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iPhone 6s or Leaked Photos of HTC Phone Surface Ahead of Public Release

Are you looking for iPhone 6s leaked photos? Hold on as there is something even more curious that surfaced this week. While we haven’t seen the final iPhone 6s leaked images yet, there are new pics of the iPhone 6 ripoff created by HTC company. Not only Samsung is copying the ‘fruit’ flagship phone. Xiaomi and HTC are also using the popular design in their models.

All the new images might belong to HTC smartphone however nothing has been confirmed yet. Still seeing the similar to iPhone 6 device with Android OS is really unusual. Different Android companies really want to release Apple products or products that are as popular and as highly demanded as the ‘fruit’ handsets.

HTC should unveil the next phone in the fall. Apple will present the next iPhone 6s lineup in September. Will HTC device look exactly like the current iPhone 6 or not? We are sure that a lot of customers would like to hear the answer to this question and won’t get one until the official release date of the rival gadget.

Will Apple have to file a lawsuit against HTC because of the iPhone design patent just like it tried with Samsung? It’s not a secret that the Cupertino-based company doesn’t like when other brands offer similar technologies and design ideas in their products. Judging by the photos that are rumored to leak from HTC, its new smartphone is a real copy of the iPhone that was released last year. Aren’t you surprised?

Only one Apple can exist. Customers won’t buy iPhone ripoffs when they want to own brand devices. Still HTC could give it a try and end up in the courts trying to persuade everything that their handset design doesn’t look like the iPhone 6.

Do you believe HTC could take this move and launch anything similar to the leaked image?


Cool Tweak for iMessage iOS 8 with Typing Indicator

Have you not updated to iOS 8.4.1 which cannot be jailbroken at the moment? Are you still running iOS 8.4 or earlier firmware version on your iPhone and wish to find a stable and trusted iMessage iOS 8 tweaks? There is one interesting update you could pay attention to. It offers some extra options to your iDevice and supports 8 platform offered by Apple this year.

There is a long list of different tweaks for iMessage iOS 8 and other programs used on iPhone. Some of them offer more features, others come with less additions. One tool called TypeStatus is well-known already and this particular program was recently updated to offer improved performance and stability. It also fixes some previous issues.

The name of one of the Cydia tweaks for iMessage is TypeStatus 2. It used to be available only as private testing program until now. Developers think it is time to introduce the program to all users who are interested in customizing iMessage by adding new features to it. You can download the program from this repo: [beware of possible dangerous iOS 8 tweaks that could steal your iCloud password and emails].

Remember that you should not update any tweaks right now if you don’t want to lose your jailbreak. Apple no longer signs iOS 8.4 version and this makes it impossible to downgrade iOS 8.4.1 to 8.4 in case you experience a bug and are forced to be restored to the most recent mobile platform version offered by the giant.

Those users who give the tweak update a chance will be able to see the typing indicator when someone is typing you an iMessage. It will appear in your Status bar. You will also get notification when the recipient reads your message.

The tweaks offers no new features. It only improves everything it was capable of doing before this upgrade.


iPhone 6s Parts Get Assembled into Working Smartphone

There weren’t too many images of the upcoming Apple smartphone and we still don’t know how much iPhone 6s is to cost in the fall. The Cupertino-based giant likes to stay secret about everything it is doing however there are numerous anonymous sources, well-known experts and trusted analysts who predict the next phone features and even show iPhone 6s photos even before the iDevice is officially introduced to public.

Someone on the web took the advantage of the leaked Phone 6s parts and assembled the working ‘fruit’ handset. We cannot be sure that this is exactly how the popular smartphone will look like still this is a nice and neat idea. The gadget can turn on but it cannot run iOS platform because this is not the original device.

iPhone 6s Leaked Component

You can take a look at the images of different internal components that are rumored to appear in the next “S” generation of Apple handsets. Still remember that the company didn’t confirm anything officially. It says nothing about the soon release and will most likely stay silent until the public introduction of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus in early September. We’ve heard that the firm is planning to hold a private event around September 9th.

iPhone 6s Leaked Component Chip

It seems that the time runs fast and this event is just around the corner. We could expect to see the Qualcomm modem, A9 processor, enhanced features, improved cameras and other interesting changes in “S” lineup. It won’t change in design how some customers could wish but it will still be the famous and beloved by many customers new 2015 iPhone model.

