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What’s New in iOS 10.3 Final Version for iPhone and iPad

Apple has finally released its new iOS 10.3 with updated features and some interesting tips you can use on your iPhone and iPad right away, as soon as you update to iOS 10.3. This is the third biggest upgrade offered by the company since the introduction of the original iOS 10 back in September.

iOS 10.3 Changes

You know that each year the Cupertino-based giant presents brand new version to its users and launches minor updates throughout the year.

Apple worked on its new firmware version for a while and finally public can download and install this platform on their gadgets. Two months of testing have resulted in final iOS 10.3 release.

iOS 10.3 Features

Should I Update to iOS 10.3?

Millions of iPhone 7, 7 Plus, other phone and iPad owners ask themselves whether to install this release or wait for iOS 11 along with iPhone 8 introduction in the fall. Let’s explore some of the main features, options and specs of this update before we can answer this question.

You can always install the iOS 10.3 final mobile version using the over-the-air upgrade or manual iTunes procedure. Both methods work just like it happened with previous mobile operating systems so you will have no problems at all.

What’s New in iPhone iOS 10.3

The quick upgrade to the newest iOS 10.3 will add some minor improvements and tweaks in design. Apple also brought some interesting features.

Find My iPhone Gets feature called Find My AirPods in iOS 10.3

You Can Find Your AirPods

For example, users can enjoy the Find My AirPods option as this was a big problem with this accessory which is small and easily gets lost.

You probably like the Find My iPhone option. It got an addition called Find My AirPods and helps anyone with the smartphone to find lost earphones without having to purchase a new device. It’s one of the top iOS 10.3 features right now.

There were several applications on the App Store that helped users track their misplaced earphone however Apple quickly deleted such tools from its store. Now we understand the reasons for such step. The company simply added similar function to its default program and uses Bluetooth to locate the gadgets. Still this program is useless if your handset is not nearby. It can’t also find the Charging Case.

Apple File System iOS 10.3 Features

Use Apple File System

There are other enhancements you should know about. Thus there is Apple File System introduced with new iOS 10.3 release. This APFS addition supports encryption. It also supports SSD and flash storage.

Backup options have improved since you can now create a snapshot to freeze your file system current state. Apple also worked with your space efficiency. Once you download the latest mobile OS on your iPhone 7 [learn how to check your iCloud Activation status] or other model you are advised to back up at once.

Siri Updates

The iOS 10.3 Siri now supports ride booking programs, checking your lock status and various features such as bills, car fuel level ets.

iOS 10.3 Release, Update, What's New Features

Other iOS 10.3 Tips and Tricks

Some changes are introduced to the App Store. Users can label their reviews and devs are able to respond to what customers write. Besides, all people who use apps and games can disable app review requests if they want.

The firmware adds some changes to your CarPlay, how iCloud uses storage (it now warns you about apps that are outdated), Apple Music, iTunes, Maps and other apps and services. Thus users can use 3D Touch feature to view weather forecast hourly or seach for parked cars using the default Maps application.

The number of improvements looks so impressive. Of course, this is the new operating system which means that bugs and problems are possible and will most likely appear in the future. Still the new Find AirPods option is worth getting thus you might want to update to iSO 10.3 as soon as possible.


How to Use Instagram Two Factor Authentication on Your iPhone

Do you use Instagram on your iPhone? There are a lot of interesting Instagram tips and tricks you can follow to complete various goals.

Two Factor Authentication Instagram iPhone

Different modern apps offer two-factor authentication to their users in order to strengthen the security and protect accounts better. You can use Instagram authentication iOS 10 feature as well as protect your Twitter, Apple ID, Google and other apps.
Wanna get a second layer of protection just in case? Tell yourself: ‘I don’t have two factor authentication on Instagram but do want to get it.’ Now let’s follow the new trend and set up this cool option directly on your smartphone.

Follow the guide on how to enable 2-factor authentication for Apple ID to protect it too.

How to Enable Two Factor Authentication on Instagram

How to Set Up Instagram Authenticator on iPhone

Step 1. You need to use the most recent version of popular social network. Make sure you update Instagram after you install iOS 10 or newer firmware.

