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Download WatchOS 2.2 Beta 2 Seeded by Apple for Apple Watch

Apple offers WatchOS 2.2 beta release which is the second beta for the smartwatch the company officially released nearly a year ago. This spring Apple is expected to offer Apple Watch 2 model upgrade. A lot of users who purchase the Watch to pair it with the iPhone continue using it more like a regular handwatch and many more wish to buy this popular iOS Watch in 2016.

watchOS 2.2 Beta 2 Apple Watch

You can download WatchOS 2.2 beta 2 if you are a registered developer. Apple always seeds its beta firmware to devs who participate in the Dev Program and report on bugs found while testing. There is also the free Public Beta Program that welcomes all fans of iOS, Mac OS X and WatchOS platforms. You can register and update to the most recent betas at no cost. Apple only asks to report all the issues, errors, problems and bugs you discover while playing with the updates.

The first bets of the upcoming watchOS 2.2 brought the pairing option for multiple smartwatches and one iPhone that is running iOS 9.3 [Apple is currently also testing iOS 9.3 betas with developers and public beta testers].

The most recent beta also comes with Maps update and can be only installed once you update to iOS 9.3 beta. In other words, you have to be testing both iOS and watchOS to see what changes Apple brings and how it planning to improve its mobile operating systems in 2016.


New iPhone Leaked Images 2016: Look at iPhone 5se

We’ve heard different rumors about the upcoming iPhone 2016 model. However this is the first time we hear about iPhone 5se. The new leaked images show this brand new smartphone in comparison with iPhone 5 that was released long time ago.

If you take a look at the new iPhone leaked images 2016 you will see the iPhone 5 resting beside the iPhone 5se. A lot of people can easily confuse this smartphone with the iPod touch. Others continue searching for differences between the two devices.

There were many rumors about iPhone 6c, iPhone 7, iPhone 7c and now we hear about iPhone 5se. Apple never released any ‘se’ handset yet. Still the leaked image promises this new phone. Is it just another rumor to keep customers curious about what to expect in 2016 from Apple? Or is it the real leaked gadget we would see later this year?

Compare iPhone 5 with iPhone 5se

Experts already compared iPhone 5 and iPhone 5se and pointed to all the differences between the two models. They note that the iPhone 5se gets some changes. Apple is believed to reposition the Power button, FaceTime camer and make more rounded edges, change the shape for volume, make Home button with Touch ID etc. This gadget comes with 4-inch display and different rumors say Apple should unveil the 4-inch iPhone in 2016. It is just hard to guess its real name. Would it be iPhone 5se or iPhone 6c / 7c?

More rumors are yet to come. Different sources think Apple could release the smaller smartphone in the spring. Still there are rumors about it being launched in September along with the next generation iPhone 7. The iPhone 5se could get Hey Siri along with A9 processor. Apple is expected to present something curious, innovative and must-have to make millions of iPhone 6 owners want upgrade in 2016.


iOS 9.3 Beta 2 Release Comes to iPhone and iPad with Night Shift Mode

The new iOS 9.3 beta 2 release comes soon after Apple offers the first beta, public beta and beta 1.1 to registered developers. The public version of iOS 9.3 beta 2 should arrive soon. The ‘fruit’ giant continues to test the upcoming upgrade that includes new features for iPhone and iPad.

The first beta was offered only a couple of weeks ago. The famous Cupertino-based giant is working pretty fast. Public testers who registered to participate in the free Apple Public Beta program are currently exploring the first iOS 9.3 public beta and can’t wait for the beta 2 release.

Download iOS 9.3 Beta 2

Developers who are registered in Apple Dev Center and have their UDID registered have been seeded three betas by now. They continue finding issues, bugs and problems in the mobile platform for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

While you can download iOS 9.3 beta 2 through direct ipsw links [search for them] you are not recommended on install the newest beta. Why? It is beta and it can cause errors and different issues on your iDevice. It is much better to participate in Public Beta program and officially test iOS version if you are a big fan of the newest unreleased platforms by Apple.

The new beta arrives with Night Shift option that takes advantage of geolocation and iPhone and iPad clock to automatically shift color tones and make the display nicer to the ey at any time of the day.

Besides, Apple added the Touch ID protection for Notes application, enhancements for some applications and improved 3D Touch feature for iOS 9.3 stock apps. The changes make it possible to manage several Apple ID logins for the same iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with the great Classroom program.


Apple Stores in Mexico: First Store to Come to Mexico City

There are not too many Apple stores in Mexico. The company however wants to expend its retail presence in Latin America in 2016. The famous iPhone maker was devoting 2015 to expanding its ‘fruit’ net in China. This year it is planning to pay more attention to Mexico.

According to reports and news, the first Apple Store in Mexico City is coming sometime in 2016. The leaked information promises that this store should open its doors in the big mall in Via Santa Fe. It’s worth to note that App store prices increase in a number of countries.

