotlight Search: New page on left of home screen with Siri suggestions for contacts and apps, and news, all based on your frequency of use and location.

Siri UI (a)

Siri UI (a)

Siri UI (b)

Siri UI (b)

On the picture below you can see Wallet app Vs Passbook app

wallet app

Battery Settings: The all new ‘Low Power Mode’ option and some changes in ‘Battery Usage’ UI you can see below.

battery usage

New ‘Battery’ option is front and center in iOS 9 Settings app.

Passcode: Six-digit Passcode is now default for Touch ID devices, four-digit for non-Touch ID devices. Both type of devices can optionally change to six-digit or four-digit.


Keyboard: Upper / Lower case letter keys in iOS 9.

Upper  Lower case letter keys in iOS 9

New iOS 9 Notes app: Options for adding sketches/drawings, photos, change text formatting, add check lists and more.

To make conclusions, to compare iOS 9 vs iOS 8 features from the pictures above we can say that Apple did great work. Starting from the brand new font – San Francisco – which Apple debuted with the Apple Watch to new multitasking features in iPad, there’s a lot to like about iOS 9.


TaiG Will Release Jailbreak For iOS 9

Talking about TaiG iOS 9 jailbreak release, then recent report claims that the team who gave us the iOS 8 – 8.1.x jailbreak, have now stated that they at present time have no plans to launch an iOS 8.3 or an iOS 8.4 jailbreak. Currently, they are focused on iOS 9.

In its interview the TaiG team spoke about its member, the current status of jailbreak and the future of jailbreaking. Currently TaiG team is consisted only of two members, but they will welcome other jailbreak developers to join the team. The team had stated that they were working on an iOS 8.2 jailbreak, but couldn’t deliver it due to complications. They did, although, pushed a jailbreak for the iOS 8.2 beta 2.

One of the TaiG team members Ray Xie in its recent interview regarding a jailbreak for iOS 8.3 or iOS 8.4 stated that they are not going to release any jailbreaks prior to iOS 9. He also told that TaiG iOS 9 jailbreak release may be launched before the public iOS introduction. However, if there will be any changes the Taig will announced about them.

In conclusion we can say that currently TaiG will not plan to release a jailbreak for iOS 8.3 or iOS 8.4. Instead, they are more interested in working on and pushing an jailbreak tool for the last Apple’s operating system – iOS 9.

A few day back there appeared some Keen Team that stated that they a working with the support of Pangu team on iOS 9 jailbreak release. So we will see who will get the successful results and be the first.


Should I Install iOS 9 Beta 1 or Avoid This Update?

While it is still possible to unlock iOS 9 beta there are numerous reasons to avoid iOS 9 beta upgrade right now. Apple released this update in June along with iOS 8.4 beta 4 newer version and a lot of users hurried to download new firmwares right away.

How necessary is iOS 9 beta install without UDID at the moment? Well, this operating system does have new features and options but there are still a lot of reasons why you should wait until it becomes public sometime in the fall.

Should I Install iOS 9 Beta or Not?

Learn what the main reasons are why you might like to not update to this firmare [in case you still do, here is how to downgrade iOS 9 to 8.3] and then decide what you wish to do.

Reasons not to update:

1) All betas are very buggy. There are many chances your iPhone or iPad will continue rebooting and crashing while running iOS 9 beta. This can happen with anything you are trying to do. It can happen during the phone call or while using apps, surfing the web and checking on your mail.

2) There is no jailbreak yet even though Chinese group Keen Team promises to work on iOS 9 jailbreak. You won’t have Cydia and won’t be able to get any tweaks. If you are running iOS 8.1.2 and earlier firmware version which can be easily jailbroken it is best to avoid iOS 9 update.

3) iOS 9 to 8.3 downgrade is currently possible. But Apple can quickly release iOS 8.4 and stop signing iOS 8.3 making the downgrade unavailable.

4) The new firmware is not optimized and has tons of compatibility problems because developers didn’t have time to create and update their iOS 8 apps to support iOS 9 platform.

5) In case you experience any problems Apple will not help you because there is no official iOS 9 support yet. The firmware exists only in testing version.


iOS 9 Hidden Apps Include iCloud Drive [How to Access Guide]

Apple has unveiled iOS 9 features to all developers and public testers. Some users who have iOS 9 compatible devices were able to install this firmware version using no-UDID direct download links for iOS 9 beta 1 shared by some people. What are some interesting hidden options you might like to know about right now?

We all know that all new betas can be buggy. This is the main reason why a number of users now wants to downgrade iOS 9 to iOS 8.3 in order to return to the latest public version launched by the iOS giant. If you haven’t downgraded yet and are still running the first testing version you might be curious to hear about iOS 9 hidden apps you can use.

The Cupertino-based company included iOS 9 iCloud Drive app to its new firmware. This app wasn’t available earlier even though iCloud Drive exists for a lot of third-party applications. This file manager is cloud-focused and helps to work with files and documents from different programs. iOS app is now also present but it is hidden in the system update.

Apple has hidden the tool by default. Here is how to access iCloud Drive on iOS 9 beta:

Step 1. Launch Settings if you are running the first beta of the 2015-fruit-firmware.

Step 2. Go to iCloud menu.

Step 3. Select iCloud Drive option.

Step 4. You should be now able to turn on Show on Home Screen feature.

Access iOS 9 Hidden iCloud Drive App

Step 5. The iCloud Drive application will now appear on your Home screen.

How to Access iOS 9 Hidden iCloud Drive App

Step 6. Don’t expect the program to work because it was hidden for some reasons.

Hackers are already working on iOS 9 jailbreak. This could give users even more interesting features, options and tweaks to use on their iPhone and iPad gadgets to improve everyday experience.


Fake iCloud Login Prompt on iOS 8 Mail: How to Be Protected [Instruction]

The report about possible iOS 8 Mail bug that is phishing for iPhone user’s iCloud passwords and names using fake iCloud email prompts makes people suspicious about any prompts they get now. Is there a way how to identify the fake message? You can follow the guide below and learn how the bug works and looks like.

The bug is new. Researchers who have found it say that its can mask iCloud prompts in Mail pop-ups and create the login requests that look similar to the real iCloud ones. If you use fake iCloud login prompt and provide your personal information (it is possible to bypass iCloud lock), someone might steal it from you and get access to your account.

Fake iCloud Sign In Prompt Identification [How to]

Step 1. Real iCloud prompt also shows the username as grayed out. If you get the request where this name is blank you should stay suspicious and avoid entering your personal data.

Step 2. If you get the prompt to enter iCloud username and password in Mail’s body portion of email, it is the fake request. Avoid it.

Step 3. Fake prompts show keyboard only after you click inside the field. The real iCloud prompts automatically show the keyboard.

Step 4. iCloud real prompts are always modal. What does it mean? Well, you are not able to do anything unless you select Cancel or OK button (here is how to protect iCloud password attacks). Avoid providing the information if the prompt is not modal and allows you doing something else in the email body (for example, if you click on your Home button you’ll be taken to your Home screen – this is what fake prompts allow doing).

Step 5. Keep in mind all the steps described above. You can also use two-step verification to protect your iCloud information from such iOS 8 Mail bugs and possible attacks.

The guide above can help you to prevent phishing attacks on your iCloud account.