Step 2. Now take your handset and launch your Instagram application that you have successfully updated to newest release.

Step 3. Look at the lower right part of your screen and click on your profile button.

Step 4. Now look up and find the setting option. Click on it.

Enable Instagram Authenticator

Step 5. Look under your Account menu and you should see your Instagram Two Factor Authentication feature. Click on it.

Step 6. Enable the option called Require security code. Just turn it on using the switch to enjoy the new iOS 10 features.

Step 7. You’ll see a pop-up window with preposition to Add your Number. So add it.

Step 8. You should provide your phone number now.

Step 9. Once you have entered your number you should click on Next to proceed.

Step 10. You’ll receive a confirmation code. Enter it now.

Step 11. Press on Done option.

Take a screenshot of Instagram authentication backup code

Step 12. You are now asked to back up your code or take a screenshot to remember it. You should remember this password to use in case you are not able to get a text message with your security numbers.

Step 13. You should say OK to allow the application take your screenshot. Just remember to save it to iPhone Camera Roll.

Step 14. You can always Get New Codes in case you have lost or don’t want to use the one that is already available.

How do these Instagram tricks work on your iPhone? Once your authentication is enabled you can go to your social network profile and each time you’ll log into your Instagram account you’ll be asked to enter a passcode. This security code will be texted to your phone number associated with your account. This does complicate the whole logging procedure but it also protects you from unauthorized access.

When you are using two-factor authentication on Instagram you are also able to back up. Besides, you can easily generate passcodes in case you do not receive one by SMS.

Disable Two-Factor Authentication on iPhone Instagram

How to Turn Off 2-Factor Authentication on Instagram

Step 1. Take your iPhone 7 or previous model updated to iOS 10 and launch Instagram app.

Step 2. Choose your profile button – setting.

Step 3. Click on the Two-factor Authentication menu.

Step 4. Disable the Require Security Code option by switching it off.

Step 5. Confirm your decision.

Step 6. Congrats! You have just turned off the authentication feature for your social network profile.


How to Enable 2 Step Verification for iPhone Twitter App

It’s great when you protect your personal accounts (for social networks and websites) before anything occurs. Thus if you are a fan of tweets you are highly advise to use two step verification for Twitter on both your iPhone and online [you can also activate the safe serach for Twitter]. Let’s see what exactly you can do and why you might want to complete this task as soon as possible.

Twitter 2 Step Verification

You can turn this protection at any moment. Still it’s always great when you are a couple of steps ahead of any possible issues and secure your account from hacking. It is easy to use Twitter login verification and the set up procedure will take only a couple of minutes.

So why not using it to make sure that no one can access your Twitter from iPhone or computer and get rid of any worries and problems that could trouble your mind in case anyone tries to use your account for their own needs.

Verify Twitter Account

How iPhone Twitter Verification Works

What will happen after you decide to enable your two step verification for Twitter? You probably have already set up your 2-factor authentication for your Apple ID or use the same protection method for Google, WhatsApp or other accounts. Thus you should be familiar how this really works.

Once you try to login into your personal account on Twitter the app will ask you for your Twitter verification code. This is the only way how you can access it. This code will be automatically sent to your iPhone number. So you’ll get the text message and enter the password. No one else can do this unless they have both your Twitter account details and your smartphone in their hands.

How to Enable Two Step Verification for Twitter on iPhone

Step 1. Launch Twitter tool on your handset.

Step 2. Choose Me option from the lower right part of the screen.

Step 3. You’ll see the gear icon so click on it.

Step 4. Choose Settings.

Twitter 2 Step Verification Settings

Step 5. Click on your Account and press on Security option.

Security on Mobile Twitter App iPhone

Step 6. There will be a switch near Login verification. You need to enable it and confirm your decision.

Verify Twitter Login

Step 7. Click on Start to proceed.

Step 8. Your Twitter Verification option on iPhone 7 should ask you to enter your passcode to enjoy the new feature.