Will this gadget get 2GB of RAM? Will it be shipped with Force Touch technology that will be different from the one used in the Apple Watch and some Mac models? We’ll hear all the answers so soon.


Thousands iCloud Passwords Stolen by iOS 8 Jailbreak Tweak

There are a lot of dangerous jailbreak apps that haunt your personal details and even steal information about you. One source reports, that over 220,000 iCloud passwords and emails were stolen by faulty tweaks so far. The information comes from China security company called WooYun.

If you get iCloud password stolen issue you might not even know about this until someone accesses your account and gets even more details about you. Apple can only protect [not always] the gadgets that are in the original factory state and weren’t jailbroken. At the same time millions of users enjoy untethering their smartphones and tablets and download numerous iOS 8 jailbreak tweaks to customize their iDevices.

iOS 8 jailbreak tweaks might be useful and could be dangerous. Such applications could contain built-in backdoors through which it is possible to acquire your personal details including email address and passwords. What will hackers do with stolen information?

We have no reports about who stole passwords and how hackers are going to use data they got for thousands of iCloud accounts [learn how to protect iCloud password from being stolen]. The Chinese site doesn’t provide such information and only assures that a lot of users could lose their accounts.

What should you beware in such situation? If you are jailbroken and your information was stolen – hacker could easily read your emails, iMessages, access photographs and other files. You might want to quickly change your password and protect your account just in case. The list of all victims of this hacker attach is currently unknown.

Be attentive when you are downloading a free version of a well-known paid tweak and this could be the dangerous program that is aimed to steal your personal information. You can only download jailbreak apps from the trusted sources. Don’t use Chinese market of apps and if you are jailbroken – just keep an eye on everything you wish to install.


Apple Slide to Unlock Patent Rejected in Germany

How often do you use Apple slide to unlock gesture? It has become popular on the iPhone and iPad. This seems to be a native feature on iDevices now and the Cupertino-based company decided it could be a good time to get Apple slide to unlock patent which is also known as swipe-to-unlock.

However not all companies think that Apple swipe to unlock gesture belongs to the iPhone creator. Thus the court in Germany rejected this patent because the documents don’t get enough ‘sophistication’ that is required for any patent protection to be awarded to the company or firm.

The local German court believes that only sophisticated patents could be awarded the protection and the infamous swipe-to-unlock is not one of them. The court already stated its ruling and Apple gets no patent for this particular technology.

According to the court, the user-frirend display [Apple’s smartphones are not the only handsets in the world that get touch-screen technology] was suggested by the state of the art. The patent for slide to unlock option is believed to be not based on the invention, as the court explained.

The famous iPhone company [it is now working on iPhone 6s model update] likes to use its patents in courts across the globe. For example, about three years ago the ‘fruit’ giant used the very same patent [that was now rejected by the court] to win a court injection over Motorola [one of its rivals] in Germany. However that old case didn’t get the final ruling yet because everyone was waiting for the declaration over the slide-to-unlock case.

What does this mean? Since the top German civil court doesn’t grant the iPhone maker a patent for its swipe-to-unlock gesture – the old 2012 case proceeds in the favor of Motorola.

A lot of companies use touch-screen displays in their modern devices. Apple didn’t invent this technology however it was granted such a patent and tries to prove that all other companies are copying or using its innovations in their gadgets.


iPad Pro 2015 Release Date Postponed

Some customers were expecting to see iPad Pro iOS 9 update along with the new “S” lineup of Apple smartphones. New rumors suggest we won’t see the official public release of the next generation iPad Pro in September and thus it won’t be shipped with upcoming iOS 9 firmware version that has a lot of new features and useful options.