Apple Store to Open in Mexico City

Reports also claim that Apple is already offering new jobs in Mexico. There is also report about the official deal signed up by Apple for constructing the new Apple Store design for Mexico City. This would be the first store in this city and the third retail ‘fruit’ store in Latin America.

The two other stores are located in Brazil. This is where the company began to test its retail store success. Now it would expand to Mexico City although there are no official confirmations yet [it is not known if the next iPhone 7 could be officially released in Mexico City new Apple store as it’s unclear if such store is open by the time of the launch or not]. The company is silent about this. Still if it is already looking for retail staff – it is definitely planning something interesting in the future.

Would Apple open the first store in Mexico City by the end of 2016? Would it then move to Chile and Argentina? This could be the plan. Why not?


What to Expect from Apple in 2016

Apple is working on new 2016 products. Here are some interesting and reliable Apple predictions 2016 that can give you an idea what products the famous Cupertino company is going to unveil within the next 8-9 months.

What to Expect from Apple in 2016

Firstly, customers are looking forward for the second generation Apple Watch. The first gen model was officially released in spring 2015. Most experts are sure that the next launch would follow in March or April 2016. This smartwatch is becoming popular on its own even though it is designed to work in pair with the iPhone.

What to Expect from Apple in 2016

Secondly, mobile users can’t wait to see the next iOS 10 firmware. Right now Apple is testing iOS 9.3. The future mobile OS would be presented in early June. The company traditionally introduces its software for iPhone and iPad during WWDC event.

Thirdly, users are curious to see the new iPhone. There are many opposite rumors that mention iPhone 6c, iPhone 7, iPhone 7c and eve iPhone 5SE names. There are so many ideas how Apple could name its 4.7-inch handset that it’s hard to guess what exactly follows and when we would see it. Some sources think Apple would unveil the smaller iPhone in spring. Others are sure that this model would arrive in September.

The ‘fruit’ giant should also upgrade watch OS 3. This could happen along with Apple Watch upgrade. Consumers are also waiting for the new iPad Air 3 along with an updated iPad Pro 2 that could be launched in mid 2016 and new MacBook model with longer battery life, better graphics and faster performance.

Besides, Apple is expected to introduce MacBook Air and Retina MacBook Pro lineup along with OS X 10.12 in early, mid or late 2016.

The Mac creator could also present iMac, tvOS 10, Apple TV 5, Mac Pro, and iPad mini 5. Many interesting releases are to arrive this year. It should be really curious to see all the upgrades and innovations offered by Apple.


Top 3D Touch jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 9 iPhone

iPhone 6s comes with great 3D Touch technology that is exclusive to this generation smartphone released by Apple in the fall 2015. Earlier iPhone models do not support this feature unless you download 3D Touch jailbreak iOS 9 tweak and install on your jailbroken smartphone.

We will not list all the applications. There are many more on the Cydia store but some of them are highly popular so we decided to share them with you. Maybe you can enjoy some of the 3D Touch on your iPhone 5 or even iPhone 4s. Remember to be jailbroken which is only possible on iOS 9, 9.0.1 and 9.0.2.

3D Touch iPhone 6s on Older iPhone Models Jailbreak Tweak

Top 3D Touch Tweaks for iPhone 4S / 5 / 6

*Free Point-And-Shoot tweak

This tweak makes taking pictures a super fast process. All you’ll have to do is release the finger off camera view. This becomes possible when you 3D Touch your Camera application icon and get live camera view right on your Home screen.

*Tether for free

The no-cost tweak allows users creating fast alarms right from their Home screen by adding the 3D Touch gesture which helps accessing the time.

*3DNotifications free tweak

Download this tweak if you need to improve your Notification Center. You’ll click lightly on notifications to preview them, swipe up to access and swipe to the left to clear it.

*Free Appendix tool for iPhone

Enjoy the awesome 3D Touch on your Home screen folders. For example, you can now easily launch up to 4 applications within a folder. This makes the iPhone experience much faster and better.

*Cabbage for iOS 9: free package

This is another interesting 3D Touch tweak that offers a way how to quickly add somes to your Up Next list using the great iPhone 6s feature on earlier smartphone models. The fun 3D Touch gesture can be performed inside your Music application.


You Can Hide Stock Apps on iOS 9 Without Having to Jailbreak iOS 9.3

Apple is testing iOS 9.3 beta which is available to developers and public beta testers in January. This update brings some minor changes that make a nice addition to popular mobile firmware offered by the well-known Cupertino-based company. For example, you can remove stock apps from iPhone on iOS 9 without jailbreaking.

Previously you could hide stocks apps iOS 9 using Cydia jailbreak tweaks. At the same time, iOS 9.2 and beta iOS 9.3 versions cannot be jailbroken. Hackers are still searching for exploits to untether these versions. Still users who are planning to upgrade to iOS 9.3 once it becomes public will be able to hide stock iPhone apps without jailbreak. Are you curious to learn more about these update?

iOS 9.3 Features

Hide Apps on iOS 9 [iOS 9.3 Beta]

Since the operating system is not available to public [you can still try to search for direct iOS 9.3 beta ipsw download links and update, however this version is buggy right now and can cause errors and problems no your iPhone] you’ll have to wait for the official release.

