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Use Apple TV Shortcuts to Adjust Purchase Settings

Have you purchased the new model of Apple TV 4 generation? Users who got this device might want to make simple and fast content purchases on App Store and iTunes. Using shortcut Apple TV feature it becomes incredibly easy and enjoyable. All you have to do is learn how to create the shortcuts.

Some adjustments to your settings can make it faster to buy content because you won’t have to enter the Apple ID password each time you make a purchase [Facebook should support Live Photo iPhone 6s feature soon]. Everything can be completed with a simple PIN number that is shorter than passcode.

Apple TV Shortcuts

How to Create Apple TV Shortcuts for Fast Purchase

Step 1. Launch Settings and go to Accounts – iTunes where you can disable password in App Store – Password Settings section. You should click on Never.

Step 2. Now open Settings and go to General menu. Select Restrictions and make sure it is enabled.

Step 3. Set up your PIN code and select Restrict for Purchase. Do the same for In-App Purchases.

Step 4. The simple changes in settings will allow you purchasing content for Apple TV 4 using 4-digit PIN and not Apple ID passcode. This makes everything faster and simpler.

Does this make it easier for you to now get additions for your ‘fruit’ device?


How to Enjoy 360 Degree Video on Apple TV 4

Apple doesn’t allow iOS devices to watch 360-degree videos without some tricks performed by users. The company didn’t bring 360 degree video on Apple TV 4 [learn how to adjust DNS settings on your ATV] however customers who purchased this newest TV are able to still enjoy amazing and impressive 360-degrees videos thanks to one simple addition.

There is an app that makes Apple TV 360 view possible. It is callsLittlstar and it supports the fourth gen ATV. The program supports the incredible videos and users can look around in such films and movies thanks to their trackpad on Siri remote. This is not too complicated and everything can be finally achieved by many iOS fans.

Apple TV 4 Generation 360 Degree Videos

Disney backs the Littlestar application. This program already supports the 360-degree videos on Samsung and other devices and it should now support Apple TV device. The program offers videos from Discovery, National Geographic and other well-known companies making sure you don’t have to search for beautiful 360-degree videos.

The program makes it possible to view any great 360 video and upload your own films and movies with 360-degree view support which is simply impressive because you can now share great movies with your friends.

The 360degree films can blow your mind. This is something must-see and if you can do this right from Apple TV 4 screen – it would be incredible. Maybe one day Apple brings the support for such files on its iOS operating system. Till then, thanks to tools like Littlestar, you are able to still enjoy all the innovations.


How to Close All Safari Tabs iOS 9 on iPhone [Jailbreak Tweak]

It is extremely easy to open several tabs in mobile Safari however without our close all tabs Safari iPhone guide you’ll have to close them one by one [here is how to open unlimited tabs in iOS 9 Safari]. Luckily, users who have the jailbroken iPhone running iOS 9 can use one Cydia tweak to close all the opened tabs with a click.

The tweak adds an X button and when you press on it you’ll be able to close all Safari tabs without any issues. This is something that can be down on jailbroken iDevices.

Close All Safari Tabs iOS 9 Jailbreak Tweak

How to Close Safari Tabs on iPhone

Step 1. Make sure your iOS 9 iPhone is jaiblroken with Pangu program which is the only tool that can untether Apple’s iOS 9 – 9.0.2 platforms. Unfortunately users who downloaded iOS 9.2 via direct ipsw links or iOS 9.1 cannot use Pangu to jailbreak.

Step 2. Launch Cydia store and search for free Safari Close All Tabs program [it is possible to close iPhone browser automatically].

Step 3. To close all Safari tabs iOS 9 you should download and install the tweak on your handset.

Step 4. There is nothing to configure. The tweak is simple and offers only what it promises to users.

Step 5. If there are tabs you wish to leave open add them to whitelist. Click on the tab icon in Safari. This way you’ll open the tab switcher menu where you can click-hold on it with both fingers and this way whitelist Safari tab on iOS 9. This method will add a lock button to the tab. When you close all tabs this one will remain open.

Step 6. The jailbreak tweak is simple and fun. It’s the fastest way to close many tabs at once and even leave some of the tabs open at the same time.

Isn’t it a fun addition to your iPhone? The best part about the program is its free cost.


What Apple Announced During Tim Cook’s 60 Minutes Talk

What are the most recent Apple News? We know that the company released the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in 2015 and heard rumors about iPhone 6c, 7 and 7c possible launch in early 2016. What had the company’s CEO to say during his famous 60 minutes interview?

Could you belived that 800 people were developing the camera for iPhone? Tim Cook 60 minutes interview cleared some interesting facts about the company’s work and plans. Cook talked about the smartphone camera, explained why it is so well-performing, mentioned why Apple likes to work with Chinese workers and some other things.

Tim Cook 60 Minutes Apple News

The iPhone 6s is the most recent generation of ‘fruit’ handsets. It was officially released in September 2015 and quickly became one of the top Christmas gift wishes this year. According to Cook, Apple’s engineer team has about 800 professionals who worked on creating the camera’s module which consists of over 200 parts. No wonder this camera is named one of the best handset cameras.

