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iPad Pro 3D Touch Feature Thoughts

Apple presented a bigger tablet device just in time for Christmas. Millions of customers have a chance to buy the new iPad Pro [here are the first iPad Pro unboxing pics] but there are customers who wish to know about iPad Pro 3D Touch feature availability.

iPad Pro 3D Touch Feature Thoughts

Well, the 3D Touch option was introduced with iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus updates in the fall. This is a great option that uses Force Touch technology and improves your communication with the handset. Does iPad Pro have 3D Touch just like these iPhones? No, it doesn’t. Experts also think that the next iPhone 7 could get this option while Apple could wait for even later to bring the same opportunity to iPad owners.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo who is a well-known analyst specializing on Apple current and future products, the iPhone 7 wouldn’t boast an enhanced 3D Touch in 2016. Apple is believed to currently searching for new pressure-sensitive screen technology and wants to make it available for bigger tablets. Still this technology doesn’t seem to be ready by the time iPhone 7 is released as well as iPad Air 3 is updated.

The technology should allow scaling the current 3D Touch feature to bigger displays and offer it to 12.9-inch gadgets which would be incredible. The sources that share such information don’t explain why exactly Apple fails to scale the 3D Touch for iPad Pro right now. The improved 3D Touch should be just the same as the current release except it would be scalable and support bigger screens.


iOS 9.2.1 Beta Public Update Offered to iPhone and iPad Testers

This week Apple released iOS 9.2.1 update beta version to registered developers. A day later it also offered the same software version to public beta testers. You can easily join the team of public beta testers by registering to this free program. This is simple and fast. You’ll be able to install all iOS betas on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and see what changes are coming in the future.

How can you update to iOS 9.2.1 beta? There is the OTA upgrade option as well as direct ipsw links you can download your firmware through if you are registered with Apple Dev Center or Public Beta Testing Program. The whole procedures are quick and you’ll be running the beta in no time.

iOS 9.2.1 Public Beta Download Release

This is just the beta and it can be buggy and contain numerous issues and errors. When you decide to test iOS 9.2.1 public beta – be prepared for problems. You should report all the bugs you discover while testing this firmware version.

Apple released the iOS 9.2 public firmware in December. If you are not a fan of testing and reporting bugs – you can install iOS 9.2 as this version supports many apps and games. At the same time, the betas don’t support most programs you are using in your everyday life.

Don’t expect any major improvements if you till decide you want to test iOS 9.2.1 beta because this minor upgrade is only trying to fix the hood bugs discovered in iOS 9.2 and maybe enhance the overall system performance.

Main changes will come in iOS 10. Apple should start testing it in the summer 2016. This is when all developers, public testers and even ordinary users might want to download the new platform version and get acquainted with all the future changes.


Self Driving Car Created by One of iPhone Jailbreak Hackers

There are many iPhone jailbreak hackers who are famous among iPhone and iPad users because they helped to untether the iDevices and install various Cydia tweaks to customize the smartphone or tablet. For example, you might remember Geohot who contributed several tweaks to the iOS jailbreaking.

Geohot’s real name is George Hotz. He is one of the jailbreaking pioneers. His new hobby however is not related to Apple gadgets and how to install Cydia store on them. He is more interested in cars and even works on the self driving car creation.

Geohot Self Driving Car Jailbreak Hacker

He is using Acura ILX sedan and making everything on his own. Hotz began working on his unique autonomous vehicle project back in October. His work has reportedly caught the attention of Elon Musk and Geohot seems to even get the job offer to join homegrown Autopilot software. Surely Hotz declined this job opportunity because he wants to take down famous suppliers of different car systems on his own.

Whatever the iOS jailbreaker is trying to create – it should be different from what is available in the modern market. He is not just trying to preprogram the common rules about driving like other companies do. He is making the intelligent system that ‘watches’ Hotz [here are details about Geohot Sony story] driving and gets trained to drive this way.

Can a self driving car behave like a human? It cannot because there are hardly any great drivers who never make mistakes. When will we see the self driving ILX in action? Jailbreaker just started working on this project and it could take several months or ever years because the mess os models, computers and wires get organized into a perfect mechanism.

Hotz thinks he could sell his system to customers or automakers and it could cost around $1,000. At least these are his plans.


Apple Maps Transit Directions Available for Los Angeles

Are you using Apple Maps transit directions in your everyday life? You might remember the moments when the famous Cupertino-based giant only presented its own Maps and decided to get rid of Google Maps on its iPhone and other iDevices. Users were frustrated with multiple errors, mistakes, mistypes on this application but the ‘fruit’ giant didn’t give in. It continued to develop its service and improved Maps for newer iOS versions.

Modern Apple Maps transit cities is a great tool to get directions and metro / bus routes for your journey. This is the place you can look up scheduled arrival times at numerous stops in different U.S. cities and across the world.