When iPad Pro 2015 release date could be expected? This bigger tablet device could be waiting for both Force Touch addition and special stylus that supports this technology. It could also get the special screen resolution however it might not be introduced and released this September as some experts hoped for.


Analysts change their predictions and believe that iPad Pro is scheduled to be unveiled later in the fall, after iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus are publicly released. While these smartphones should come with iOS 9 pre-installed on them, iPad Pro will be most likely running iOS 9.1 version that could follow in October 2015.

We haven’t seen the iOS 9.1 betas yet. Apple was testing iOS 9 operating system in the summer. It presented several testing versions to developers who are registered in the company’s Dev Center programs and a few public betas that are used by beta testers registered in the special Public Beta Program launched by the Cupertino-based giant earlier this year.

Do you also think that the iOS giant is planning to devote September to its new iPhone lineup and present iPad Pro with iOS 9.1 update sometime in October? Does it sound like something the ‘fruit’ company could do?

Some reports assure Apple will start the mass production of its next tablet generation in October. Right now it is probably focusing on iPhone upgrade, iOS 9 polishing and other tasks that would make the “S” gen handsets release painless and with no or little bugs.


What is the Fastest Charging Phone in the World?

While a lot of Apple customers might want to believe that the fastest charging phone in the world is iPhone 6, this isn’t so. The Cupertino-based company indeed produces popular and pretty expensive smartphones and experience high demand from consumers from all over the globe, however Apple cannot boast the fastest charging device.

Users experience iPhone 6 charging problem as well as issues on earlier models running iOS 8.4 and the latest iOS 8.4.1 that was released earlier in August. The company is about to introduce a new lineup of phones but it is not included in the list of the handsets with the fastest charging battery.

According to reports, Android gadgets that are often low-budget models often charge faster than the iPhone. Apple iDevice is one of the slowest charging smartphones no matter how popular it is and how high iPhone sales are in China, U.S. and Europe.

Tom’s Guide source tested different smartphones and can assure you that iPhone 6 isn’t charged too fast. It is the slow charging gadget that costs over $600. At the same time, $199 and $299 models that are running Android platform and produced but different brands are charging way faster.

For example, Asus ZenFone 2 device can charge to 17% in just 5 minutes, reach 32% in 15 minutes and get to 53% in half an hour. Samsung Galaxy S6 gets similar results and can also reach 53% capacity in 30 minutes. iPhone 6 can get 6% in 5 minutes, 20% in 15 minutes and about 36% in half an hear.

Fastest Charging Smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S6 can be fully charges from 5% beginning level in 1 hour and 22 minutes. Apple iPhone 6 requires about 2 hours and 35 minutes to reach 100%. It also has a smaller battery as Apple offers only 1,810 mAh battery compared to the 2,550 mAh battery included in Galaxy S6 model.


How to Set Up Jailbroken iPhone

There are so many iOS 8 tweaks you could download from Cydia store and private repositories. When it comes to iPhone setup guide you can find a lot of interesting suggestions on how to customize and what to add to your Apple smartphone. You need to be jailbroken in order to use jailbreak apps and tweaks.

Right now this is possible for all firmware versions except iOS 8.4.1. Apple patched the exploits used in iOS 8.4 jailbreak by TaiG team and PP Jailbreak hackers. Both groups are now working on finding new holes in the code and reportedly the iOS 8.4.1 jailbreak was demoed already. Still hackers are waiting for the major iOS 8 update and are not planning to release any tools until Apple presents the next operating system to public.

How to Set Up Jailbroken iPhone

There are millions of users who choose to jailbreak their iDevice. It is cool when you are able to customize parts of the system and improve your applications. It is possible to find so many programs to choose from that sometimes you can get lost in all the titles and ideas.

Here are a few things you might want to install to enjoy better experience on Apple iPhone that is untethered. Firstly, you can enhance your Lock Screen by getting new Lock Screen theme [for example, Cataracs theme is offered through repository], changes your notifications color with the help of FlagPaint tool, add Apple Watch feeling to your notifications with WatchNotifications app, and hiding some elements using HideMe8 program.