You know that while Apple is located in the U.S. all iPhones are manufactured in China. Local salaries are much lower than in the United States so Apple finds local staff ‘most valuable.’ By the way, there are rumors from China Mobile network about another iPhone model release in April 2016. Would you see the cheaper iPhone with the best camera from Apple so soon?

Cook said nothing about soon smartphone lineup upgrade. We can only hope to hear the official confirmation to this rumor and meanwhile you can enjoy various holiday discounts on Apple smartphones, accessories and iOS 9 applications and games.
Happy Holidays!


iPhone Holiday Sales on App Store iOS 9 Applications

Are you looking for some interesting iPhone 6s discounts and offers for apps and games? Apple offers some great holiday sale on iOS 9 applications. You can download top programs for less and this is a limited time deal so check out the list of some of the best prices on popular iPhone additions.

As we reported earlier iTunes Connect will not be working till December 28th. This means that all the discounts can be enjoyed until this date.

iPhone 6s App Deals Holidays App Store

Best iPhone Holidays Sales on iOS 9 Apps

*If you need an app for taking notes you can download Drafts 4 that is available at $4.99 instead of $9.99.

*It is easy to scan and turn documents into PDF format with Scanner Pro tool that is offered at $0.99 while it used to cost $2.99.

*Users who are searching for iOS 9 journal tool can download Day One available at $0.99 and not $4.99 like it was previously.

*Do you need to edit images and photos? Download MaxCurve that is free right now.

*If you need to print any files right from iPhone you should get Printer Pro that costs $2.99 instead of $6.99 this holiday season.

*The best designed Fantastical 2 application is available with the discount at $2.99 and not $4.99. Apple awarded this tool the best 2015 Design award.

*Wish to track films and movies? Get MOVIST at $1.99. Don’t wait for the price to get back to $2.99.

*iPhone fans of iOS 9 mystery games can purchase Agent A at $0.99 and not pay $2.99 for it.

*If you like to solve puzzles and enjoy adventures you can download Broken Age game at $2.99 as its price would soon return to $4.99.

You should also visit the App Store and check if the games / apps you wished to download are available at the discounted price or not. You might be lucky to buy your favorite application at $0.99 or get it for free. Happy Holidays!


iPhone 7 Video Leak: Watch Next Apple Smartphone Online

More rumors and even leaked videos surface closer to New Year 2016. There is a new iPhone 7 video 2015 online however it’s hard to say if this video reveals the next smartphone from Apple or different company.

There are so many iPhone 7 rumors and predictions of the next iOS device coming up in spring 2016 that it’s easy to believe Apple is truly working on such a smartphone. The company has a tradition of releasing new generation devices in the fall so it would be surprising to see the iPhone 6c, iPhone 7 or iPhone 7c launch in March or April 2016.

iPhone 7 Leak

The possible iPhone 7 leak could be a different device. If you watch the video you will notice that the gadget that is believed to be the next Apple smartphone looks thicker than the iPhone 6s. Could Chinese sources make a mistake and show a different video promising soon iOS handset launch or is Apple really planning to present a thicker smartphone?

Anything is possible. The tons of rumors that promise either iPhone 7 or iPhone 6c / 7c launch in spring 2016 mention 4 inch model which could indeed become thicker than the iPhone 6s. Apple wouldn’t present all the popular features that are expensive and could offer something simpler for the cheaper colorful iPhone upgrade.

This gadget is believed to appear in the markets of China and India where customers prefer paying less for the original brand. At the same time, the video shows now Home button on the iPhone and the Cupertino-based giant would most likely keep this familiar feature on the future handsets.

This could be the leaked HTC smartphone or any other prototype that appears on the web.


Top Free Apps for iPhone 6s iOS 9

What are top apps for iPhone 6s this year [here is the list of best Cydia tweaks for iOS 9]? There are a lot of applications to choose from and you can always search for something interesting. Still sometimes you don’t have time for the search and wish to update the app list. We offer a simple list with only free programs you can enjoy for Christmas.

The free apps for iPhone 6s in time for the holidays can cheer you up. Why not download something at no cost? So here we go.

Best iOS 9 Apps for iPhone Free Applications

Best iOS 9 Apps Free of Charge

1) If you like to get something similar to Camera+ app but don’t want to pay for it, take a look at VSCO Cam that is free of charge. This is a great alternative to all users who enjoy taking photos with their iPhone.

2) Fans of Twitter can download the free iOS 9 Twitter’s Official app that can be a great alternative to popular Tweetbot program. It also helps you sharing your tweets and doing everything you regularly do via your Twitter account.

3) Another great addition to Twitter fans is free Nuzzel app that can show the most popular / shared links to you.

4) The free SwiftKey iOS 9 application is your third-party keyboard with different options and features. It surely offers more than just a keyboard.

5) Music fans can download the free Shazam app that helps to recognize songs. This program has been around ever since 2008. It is extremely popular, simple to use and supports numerous music streaming services.

6) If you don’t want to experience unpleasant moments with time zone conversions, use the free Synchronize app. It makes it simple to work with people who are located in different timezones.

