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iPhone 6 Prototype Shocking Price Wows eBay Users

Would anyone like to buy iPhone prototype? Apple fans usually choose to purchase newest iPhone models. For example, this year millions of potential customers are looking to upgrade to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

With the iPhone SE release and upcoming iPhone 7 update it is curious to see iPhone 6 prototype on eBay. The seller assures that the lucky customers will get test software on this handset model. It also has red Lightning connector. Still there are no FCC markings on the device.

iPhone 6 Prototype Price eBay Ad

Wondering about iPhone 6 prototype price? The seller sets pretty high price on this precious and unique smartphone with SwitchBoard software installed on it. This is the ‘fruit’ company’s internal debugging operating system. So the price is over $5,000.

The iPhone 6 prototype seems to be the later test smartphone. It truly looks like the final Apple iPhone however without model numbers, identifiers on the back of the device. The color of the Lightning connector is also unique.

The seller assures that the smartphone was purchased from his friend. It should be mentioned that the prototype of iPhone 6 has not IMEI number. This means you cannot factory unlock iPhone 6 if you purchase it because all SIM unlock services are based on IMEI code and activation status.

Testing models are meant for performing tests, checking sensors and doing other testing tasks. In-house iPhones do not run iOS so don’t expect to install iOS 9 on this expensive prototype model.


Users Report iCloud Mail Not Working and Notes Not Syncing

While different Apple sites are not working users also report iCloud outage 2016. The problem seems to occur to less than 1% of iCloud users but it is real and exists for some iPhone and iPad owners. Apple is completely aware of the new issues.

If you notice iCloud Mail not working bug you should know that there are other people out there who have the similar problem. Besides users report iCloud Notes not syncing issue and other Apple bugs and troubles. The company has grew so big that it keeps getting various bugs more often.

iCloud Mail Outage 2016 Notes Not Working Apple

According to Apple, it knows about the new iCloud outage 2016 which has affected different iCloud services including Notes and Mail. How does the problem appear? Some people just cannot sync their Notes while others cannot use Notes at all. Some users are not able to receive mails through Mail and others are unable to send mails. For some people iCloud Mail is not working for both sending and getting messages.

There are many tweets about the problems and they also mention that some users cannot save long emails [learn how to email large files on iPhone for free]. Current Apple cloud servers are not reliable lately. The company is hit by numerous outages and users can’t be happy with such situation.

There are other cloud services you might wish to discover. Apple could also build its own cloud infrastructure in the future to rely on more services and experience less outages.


Bring Back Your Old Instagram Icon to iPhone Home Screen

Users who are not happy with how the new Instagram app icon looks on their iPhone can get the old Instagram icon back to their handset Home screen. The previous image was less colorful and didn’t even remind of the newest abrupt update. If you wish to use the older version you have to learn about one interesting trick and get it back.

One developer shared nice guide which will help you to return the older icon quickly. There is nothing complicated about this instruction. By the way, you can manage multiple Instagram accounts on same iPhone running iOS 9 version.

How to Use Old Instagram App Icon on iPhone iOS 9 Home Screen

How to Get Old Instagram App Icon on iPhone

Step 1. The trick is unique. You will have to use one special site. Visit site from your handset.

Step 2. This website has Tap Here option you will see at the bottom of the webpage. Click this link.

Step 3. Choose Share option to save this site to your iPhone iOS 9 Home screen.

Step 4. Now you will see the old Instagram icon saved on your Home screen which leads you to the Instagram site that offers 60-second videos feature. Each time you’ll tap the icon you will be forwarded to the site and it will also automatically open your iOS 9 Instagram application. In other words, when you click on the old Instagram icon you will also launch new Instagram application which already has the updated icon.

Step 5. Make sure that everything works great and hide your new Instagram app icon in iPhone folder. You will not see it on the screen and instead you will always use the site with the older version of the icon.


Is My iPhone Jailbroken? Apple Against iPhone Jailbreak Detection

Famous hacker managed to release iPhone jailbreak detection application for iOS 9 platform and it was available on the App Store until now. Apple learned about the tool and… pulled it away from the stores. What does it mean?

If you know how to detect if iPhone is jailbroken using Stefan Esser’s tool you can no longer use System and Security Info program for ‘fruit’ handsets. This application is not available for download and you cannot find it on the App Store because the Cupertino-based giant removed it for various reasons.

iPhone Jailbreak Detection iOS 9 App Pulled from App Store

Now it’s harder to answer the question ‘Is my iPhone jailbroken or not?’ because there is no simpler iOS 9 program similar to System and Security Info by i0n1c hacker. Surely users were surprised to learn that Apple App Review team approved such an application.