Apple seems to add the possibility to hide applications on iOS 9 without any additional tricks. This should be default option and all users will be able to take full advantage of it.

If you really need to hide stock programs right now on earlier iOS 9 version you have to be jailbroken. Only Cydia tweaks make this possible. You can use Apple Configurator or similar programs to manually hide applications you don’t want to see on your gadget.


App Store Price Rise Coming to Some Countries

Users will notice App Store price increase in some countries. The list doesn’t include U.S. iPhone and iPad owners but if you live in Canada and some other parts of the world you’ll have to pay more when you choose to download some applications and games.

What countries will get the App Store prices increase [remember about best iOS 9 applications]? The change take place due fluctuating currencies. For example, the report mentions Canada, Russia, Israel, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore and Mexico for now. Still other countries can be affected by App Store price rise.

Most users are used to $0.99 price as the average cost for the iOS 9 application. The new 2016 Apple app price increase mentions $1.39 CAD for most applications from now on. Apps that used to cost $50 would now be raised to $69.99. Reports mention that Canadian dollar is 69 cents per U.S. dollar now and this is the reason for such price hike.

iOS 9 Apps Price Hike

The iPhone creator once in a while adjusts the international costs for its mobile applications, digital media and hardware. It’s not a secret and this is nothing unexpected. The company reacts to currency flunctions and raises the prices.

If you are not a big fan of downloading paid iOS 9 applications you can take advantage of free iPhone apps for this mobile firmware version. Some developers are often lowing down the price on programs and offer new games / apps at no cost during promotions.

You can search for special apps that can follow how App Store app price low down to get the best deals and pay nothing for using interesting and must-have tools.


Best Respring Tweak iOS 9 for New iPhone Respring Style

When you install or update / change a jailbreak tweak or apply some other iPhone changes you often have to respring. Would you like to do this in style? There is one best respring tweak iOS 9 you can use. It makes your smartphone more stylish and unique.

Remember that you cannot download jailbreak apps if you are not untethered with Pangu because this is the only iOS 9 jailbreak that exists nowadays. It supports firmware versions up to iOS 9.0.2 and stops working on iOS 9.1 and 9.2. This is what you have to do to update your style.

Style Respring iPhone iOS 9 Jailbreak Tweak

Cool iOS 9 Respring Tweak for iPhone

Once you are sure that you have the jailbroken handset you can download the tweak PrettyRespring. The installation guide is tricky but you can manage it.

Step 1. Before you download the package PrettyRespring from Cydia store you can to perform a trick on iPhone.

Step 2. Get to the bottom of org.thebigboss.prettyrespring package and find the bundle ID.

Step 3. Copy the ID.

Step 4. Add the copied ID to the and download the tweak.

You can now use iOS 9 respring Cydia application. You will now get the new image instead of Apple logo. The tweak should show you the last image that appears on the screen before you choose to respring. Thus if you were using Safari browser you will get a snapshot of Safari while iPhone is rebooting. Of course, users who were seeing their Home screen would get the same image during respring procedure.

These changes are not major but they look fine and in style. What do you think? Is it worth getting this tweak to see cute images when your iOS 9 smartphone reboots or your SpringBoard crashes?


How to View Email Attachments from List of Messages on iOS 9

It is cool if you can view your mail attachment iOS 9 without taking too many steps. All iPhone users who have the jailbroken smartphone can take advantage of popular Cydia tweaks, install new applications and get more options that are not available to user who are not jailbroken.

There is a tweak you should learn about. It is called AttachmentFlow and it adds extra features for your Mail app. Here is what the tool offers and how you can use it.

View Mail Attachments iOS 9 iPhone Jailbreak Tweak

How to View Email Attachments from List of Messages

Step 1. Before you install AttachmentFlow you have to note that it costs $1.99. You can find it on the BigBoss repo on Cydia.

Step 2. With the tweak enabled you can launch mail application and find a paperclip at the bottom. Click on it and you will find all the images and other files attache to email without having to open every message. This saves much time because the tweak displays all attachments you received from all emails at once.

Step 3. It is possible to also view only emails with attachments only. Long click on your screen and you’ll open Flow option that shows no messages without attachments [photos, videos, audio files, documents]. It’s cool.

Step 4. The tweak doesn’t download the attachments unless you want it to be downloaded. This way you can take care of your mobile data usage on iPhone and save on your bill.

Step 5. When you wish to view individual attachments you can click on the image thumbnail and this way only the specific file will be open in full screen.

Step 6. The tweak is easy and simple to use. It saves much time for users who are constantly getting new emails with attachments. It supports iOS 9 and iOS 8 versions [not including iOS 9.3 betas Apple seeded to developers and public beta testers].

Do you think that AttachmentFlow is a nice customization for your Mail application?