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You Can Now Restore iPhone on iOS 9.1 Without Losing Jailbreak

iOS 9.1 is the latest iOS 9 firmware version that can be jailbroken with Pangu jailbreak for iOS 9.1. All iPhones and iPads that are running iOS 9.2 and newer Apple mobile operating systems are currently non-jailbreakable and this is the reason why users could be afraid to install new tweaks. Any bad tweak can cause iPhone restore to iOS 9.3.2 that cannot be untethered at the moment. Luckily new iOS 9.1 semi restore tool is officially released.

What is SemiRestore? This is a well-known program created by CoolStar dev specifically for jailbroken gadgets. Using semi restore iOS 9.1 program you get a chance of successfully and painlessly restoring a jailbroken iPhone and your jailbreak will remain active. It’s an awesome solution when you are still running older firmware and are jailbroken while newer firmware versions cannot be untethered.

iOS 9.1 Semi Restore iPhone iPad Release

The SemiRestore program supports all jailbroken mobile firmwares starting from iOS 5 and up to iOS 9.1 [including this version]. You can restore iOS 9.1 without losing jailbreak when you face reboot loop program, get a buggy tweak or coming across another program that wishes to force restore your iPhone to the most recent public Apple firmware version [which is iOS 9.3.2 release now].

When you choose to semi restore all your tweaks will be removed and thus no bad tweak can harm your jailbroken iPhone. To use SemiRestore you should install OpenSSH on the iDevice [learn how to change root password on iPhone to prevent third-party users and companies from accessing handset remotely].

iOS 9.1 semi restore option is supported by Windows PCs only. The Mac version hasn’t been released yet.


New iOS 9.3.2 Fixes Problems with 9.7-inch iPad Pro

There is a way how to fix iPad Pro issues experienced by users ever since the public launch of 9.7-inch iPad Pro model. There is iOS 9.3.2 firmware version created for all Apple devices however it doesn’t solve the ‘Error 56’ that bricks the tablet.

Still there is another solution. Apple launched new iOS 9.3.2 for iPad Pro and this particular release is meant to fix the unpleasant issues that troubled ‘fruit’ users in the spring. It’s curious that the bug mainly occurs on the tablets with 9.7-inch display. Apple was aware of the problem for a while and created firmware update specifically for this gadget and model.

iOS 9.3.2 Fix Error 56 iPad Pro 9.7-inch Apple Firmware Release Download

You can fix issues with iPad Pro by simply updated to iOS 9.3.2. You can install the firmware via OTA-update or search for the build 13F72 and download the ipsw file from direct link. In this situation you’ll have to manually install the operating systemon your tablet device.

Error 56 is extremely crazy. Once you see it pop up on the iPad Pro you’ll get the bricked gadget. The only way to fix the bug is install iOS 9.3.2 build 13F72. Hopefully this time the errors will be gone and you have to restore your iPad Pro in hopes to fix everything on your own. This didn’t help many users who had to contact Apple Support in order to solve the problem.

Now all users can fix everything without contacting Apple. Special 13F72 build for 9.3.2 firmware version is designed for 9.7-inch iPad Pros only. If you have the iPhone there is no need to update iOS 9.3.2 once again.


Users Complain iTunes iCloud Music Library Not Working

Some users have issues and report their iTunes iCloud Music Library not working right now. The problems are faced by Apple Music subscribers. This Apple service is still pretty new to many users. The company is improving the system but sometimes issues occur.

This time iCloud Music Library problems don’t let users sync up with iCloud or manage music library. The outage is noticed by many subscribers. Still the Cupertino-based company doesn’t always quickly reflect the changes on its official Apple System Status webpage. Don’t worry if this page assures that everything is ok while you see iCloud Music Library not working on iPhone.

Apple Music Library iCloud Outage Not Working Issues Problem

It looks like the outage is seen on both iOS devices and OS X computers. iTunes users also have this issue. Still the problem is not a widespread as Apple usually reflects the widespread issues on its website.

What errors do people see? Some iPhone and Mac users get the ‘unable to connect’ message when they try to use Music Library on the phone or iTunes. Others get the very same error message while trying to play music tracks. There are also people who cannot access music at all.

Some Apple fans found a way how to fix the problem. If you try to force close the application and reconnect you might solve the issue with Apple Music library. Still this method doesn’t work for all users. Do you have any problems with the service or not?


Apple Offers a Way to Fix iTunes VoiceOver Issues

Apple brings iTunes 12.4.1 release and this is the way how you can fix problems with VoiceOver system. It happens a couple of weeks after the launch of iTunes 12.4. The update is minor and it should solve issues with VoiceOver.