There is only one iOS 9 jailbreaking public program called Pangu. No other tool can untether your iOS 9 – 9.1 iPhone and iPad. Later versions of Apple mobile firmware are currently non-jailbreakable. Still if you are buying used iOS 9.2 or iOS 9.3 iPhone you cannot be sure it wasn’t jailbroken in the past because previous owner could run iOS 8 and 9 jailbreak.

We should also note that this paid application [before Apple pulled it from the App Store] become top paid program. A lot of iPhone and iPad users were happy to get the chance and get more details about their device and jailbreak status.

According to Esser, Apple explained the removing of his app by a number of reasons which includes ‘false or misleading representations’, ‘inaccurate device data’ and others.


Users Report Mac Freezing Issue Caused by OS X 10.11.4 Update

Do you have Mac OS X issues? Users report various Mac bugs after installing OS X 10.11.4 version. Have you updated OS X El Capitan operating system to the newest release? Do you have any problems now?

Mac freezes after OS X 10.11.4 update. There is no reason for getting no response from your computer but this is what happens. A number of Apple users with Mac complain about Mac OS X issues that cause hard reboot.

OS X 10.11.4 Mac Bug Freezing Issue Problem

What models are mainly affected? According to reports, the bug is noticed on 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina screen [the one that was released in the beginning of 2015]. It seems that the issues has been around for quiet a while since first compaints are dated back to the end of March.

If you are running OS X 10.11.4 update and notice that your mouse freezes, screen freezes and Mac is forced to reboot – you should know that there are many other Mac users who have the very same problem. It is most likely related to the OS you have installed. The problem occurs at random. You cannot predict when your system is caused to hard reboot [learn some Apple predictions for 2016].

It’s curious that the same bug is noticed on 15-inch MacBook Pro models and other Macs. Crash logs show that this could be Intel graphics driver issue still Apple offers no solution at the moment. The problem could be fixed in the next OS X upgrade. You might wish to roll back to previous OS X 10.11.3 to avoid the issue on your computer.


What Makes Apple Music Libraries Disappear?

Users who report Apple Music problems believe that this program can remove and delete music libraries on its own. Now it looks like this could be iTunes bug that causes such changes because Apple Music does not or should not remove and delete your libraries without your permission.

Apple Music problems worry may people because over 13 million users subscribed to this Apple streaming music service and they can’t be happy when their libraries suddenly disappear. The company explains that the program cannot delete the original files unless users permit. Thus there are opinions that it could be iTunes issues that cause problems with disappearing Music Libraries on iPhone and Mac.

Apple Music Libraries Disappear OS X Bug Issue Problem

Even if iTunes bug causes Apple Music problems – users can’t be happy with this. The music service doesn’t delete or remove original tracks while it is matching your libraries between devices. iTunes issues could indeed make Music libraries disappear and this is what Apple has to address in the upcoming update.

Apple presents iTunes updates once in a while. Some users hurry to install the upgrade as soon as it becomes public. If the version iTunes 12.3.3 makes music disappear from your library or deletes the whole Apple Music library with many different tracks you have to do something about it. Backup your music without using iTunes and try to either run previous version of iTunes or use a different program for organizing your files until Apple offers a real working solution to the problem that worries many users now.

The Cupertino-based giant would have to address the issue sooner or later because many unhappy users would be happy to quit iTunes unless the bug is gone.


iPhone 7 to Get Dual Camear System and More RAM?

iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus features promise different changes. This next generation Apple device is coming pretty soon. Apple is expected to present iOS 10 during WWDC 2016 and test it during summer time and officially unveil new iPhone in the fall.

Designers present their ideas of what iPhone 7 could look like. Experts and analysts share their opinions about this future handset. So-called leaked images show us different possible features that could belong to iPhone 7 or stay rumors forever.

iPhone 7 Rumors Features News Specs

Will there be iPhone 7 dual camera system or not? Would Apple increase the amount of RAM and make customers a bit happier? Could the ‘fruit’ giant offer iPhone SE launch and improve iPhone 7 the same year?
One of the most recent reports from analysts mention possible 3GB RAM iPhone 7 Plus and the same model with dual camera system [look at so-called leaked iPhone 7 design]. This same device could arrive with 5.5-inch screen and be much bigger compared to current 4-inch iPhone SE version.