Apple Transit Maps Los Angeles

If you live or travel to Los Angeles you can enjoy Apple Maps Los Angeles transit directions which are available in the Feature Availability section. The company earlier updated the same data for Boston.

Users who are still running iOS 8 firmware cannot enjoy Apple Maps transit data because this unique feature is present in iOS 9 and most recent iOS 9.2 you can download through direct ipsw links. If you have already installed one of the iOS 9 versions you can check Apple Maps and navigate different cities by ferry, train and bus.

The option is currently supports only 13 cities from around the world including New York City, Los Angeles, Sydney, Washington, Chicago, Mexico City, San Francisco, Berlin and others.


Apple 3D Touch Display Improvements: Scalable Technology Coming

Millions of customers who purchased the iPhone 6s or 6s Plus are already looking for the next iPhone 7 rumors and possible specs. Apple could bring scalable 3D Touch technology to the next generation smartphone lineup in 2016.

Can you imaging the improved Apple 3D Touch display in iPhone 7? There are news about possible upgrade however experts think that the scalable technology wouldn’t arrive in 2016. This means that both iPhone 7 and possibly iPad Air 3 would not get the innovative feature.

iPhone 6s 3D Touch Feature

The current Apple 3D Touch display makes iPhone 6s stand out among other smartphones in the market. There are talks about Samsung bringing similar option to its future Galaxy handset next year and this is a sign of a popularity of iDevices across the world.

If Apple can create scalable 3D Touch feature it would be able to bring this option to bigger gadgets such as the iPad and bigger iPhones [here is how to add 3D Touch option to your iPad now]. The current 3D Touch Apple is using in its 6s gadgets couldn’t be scaled to port into the 9.7-inch iPad Air while rumors promise that the future technology would allow the company bringing it to the 12.9-inch devices such as the latest iPad Pro released in December.

We see some iPhone 7 concepts and ideas lately and hear interesting predictions about how this handset could change to attract more customers in a year from now. There are numerous options Apple could follow but the Cupertino giant would never officially unveil the truth about its products until the official presentation right ahead of the public launch date.


How to Change Apple TV DNS Settings on 4th Generation Model

Most users with Apple TV 4 generation don’t pay attention at different DNS, CDN and other internet-related information. When it comes to Apple TV DNS settings or similar things you should do in order improve something or make it work – you start searching for how to change this DNS and what DNS is [by the way, you can bypass iCloud activation using DNS method].

Well, DNS stands for Domain Name System and we’ll explain how you can change your Apple TV DNS server settings. Of course, the internet provider you are using offers its DNS for all your gadgets. Still you have a choice and can select your own faster DSN server instead of using your provider’s default options. You could get faster internet connection and better vdeio streaming in the end. Why not giving it a try?

Apple TV Settings to Change DNS

How to Change DNS Apple TV Settings

Step 1. Firstly you should learn about possible DNS servers available. There is the free Google DNS you can choose, OpenDNS service that is reliable and promises fast speeds and many other public DNS you can choose from.

Step 2. Once you have selected the server you wish to try [you can always change it again to find what suits you the best] – launch Settings on Apple TV 4 Gen.

Step 3. Select Network – Connection – WiFi network you are using.

Step 3 Change Apple TV DNS Server Settings

Step 4. Click on your network for the second time to get to Configure DNS option [also learn how to change DNS server on iPhone and iPad].

Step 5. You can see that it using Automatic mode by default.

Step 6. Choose Manual option and use another DNS server.

Step 6 Change Apple TV DNS Server Settings

Step 7. Enter the DNS you wish to use. If you are used to 4-digit DNS addresses don’t panic. ATV uses the same x.x.x.x format but translates it to 00x.00x.00x.00x instead. For example, Google’s DNS is [or] – you’ll have to enter either or on your ATV to use it.

Step 7 Change Apple TV DNS Server Settings

Step 8. Press on Done after you entered the new DNS numbers.


How to Mute Siri Beep on iOS 9 iPhone

It is possible to mute Siri iOS 9 assistant on jailbroken iPhone with the help of the tweak? Sometimes you truly need this program to be silent [still there are iPhone 6s users who experience Hey Siri not working bug which can be fixed], especially when you are in the quiet room and wish to stay quiet. Is there a tweak that can help you out here?

Silence Siri Cydia tweak could be a nice option for jailbroken users. Thanks to Pangu tool that can jailbreak iOS 9 – 9.0.2 platform you are able to get many jailbreak applications and improve your iPhone experience by customizing the handset. Still there is no need to use any tweaks when it comes to muting your Siri assistant.

Siri Mute iOS 9 Jailbreak Tweak iPhone

How to Mute Siri Beep on iPhone

Step 1. There is no need to search for mute Siri tweak because it can be done without any additional programs and tools.