Step 9. Double check your phone number (the one that is related to Twitter) and click on Send Code option.

Twitter Verification from iPhone

Step 10. Enter the code you have just received via SMS.

Step 11. There is special option called Get Backup Code that generates a unique code for your back up. You have to remember this number. Maybe email it to yourself or write down somewhere.

Step 12. You’ll have to type in the verification code emailed to your iPhone phone number each time you are logging into Twitter from your mobile device.

We have already explained how you can get verified on Twitter on iPhone. There is nothing complicated about protection your account from third-party access.

Similar thing can be done on the web.

How to Turn on 2 Step Verification for Twitter Online

Step 1. Use your favorite mobile browser on iPhone.

Step 2. Open site and choose your profile – Settings – Privacy menu.

Step 3. Look under Security. There should be Login verification feature and a box you should check next to it.

Online Twitter Verification 2 Step

Step 4. Choose Start option and type in the passcode for your Twitter account. You should also confirm your iPhone number associated with it and press on Send code to receive a text message with a code you have to enter.

Step 5. Press on Sumbit the code.

How to Enable Two Step Verification on Twitter

Step 6. Choose Get Backup Code as it could help you in the future. Just remember it for possible future use.

Whenever you wish to turn off your 2-factor authentication you can just follow the same guide. However instead of checking the box with Login verification option you have to deselect it. That’s simple. Just keep in mind that you have to Save your changes.


How to Check iPhone 7 iCloud Activation Lock Status

You can no longer use the Apple’s Activation Lock Status check page since the company removed it due to the possibility of hacks. The company decided to secure IMEI checking procedure and you have to find a different method how to make sure the used iPhone you are purchasing isn’t reported as lost or stolen or protected by passcode.

iPhone iCloud Check

There are a lot of reasons why you would like to check your iPhone IMEI status. You could be a seller and offer your used device to buyers or be a customer yourself who is looking for a second-hand smartphone.

iCloud Activation check is a simple procedure that answers some really important questions. Is your iPhone 7, 6, 5, 4s whitelisted? Is it backlisted and can’t be used in particular countries? Is it locked and has activaton problems or not? Once you check if your iPhone is stolen or not, you’ll know for sure what to say to your potential buyers or whether to search for a different gadget if you are a customer.

Anyways, even if you are not selling or purchasing a used Apple phone right now you might need this knowledge in the future.

Is Find My iPhone Turned On or Off?

Details about Activation Lock Status Check by IMEI

Apple introduced Activation Lock as a security measure to protect iPhone 7 and other phone users who lost their gadgets. Once you turn on your Find My iPhone application your device will be protected by Activation Lock. When someone finds your lost device and tries to use it he or she will fail. It is necessary to enter your Activation passcode in order to bypass Activation Lock. Those users who don’t know your secret password cannot erase, disable Find My iPhone or use your handset.

It’s important to protect your personal information, data and secrets and your iOS 9 or iOS 10 gadget is capable of carrying your secrets without letting anyone access your iDevice without your knowledge. But this protection only works when you enable your Activation Lock feature.

If you are getting a used iPhone you must be sure that its Activation Lock option is disabled. Otherwise you will buy a brick and not a phone. Follow the instruction below and you’ll successfully check iPhone IMEI status. There is no need to have the smartphone in your hands. You only should know its IMEI number.

Find IMEI on iPhone

How to Check iPhone iCloud Activation Lock Status

Step 1. Ask the seller to provide the phone’s IMEI number. Or just use your iPhone IMEI code if you are checking your own device [just launch Settings on the smartphone and select General menu – About where you’ll see the IMEI].

Step 2. On your computer you should launch your favorite web browser.

Step 3. Visit the iCloud webside:

Check Your iPhone IMEI Activation Lock Status on iCloud

Step 4. Wait for the page to load. You’ll see a field where you can type in the IMEI code.

