How to Access iCloud Docs From iPhone Using Finder on Mac

One of the very useful novelties in new Mac OS Mountain Lion was easy to work and access iCloud files from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch using Documents in the Cloud. Now the user without further problems can begin to create the document on his Mac and continue on your iPhone or iPad (or vice versa)  – all changes are automatically synchronized through the iCloud. But what if there is a need for immediate access to the stored docs, bypassing the application? Fortunately, I know how to do this in a very simple way.

Gaining access to iCloud downloads, documents and files can be done via a standard Finder that exist on every Mac computer (you can use it on more than one computer running Mountain lion), where you can create a folder for the convenience of the subsequent opening of cloud storage. So let’s begin.


  • OS X Mountain Lion running on Mac computers
  • iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
  • Internet connection
  • Logged iCloud account on all iDevices

How to Access iCloud Files from iPhone

Step 1. To do this, open Finder, which is the first icon in the dock, if you have not changed anything, and in the menu bar, select Go and then Go to Folder. Also, in order to achieve the same result you can use the keyboard shortcut:

CMD + Shift + G

Note: You can use any of your personal folders or create your own folder on the future for iCloud docs.

Step 2. Now just enter the following address where [your folder], without parentheses, is the name of folder that you have just created or of any of your old directories:

/Users/[your directory]/Library/Mobile Documents/

Step 3. After you press Return, before you open expanses of your personal folders that store all the “cloud” documents and data applications on your Mac or iPhone.

That’s it. Now you can open any file on Mac which has been previously created on iPhone, or vice versa. Also, as I said before, you could sync and use this folder on any other Mac computer as on iPhoneDisc (which you can install here) after creating a directory for this.

How to Create a Folder in Finder on Mac for iCloud

  1. Tap on Finder and choose Go menu
  2. Press and hold Option (Alt) button and you will see Library
  3. Tap on it to see the content
  4. Find the directory called Mobile Documents where you need to create a new folder.
  5. Now just drag new folder to the Favorites on Finder Sidebar
  6. Then do the same on all other Mac computers except Step 4.

Now you can create files on any iOS gadget and immediately access iCloud files from iPhone on more than one Mac computer. Here is another tip which you can use to transfer iPhone photos to Mac. Is this not great?

Update: If you can’t access iCloud its because Apple reset Apple ID passwords to protect its system from the hacks.