Step 2. Launch Settings on the handset.

Step 3. Select General section.

Step 4. Go to Siri and choose Voice Feedback option.

Step 5. Choose Control with Ring Switch. The Ring Switch button is right on your iPhone’s side. Flip this button and Siri will be silent.

Step 6. Flip the button once again and Siri will wait for your email commands and other tasks.

It’s simple to use and this iOS 9 trick can be helpful in many situations. You can turn on and off your personal assistant whenever you wish to and it will always eager to help you and find what you want.


How to Quickly Turn On Flashlight on iPhone iOS 9 [Jailbreak Tweak]

Are you looking for the fastest iPhone flashlight on off button? iOS 9 users who have jailbroken their smartphone with Pangu program that supports iOS 9 – 9.0.2 versions jailbreak can install one curious tweak to get the fun option. If you downloaded iOS 9.2 ipsw through direct links and updated to this firmware – you won’t be able to get this tweak.

The cool iPhone flashlight tweak is available for free. This is a nice bonus for all fans of jailbreaking who don’t like to spend money on simple additional customization feature. There is no need to launch your iOS 9 Control Center and click on the Flash icon in Quick Launch menu. This way you’ll enable Flash on iPhone if you don’t have the jailbreak app.

iPhone Flashligh On Jailbreak Tweak iOS 9

How to Turn on Flashlight on iPhone iOS 9

Step 1. Visit BigBoss repo on Cydia and download the free Flash tweak.

Step 2. Install the jailbreakable app you downloaded.

Step 3. There is nothing to configure because the tweaks adds no pane to your Settings. It automatically should be present on iOS 9 Lock screen after installation.

Step 4. The jailbreak tweak for iOS 9 iPhone can detect when you are in the dark using your smartphone’s light sensor and automatically place the flashlight icon to your Lock screen’s bottom left. You’ll click on it and enable your Flashlight.

This is a nice simple tweak that helps to have your flashlight on each time you are in the dark environment.


Time to Install iOS 9.2.1 Beta Released by Apple

The new iOS 9.2 ipsw links are available to ordinary iPhone and iPad users. Apple preseted this firmware update not too long ago and is already working on the next version. iOS 9.2.1 beta release has been offered by registered devs and public beta testers would most likely the this latest version pretty soon, this or next week.

If you are participating in Apple Dev programs you might want to install iOS 9.2.1 beta on your iDevice to check what new changes are brought by the Cupertino-based company. The launch was officially offered on December 16th. It could take the iPhone maker a couple of weeks to properly test it, fix all known iOS 9.2 iPhone firmware bugs and release the public iOS 9.2.1 version to all users.

iOS 9.2.1 Release for iPhone iPad Download Install

It is possible to update to iOS 9.2.1 beta through OTA update. This would work only if you are a registered developer because you have to use registered UDID to make this happen. It is also possible to download 9.2.1 beta ipsw file through Apple Dev Center [if you are not a developer you can sign up for Apple public beta testing program] or get the direct link online for your particular gadget / model.

Of course, the new upgrade is minor. It won’t bring any major changes to specs and features because the big update would arrive along with iOS 10 which we would see in the summer while Apple would be testing it before public release in 2016.

You know that iOS 9.2 public version is also a minor upgrade. It only brought some fixes, improved Mail, Music and some other software and enhanced some simple behind-the-scenes options.


Dreaming of Apple SIM? The New Data Plana Announced in 45 Countries

Have you heard about Apple SIM? A lot of iPhone users are dreaming about such a universal SIM card release because reportedly it can offer you options to connect to different networks without unlocking the device. The most recent reports state that Apple SIM data plan which is a short-term plan is coming to over 45 countries across the world.

Unfortunately the news mentions not iPhone 6s users but iPad owners who can take the advantage of the Apple SIM plans offered by AlwaysOnline carrier. As Otono Network assures the Apple SIM is coming to different countries and will be available through AlwaysOnline Wireless network to iPad customers.

Apple SIM Data Plan iPad AlwaysOnline

The Apple SIM iPad plans are useful for travelers who wish to use LTE speeds and not rely on WiFi networks only while going to Sweden, Australia, Finland and other countries. The global LET roaming service is what the short-term data plan is offering users with iPad tablets.

It is worth to note that while Apple SIM supports all iPads it is pretty expensive to use the short-term data plan from AlwaysOnline because you’ll have to pay $0.99 per hour for 15MG of lTE data and this cost can vary depending on the country you are traveling to. Besides, it will be required to subscribe to a new data plan in each region you visit.

Still users who wish to purchase the Apple SIM for iPad with LTE can do so in the U.S., Canada, Italy, France and many other countries. Some gadgets, for example LTE versions of iPad Pro, iPad mini 4 and iPad Air 2 already have this SIM pre-installed on them.