Step 5. You’ll have to bypass the not-a-robot test by entering the verification code you’ll see on the screen. Once you enter it just press on Continue.

iPhone Activation Lock Status Check

Step 6. If the iPhone you are checking has Activation Lock being turned on, the iCloud service will show you the following message: Activation Lock. This means the phone is protected from third-party access [you can still bypass Find My iPhone protection]. It cannot be erased and it is impossible to disable this service unless you know the original owner’s passcode.

Isn’t everything simple? It’s great that you have learned how to check your Activation Lock status. Use this guide to help your friends and family to never purchase a used iPhone that is locked and can’t be accessed without the original owner’s passcode. Protect yourself and protect people you love. It is extremely easy since anyone can get information about the phone’s IMEI status BEFORE getting the used device.


Compare iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S8: Which One Is Better?

It’s a good idea to compare Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models to decide which phone is better to get. Everyone knows that the next ‘fruit’ gadget upgrade should be expected in the fall while Galaxy S8 is coming out in the end of March, according to numerous rumors and predictions. Would you get an iPhone or Android handset?

Since the official release of the next Samsung model is planned for the end of March it is time to look closer at iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S8 comparison to get an idea how different or similar to iDevice this Samsung will be.

Compare iPhone 7 with New Samsung Galaxy S8

Which Is Better: iPhone or Android?

Right now all the suggestions are based on rumors about the S8 model. The iPhone 7 is available in the market since September 2016. Everyone knows its pros and cons, specs and features so we can compare known facts with all the leaks about the upcoming flagship from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 Display

The current Apple phone 7 boasts 4.7-inch display with 1334 x 750 resolution and 326 ppi.

The future Galaxy S8 phone should get the bigger 5.8-inch screen with quad-HD resolution and over 500 ppi.

You can already see the possible difference. The S8 handset is designed for people who love big smartphones that cannot be used with one hand only and might not fit into many pockets. The quad-HD resolution will definitely be loved by many users as well as the beautiful curved AMOLED screen. What does it mean? You’ll see the time always on display and this way you can save your battery life since you don’t have to switch to the screen to get some details.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Phone Leak

Let’s Compare the iPhone 7 and the Samsung S8 Design

The popular Apple handset (7) weighs 138 g. Its size is 138 x 67 x 7.1 mm.

The future Galaxy device’s weight is unknown while its size is expected to be around 140.1 x 72.2 x 7.3 mm.

The ‘fruit’ device looks like a regular iPhone and reminds of older ‘fruit’ models. It’s a slim gadget that is stylish, pretty and has the fingerprint sensor in phone’s home button.

The Samsung handset looks like regular Samsung devices. It should be a shiny body with a fingerprint sensor and 3.5mm headphone port which is absent on newer iPhones.

Leaks of Samsung Galaxy S8


The iPhone 7 has no microSD. It is available at 32GB, 128GB and 256GB options.

The Galaxy S8 should arrive at 64GB and 128GB options and microSD support for up to 256GB of storage.

There isn’t big difference in the storage since you can enjoy the expandable storage feature if you don’t like the default space in your Samsung model. If you own the iPhone, on the other hand, you have to delete your files when you run out of space because there is no way how you can expand your strage options.


The current iPhone 7 has the Apple Fusion A10 quad-core processor. It has 2GB RAM.

Samsung Galaxy S8 should arrive with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and octa-core chip. It should get 4GB RAM. This phone should be extremely fast.

Both iPhone and Galaxy devices are water-resistant. They support contactless payment methods and offer various great options you will love.

New Samsung Galaxy Smartphone 2017

Apple vs Samsung Software: Which Is Better

iPhone 7 is running iOS 10 firmware.

S8 model should get Android 7.0 Nougat platform.

It’s up to you whether to use iOS or Android operating system as this is something that depends only on your taste. Those who are big fans of ‘fruit’ firmware do not like Android and many Android fans don’t like iOS.

Apple is well-known for its Siri assistant on phones and Samsung is believed to introduce Bixby virtual assistant on its Galaxy S8 this year.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Design and Display

Camera in iPhone and Samsung Phone

The iPhone 7 has two cameras. Its rear-facing camera is 12MP and its front-facing one is 7MP.

