iOS 6 Replaces UDID with Advertising Identifier

The presentation of the new iOS 6 will bring one more interesting option. Apple has finally replaced UDID in its next firmware that should be officially released next Wednesday. The well-known tech company has clarified a new non-personal ID called Advertising Identifier. It will be offered in the final version of iOS 6.

There have been much headache conversations around the iOS UDID hack. At first, hackers said they found a list with millions of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users IDs on a notebook that belonged to one FBI worker. Later FBI said their computers weren’t hacked while Apple stated it never shared UDID with the Bureau agents. Then one iTunes iOS developer stated that its servers were hacked and the list of UDID was stolen by unknown people.

iOS 6 Advertising Identifier

Non-Personal UDID

While IDs were used for ads and app user tracking in the Apple firmware, the leaked information couldn’t harm anyone. Still the company decided to no longer support these identification numbers and replace them with another feature. For now the Advertising Identifier refers to advertisers.

The new feature is like a non-personal UDID. Customers’ private gadget information is not tied to their identification numbers. The new iOS 6 feature known as Advertising Identifier is not permanent.

More Control over Ads Identifier

According to Apple, this identifier is to be used by ad networks to give users some control over ad tracking. When all ad networks start using this option in the future, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad owners will be able to limit advertising tracking. For now they can still get targeted ads from those networks that do not use Advertising Identifier.

Only those systems that are updated and start supporting all iOS 6 options won’t be able to track users’ information in the Advertising Identifier.

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