7) Looking for the best free Podcast app for iOS 9? Pay attention to Overcast 2 addition. You can adjust volume, create custom playlists and do other things using this application for iOS 9.

8) Radio fans can get the free TuneIn Radio program with 100,000+ stations from all over the world.

These are some of the top free iOS 9 apps for iPhone 6s in 2015.


Facebook Live Photo iPhone Support Rolling Out

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus exclusive feature Live Photos shows impressive animations you can view and share with your friends who also have one of the latest Apple smartphones. Facebook Live Photo support is rolling out allowing users to do the same thing as long as they have the iOS application installed on their gadgets.

The plans have been announced in December after Tumblr also started to share iPhone Live Photos within its mobile application. Facebook share Live Photo feature would soon be also added to the company’s mobile app for iOS 9.

Facebook Live Photo iPhone Support

Reportedly Facebook is not testing the future Live Photos view and share features for its iOS 9 Facebook mobile app. Could you question this fact? The popular social network is trying to support all innovative features so it’s not a surprise that Facebook would soon support Live Photos. The only thing we don’t know is when exactly the feature support to be rolled out.

Since the company is testing the option it could release the updated app on Christmas or after Christmas. Still this would probably be the beta release if it happens because the full support for Facebook live photo iPhone feature is more likely to be unveiled in 2016.

Of course, you’ll have to own either iPhone 6s Plus or iPhone 6s in order to take Live Photos and enjoy the new feature supported by Facebook to its fullest. At the same time it would be released for all iOS 9 users who won’t need the 6s model to view Live Photos since it will be possible to long-press on the image and see what was captured by 6s owner.


How to Add Computer Images as Apple TV Screensaver

Do you own the 4th gen Apple TV? This is a new production that arrived in time for Christmas and some users might wish to get some unique images as Apple TV screensaver [you can also install Watch screensaver on your Mac]. How is it possible to achieve? Is there a simple way for adding your computer images as one?

If you have incredible photos on your computer and you would like to make these photos Apple TV screen saver – follow our instruction and you’ll successfully make this happen. It’s not necessary to add photos from your family life or trips, use any beautiful images you like.

Add Computer Photos to Apple TV as Screen Saver

How to Add Photos to Apple TV Screensaver

Step 1. Launch iTunes on your computer.

Step 2. Select File – Home Sharing and enable this option by choosing ‘Turn On.’ You’ll have to enter Apple ID / passcode and enable Home Sharing.

Step 2 iTunes Home Sharing

Step 3. Now turn on your Apple TV 4th gen.

Step 3 Home Share Apple TV Computer

Step 4. To enable Apple TV screensaver you should select Settings on your TV and go to Accounts [learn how to change Apple TV 4 gen DNS server settings which is very fast and simple to do].

Step 5. Find Home Sharing and enter Apple ID [the same one you used when you enabled this feature on your computer through iTunes].

Step 5 Create Home Share on Apple TV

Step 6. Launch iTunes on the computer and select File – Home Sharing and choose Turn On Home Sharing. You should now see Choose Photos to Share feature. It is exactly what you need to add photos from computer as Apple TV screensaver.

Step 7. Press on Share Photos and choose the folder where the images are located on your computer.

Step 8. You can share either one image or the whole folder with photographs.

Step 9. In iTunes you should press on Apply.

Step 10. Now on your 4th gen Apple TV select Settings and go to General – Screen saver where you can choose Type – Home Sharing option.

Step 11 Add Computer Photo as Apple TV Screen Saver

Step 11. Set as Screen saver the image you wish to use. Press on Yes to confirm your decision.

Both Apple TV and iTunes on your computer have to run at the same time to complete sharing and choose your new screen saver image from PC or Mac.


iOS 9.2.1 Performance on Older iPhone 5 and 5S, 4s

Have you tried to run iOS 9.2.1 on iPhone 5 or 4s? Apple released new iOS 9.2.1 beta this week and the first beta is available to developers and public beta testers. If you are also testing this firmware version you might curious if it improves the performance on older smartphones such as the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.

Experts already installed the latest beta on the two older smartphones and discovered iOS 9.2.1 performance through speed tests. The latest available beta of the new platform was installed on iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. It looks like Apple improved some things about its future release.

iOS 9.2.1 Performance on Older iPhone 5, 5s, 4s

You know that this company likes to stop supported older gadgets when it introduces the new software version. Those older devices that are still supported show slow speeds compared to the most recent generation iPhones. Older handsets cannot run the newer iOS releases as fast and well as newer devices.

The iOS 9.2.1 beta makes iPhone 4s easily boot up [if you are running older iOS 9 versions and are jailbroken you might want to learn how to fix the iOS 9 jailbreak boot loop bug] and this looks quicker than it used to be on other iOS 9 platform versions. It also seems that the Camera and Message apps load faster than on iOS 9. The similar improvements are also noticed on iPhone 5s and iPhone 5.

Registered devvs and public beta testers can already install the new iOS 9.2.1 beta through ipsw links or via OTA update and perform their own speed tests to see how Apple has enhanced this version compared to previous iOS 9 releases.