The S8 device should also get two cameras: 12MP rear-facing just like on the iPhone and 8MP front-facing.

Most modern phones offer amazing photo quality so no matter what gadget you’ll get you will like taking beautiful photographs and recording videos.

What About Battery Life

The iPhone 7 has the 1,960 mAh battery.

The new S8 phone should get the 3,500 mAh battery.

So you can see that Samsung should offer a more powerful battery and longer battery life.

Should I Get an iPhone or Android

No matter what model you are planning to buy you should get the most powerful device up-to-date. If you are not exactly happy with the iPhone 7 and don’t want the Galaxy S8 model you should wait for the next iPhone 8 which will be released in the fall.

You should also pay attention to the price. Remember that powerful phones with bunch of useful features and exclusive options are always pricey to buy.


How to Stop iPhone 7 Plus from Taking Double Photos

Are you tired of your iPhone taking double photos? It is so easy to deal with this problem that you’ll love the quick fix offered below. Sometimes users do experience problems with their gadgets [learn how to share your images on Instagram directly from your phone]. iPhone HDR camera and iPhone 7 Plus Portrait mode do take extra images and thus your photos library can look a bit consuming unless you solve the issues right away.

You can surely pay no attention to double photos on iPhone 7 Plus. However think about this. Firstly, your library is all messed up because of all the duplicates. Secondly, you waste your storage while it is easier to delete iPhone duplicate photos from your camera roll and free up some space that can be used for other information.

Portrait Mode Feature on iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone Taking Double Photos

A lot of us come across unexpected issues. Why do I have duplicate photos on my iPhone 7 Plus? It happens for two main reasons. You are taking Phone 7 Plus Portrait Mode photos which duplicate themselves. Or you are creating iPhone hdr multiple images and thus you have more than one picture in your gallery. Here is the instruction for users who don’t need more than one unique photograph on their smartphone.

iPhone duplicate photos with Portrait Mode

How to Use Portrait Mode on iPhone 7 Plus without Double Photos

Step 1. In order to get rid of double photos on your iPhone 7 Plus you should turn off your portrait mode option.

Step 2. Open Settings on your smartphone.

Photos & Camera section

Step 3. Get down to Photos & Camera section.

Step 4. Disable the Keep Normal Photo option right under your Portrait Mode.

Stop Duplicate Photos on iPhone 7 Plus

Step 5. Now try taking an image with your iDevice. The Portrait Mode shouldn’t create two photos at once from now on.

This is a quick trick for iOS 10 users who don’t like it when their amazing iPhone 7 Plus suddenly starts taking two photos at once instead of a single picture. The portrait mode is a unique option that is available only on 7 Plus phones. This feature creates an improved photo and if you enable ‘Keep Normal Photo’ feature the phone will save both enhanced and original image and thus you’ll find iPhone duplicate photos in your photo library.

Disable duplicate images on iPhone

iPhone HDR Multiple Photos: How to Get Rid of Two Similar Images

Now you know why your iPhone 7 Plus is taking 2 pictures with Portrait Mode being turned on. The same thing happens when you are working with HDR images which are high definition range pics that are improved compared to regular photos. Thus when you are working with HDR files your phone automatically saves the original and HDR photo and you get doubles.

Just stop the HDR feature from creating two identical photos in your iPhone library. It’s really quickly and the tip is so simple you’ll love it at once.

Step 1. Open Settings on your handset.

Step 2. Get down to Photos & Camera section where you can adjust the settings for HDR images.

Step 3. Look at your HDR menu.

DHR Duplicate Photos on iPhone How to Disable

Step 4. You’ll see Keep Normal Photo feature that you must disable.

Step 5. Now your gadget should add only one image to your Camera Roll. Isn’t it great?

You can see that both HDR and Portrait Mode features are really similar. The only difference is that you can use the Portrait Mode iOS 10 option only on one Apple device which is iPhone 7 Plus since this feature is exclusive to this model only.

It’s up to you whether you have duplicate images or not. The guides above clearly explain how you can remove all the double photos from your Camera Roll or Photo Library.