3D Printer for Kids Supported by iPhone

There is a new 3D printer for kids that is supported by iPhone and iPad. Mattel company created a printing studio that allows families to build and print toys using the popular Apple devices. It is also possible to create jewelry using the ThingMaker 3D printer.

The presented iPhone 3D printer is pricey. Users are offered to pay as much as $300 to get this studio and design toys and jewelry on iPhone to print them [here is the list of top iPhone games 2016 that are free to download]. The machine has molds where you can add liquid plastic and bake your new toy.

3D Printer with iPhone Support

Some experts think that 3D printer price iPhone is actually affordable if judging by the cost of most 3D printers in the market. The gadget supports both iOS 9 and Android platforms. It can help children and their parents to build toys using Autodesk application. It is possible to create all kinds of scorpions, necklaces, skeletons and other creating toys.

Users can print one color at a time. You can still make colorful pieces to make your toy stand out and look fantastic. Use joints to attach different pieces and create an interesting and fun toys. You can also play Nintendo Super Mario game on iOS 9 smartphone.

The new iOS 9 application is designed for kids 3+. According to 3D printer manufacturer, this gadget can hide the retractable printer head when the machine is not being used. This way children won’t get burns.

The application is believed to be super easy and simple to understand and use. This is an interesting method of understanding how toys are build and create your own toys with multiple parts that connect to each other.

The 3D printer with iPhone support should be released in fall 2016. It should get support for Hot Wheels and Barbie toys.

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