Different high-end handsets must get dual cameras. This is what experts think. HTC already offers such devices. Other smartphone giants are also using this advantage and Apple could also add this option to its next handset lineup.

Could iPhone 7 be the same as iPhone 7 Plus? We doubt as the bigger ‘Plus’ version should get more features. Still all the truth will be known only in the fall.


How to Detect iPhone Jailbreak or Malware State on iOS 9

Is iPhone jailbreak detection possible? Users who buy used iPhone might need to know if it was previously jailbroken or not [then you can discover great iOS 9 tweaks]. It is also curious to find out if any malware has been installed on the popular Apple smartphone before using it every day. Isn’t it?

iPhone malware detection iOS 9 tool can help you find answers to both questions. You’ll know if your device has been secretly hacked or not. This way you’ll be 100% sure that no one installed any spyware to steal your personal details and information.

iPhone Jailbreak Malware Detection iOS 9 App

Famous researcher Stefan Esser presented one of the most interesting iPhone hacks 2016. This is the application System and Security Info that is available at $0.99 and can detect if your ‘fruit’ handset has been ever jailbroken or hacked.

The iOS 9 application can also provide some details about your iPhone memory and disk usage, CPU, process list etc. This program can display all your iOS running processes which is cool and interesting. It can be useful to any Apple fan. Even if you are running iOS 9.3 which cannot be jailbroken your iPhone could be jailbroken on iOS 9.1 with Pangu or earlier Apple firmware.

Devs assure that the new tool stores all the information it gathers locally. Your data won’t be uploaded to any server. You’ll know for sure the jailbreak and hack state of your iPhone or the phone you are about to purchase. This is handy as you’ll get the answer to the question ‘has anyone got unauthorized access to my phone’ that worries millions of minds.

It’s curious that the app is officially available in the App Store. How cool is it? Download and install System and Security Info to learn more about your ‘fruit’ handset.


Users Report Apple Outage: Company’s Site Down Today

Don’t worry if you notice Apple site down today. The famous iPhone maker seems to experience issues with its servers [here are some details about Apple market share these days]. iPhone and iPad users as well as other potential customers and ‘fruit’ device fans who are visiting Apple websites can get across Apple outage.

Is it a common problem? The outagegs are widespread. Many users notice that the site they are trying to visit are not working. The issues are noticed across the world. Different Apple services are not working but the company is aware of all the problems and should fix everything as soon as possible.

Apple Store Outage May 2016

It’s not surprising to see Apple site down, Apple ID not working or iForgot server not functioning. Different ‘fruit’ sites are ‘broken’ and the outage doesn’t let users get all the possible functions. It still looks like there are iPhone users who are not affected by this spring Apple outage. Some manage to see things but others cannot load the sites.

You can surely access the website but you are not able to update your Apple ID account and add changes. As noted by some users, they can actually see the site and login to their account however they are not able to work with verification gadgets, update information and perform some other tasks. Once the issue is fixed you will be able to use Apple sites as usually.

If you have the outage and cannot add new iPhone to your account or do other task – you will come across error message. Don’t panic. Apple knows this problem exists and is working on the soon fix.


iPhone in India: Foxconn to Set $10 Billion Plant

There are some curious iPhone made in India rumors that say Foxconn has plans to set manufacturing plant and create iPhones in this country. Chinese and Indian markets are fast emerging markets where ‘fruit’ smartphone is very popular.

Apple could ship more smartphones if it has iPhone plant India project. Foxconn has been working with the Cupertino-based giant for a long time. It is believed to set up $10 billion plant and manufacture iOS smartphones in India as well. By the way, Apple offers iPhone SE leasing option to Indian customers.

Apple iPhone Manufacture Made in India Plant

Right now Foxconn is the biggest Apple iPhone manufacturer. This Chinese company wants to build a new factory worth $10 billion and taking 1,200-acre of land. According to reports, the plant could be built in Maharashtra. Could this make it cheaper to offer iPhone in India or not? This is the question we can’t answer right now.

It could take 1.5 years to build iPhone manufacturing plant in India [Apple market share loses its positions]. In other words, it won’t function in 2016 or 2017. Foxconn could possibly set it up and present in 2018. Apple has big plans to start its retail stores in India and sell refurbished handsets however local government doesn’t give permission.

There are also rumors about ‘fruit’ giant investing $25 million into development center in Hyderabad. Having iPhone ‘make in India’ should provide Apple with some benefits in this country.

It is clear that Apple is expanding outside the Unites States. The growing sales of iPhone in China and India help the company grow its revenue and attract more customers. Having plants in both countries could be awesome.