The version of iTunes 12.4 improves some things [you can fix Error 56 on iPad Pro]. It enhances navigation in iTunes and its UI. Apple originally created this program version to support OS X 10.11.4 launch however the operating system for Apple computers was released earlier and iTunes update was a bit delayed.

iTunes 12.4.1 Release Download Mac Fix Issues VoiceOver

According to the iOS giant, its iTunes version 12.4 was a bit buggy and caused some iTunes VoiceOver issues that needed to be fixes. This is why iTunes 12.4.1 was launched. This minor update only solves the known problems.

iTunes after update should work well with VoiceOver. It should not repeat the previous bugs. It must not restore the feature to Reset Plays and your Up Next option shouldn’t play music files in the wrong order. Everything should be just as you expect, in correct order and the desktop program should be ok with crossfading between tunes.

Users are welcome to download the version 12.4.1 and update iTunes using Mac App Store. Remember that this is not a major upgrade. It’s only meant to fix VoiceOver issue so you are advised to update if you experience problems with this option.


Top iPhone Email Apps You Must Have in 2016

Is there too many emails in your box? Is it cluttered with all the email subscriptions you could possibly get? The list of iPhone email apps 2016 has some titles that will help you organize your newsletters and read only what you want to read.

Take a look at the three useful iOS 9 applications you can download and install right away. This will really improve your email experience and clear your inbox from all the subscriptions while you’ll still be getting them and even choosing what to read.

iPhone Email Apps iOS 9 2016 Top List

Top iPhone Email Apps 2016

1. MyBlend iPhone Email App

This iOS 9 app is also great for email subscriptions. This tool shows you the list of all most recent posts from subscriptions you created. It might take some time to adjust this program however then it becomes very easy and fast to view the stories while having an organized personal email.

2. Mlist iPhone Email App

Mlist is an interesting iOS 9 application you can use. When you sign up for this tool you’ll get an email id. You can subscribe to different newsletters using your given personal email ID [] and you’ll get all your subscriptions in mlist application and not your regular inbox. This is a great tool for reaching newsletters.

3. Snack iPhone Email App

This tool can help you create a single feed with letters from e-commerce websites and similar tools. It won’t exactly organize your newsletters but it also helps creating subscriptions and saving emails for read-later-on.

If you have a jailbroken iPhone running iOS 9 – 9.1 you can search Cydia store for other email subscription solutions.


iPhone 8 Could Get Impressive Tactile Vibrations

It’s nice to see iPhone 8 rumors even before iPhone 7 is released. This year reports and leaks about 2016 smartphone are opposite. Some people think that Apple won’t offer any major updates this year. Others wish to see outstanding features along with iPhone 7.

The interesting iPhone 2017 release gets even more curious because we hear about complex tactile vibrations. Apple could improve this features via better taptic engine. This option should be exclusive to iPhone 8 while iPhone 7 should be a minor update that could possible get impressive 256GB storage capacity.

New iPhone Taptic Engine Rumors

The iPhone 8 release date is expected in the fall 2017. It could be an interesting smartphone with innovative features and exclusive options. The Cupertino-based giant will celebrate iPhone’s 10th anniversary the next year that is why experts are waiting for major changes in a year from now but not this fall.

The iPhone 8 could feature edge-to-edge screen and possibly all-glass design. These are another rumors about the popular future smartphone. Besides, the next generation handset could feature OLED screen.

If Apple adds the improved taptic engine users will be happy to upgrade. There were also rumors about Touh ID being integrated into the iPhone display. Could these two changes make the iPhone 8 better? Would it be enough for customers to take a decision purchase the new smartphone or upgrade to it?


Unannounced Apple Watch Coach Bands Listed as Sold Out

We’ve heard about new Apple Watch bands 2016 that were supposed to be designed by Coach. They actually appeared on the company’s website however no one officially announced the accessories. Users hoped to hear about these bands during WWDC 2016. Still the product was listed on the site.

There are curious reports about Apple Watch Coach bands. Without any announcement these luxury accessories were added to the site. The well-known designer was rumored to create nine impressive bands for the ‘fruit’ smartwatch. Apple could release Apple Watch 2 this fall and the designer’s bands are most likely meant for this next generation wearable.

Apple Watch Coach Bands 2016

As noted by experts who noticed Apple Watch bands by Coach on the website, the products were listed as ‘Sold out’ however no customer could purchase the accessory. The bands had impressive descriptions and promised to bring ‘pretty charm’ to each customers.