You can customize your Control Center on iOS 8 with the help of CClean [it can hide some elements], adding fun theme to your Winterboard, make blurry springboard using Cistem Aperio, get round off CC corners via Roundification, changing colors with Uniformity 2 [since this app is available through private repository you’ll have to add to your sources], and using great old switcher offered by Auxo Legacy Edition.

Improve your keyboard with Color Keyboard and LockKeyboard tweaks. If you would like to get dark mode for your iOS 8 applications use Eclipse 2 app. iOS 8 Notification Center can get your battery status with Battery Doctor Widget [regular application]. Springboard can also be improved: use new layout with Iconocalsm tweak, hide your status bar details with HideMe8, add five icons to your dock with BetterFiveiConDock and enjoy ClassicDock theme along with Apex 2 tool.


Should I Update to iOS 8.4.1 Or What to Do If I am Jailbroken?

Even if iOS 8.4.1 jailbreak is just around the corner and you have doubt whether to stay on iOS 8.4 or 8.3 firmware or upgrade to this most recent Apple mobile firmware version – there are a couple of important things you must know in case you are already jailbroken.

Let’s start with the beginning. Should I update to iOS 8.4.1? Most users don’t think so because everyone is waiting for the next major upgrade which is iOS 9 with new features, options and possibilities. If you are running iOS 8.4 version you can stay on it, especially if you used one of the jailbreak tools.

You won’t be able to downgrade from iOS 8.4.1 to 8.4 any longer. Apple doesn’t sign this version. This means than once you install the newer platform and decide you liked the previous one more – you won’t be able to turn back time and run it again.

The exploits used by TaiG iOS 8.4 jailbreak and PP Jailbreak were patched by Apple. It looks like hackers might found a new solution to this issue however they have no plans to reveal an update before iOS 9 becomes public. This means if you install iOS 8.4.1 in hopes to see the jailbreak tomorrow – it won’t happen.

You might still be able to save iOS 8.4.1 SHSH blobs using TinyUmbrella. It won’t hurt you. However you cannot use them right now and you cannot use your iOS 8.4 blobs if they were saved to restore to the previous version of Apple firmware for iPhone and other iDevices.

If you are still jailbroken you should be attentive to what Cydia apps and packages you download and install. Use only trusted sources because any error or faulty file could cause you hard restore and lose the jailbreak.

You might also want to get SemiRestore tool. This program can help you to restore your jailbroken device without losing jailbreak. It is useful when you get a buggy program or reboot look bug.

These are some advice you might want to follow.


How to Extend iPhone 6 Battery Life for a Week

It looks like all the problems with iPhone 6 battery life are in the past. A lot of users with different Apple smartphone models wish their battery life to last longer than a day. Some users get issues when their battery doesn’t last even for 24 hours. Complaints about the ‘fruit’ battery were always a big issue.

Would you like to learn how to extend iPhone 6 battery life and make it last for a week? One British company developed a special battery that can make iPhone serve the whole week in between charges. This is the reality and the company Intelligent Energy might help Apple to boost battery life and move the famous ‘fruit’ technology forward.

Customers will absolutely be happy if their iOS handset running iOS 8.4.1, upcoming iOS 9 or earlier firmware version lasts for a week long. Right now this sounds more like a rumor or secret wish of millions of consumers yet such a hydrogen battery exists as prototype.

The firm developed their own iPhone 6 prototype that does remind of a current-generation iPhone 6. It has some minor differences with the original smartphone and one huge difference – this prototype lasts 7 days on one charge which is surely impossible on the original iPhone 6 version created by Apple.

The new technology is a combination of oxygen and hydrogen. This is how it can create electricity. The iPhone built by Intelligent Energy has the fuel cell system in it. It’s not known how much such battery system could cost. The firm promises cheap week-long lasting iPhone 6 batteries but the exact price isn’t named.

Does the company work with Apple and will it bring its innovation to the future ‘fruit’ handsets? We don’t know anything for sure. Let’s wait and see how the iPhone generation would change with year.