Since the listings were added as ‘sold out’ no one saw the price. The cost is still kept in secret since the accessories were most likely published ahead of official presentation and release date by mistake. If there is no announcement during WWDC – Coach could easily launch its new Apple Watch bands for either original wearable or the next generation Apple Watch 2 at any moment.

Of course, the accessories are useless without the device they are meant for. Apple Watch 2 is believed to be launched this year. It was expected in March or April but instead customers saw the release of the 4-inch iPhone SE. Maybe the wearable will be launched in the fall.


Users Losing Interest in Apple Watch?

At first there was a big Apple Watch interest from customers and developers. Apple presented its wearable over a year ago. There were tons of new applications for Apple Watch with iPhone support back then but now things are changing.

We don’t say there is no interest in Apple Watch from developers. They still create programs however the number of new wearable apps is not that high and doesn’t grow that fast. In fact it’s getting lower.

Apple Watch No Interest 2016

Just think about this. Developers release thousands of iOS applications. However for every 1,000 apps created for iPhones and iPads there is only one Apple Watch app. Such information comes from Realm source that is focused on mobile data.

Why did this happen? There are multiple reasons for this. Firstly, there is no Apple Watch 2 update in 2016 so far. Apple might prepare the release closer to Christmas time or postpone it for 2017. Secondly, most Apple Watch applications work as companions to your iPhone. Thus it’s hard to make much money selling them.

Besides, users seem to be more interested in Apple TV and are still in love with iPhones and iPads. This makes developers also focus on popular ‘fruit’ devices and pay less attention to the Apple Watch. Maybe one day the company will improve its wearable and make it a more digital innovative device to attract customers and make them want the smartwatch alone, without the need to pair it with the handset.

There are also rumors that Apple could annonce the Watch 2 model during WWDC 2016. If this happens developers could pay more attention to the Apple Watch apps in the next several months.


Fun Twitter Charms and Tricks for iPhone Users

iPhone users who tweet a lot can enjoy real Twitter charms on iOS 9. There is a free application you can download and install to get more options. iPhone Twitter apps help you get full control over Twitter and improve your experience.

Once you download the free iOS 9 Charm application and install on your iPhone you will easily save your tweets, create playlists of your favorite songs and collect interesting tweets into lists without any headache.

Twitter Charm Free iOS 9 iPhone App

Creating lists for anything sounds like amazing witter charms. In original Twitter app you can only create your personal lists for people but not music or read-later-on tweets. This way you can save all the tweets without issues. It’s simple, fast, nice and so unusual to ordinary Twitter accounts.

It’s also interesting the Charm can work with other Twitter applications you have installed. For example, you can download this app and use it together with Tweetbot tool, Twitter site, Twitterific and many other clients that support iOS 9 platform.

The tool even supports OS X option called handoff. So if you are using Twitter on both smartphone and your Mac you can get the free Charm program and view the collections you create right on your computer.

It’s always nice to not limit yourself to one gadget only. Being able to switch from phone to computer and enjoy the very same features on both devices.


iOS 9.3.2 Jailbreak Could Be Based on Your Safari Browser

Apple presented buggy iOS 9.3.2 not too long ago. Now the company is testing the next iOS 9.3.3 firmware version that is meant to fix iPhone, iPad and iPod touch issues and problems. Meanwhile users keep waiting for more opportunities to enjoy 9.3.2 version more and this is what iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak could offer.

There are different types of jailbreaks. Some are programs you have to download and install on your computer. Others are browser based solutions. The most recent jailbreak iOS 9.3.2 news mention Safari based program.

iOS 9.3.2 Jailbreak News iPhone

Maybe you remember simple and easy-to-use Comex JailbreakMe program… This is what could be presented for 9.3.2 platform. If this becomes real you can launch Safari browser and perform jailbreaking process with its help. This is very quickly simple and fast.

One hacker form Italy [his names is Luca Todesco] demoed his iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak through mobile Safari browser. This is really curious and makes millions of users hope to see the public version of this tool by qwertyoruiop [Todesco’s nickname].

We have doubts that Todesco presents this iOS 9.3.2 mobile browser-based jailbreak to public. Still if he is capable of untethering or tethering iPhone running the latest public iOS firmware version – Chinese hackers Pangu or TaiG might be able to find exploits and create real working option.

Right now you can only jailbreak iOS 9 devices including version iOS 9.1. All later releases are not publicly jailbreakable.