Apple App Store Malware Removed with Infected Apps

The popular App Store can also be infected by iOS app malware files. The famous ‘fruit’ company had a malware attack on its iPhone and iPad store with official applications. Reportedly, the XcodeGhost malware managed to infect over 50 applications along with pretty popular titles across the world. For example, CamCard and WeChat programs that are used by millions of iOS device owners were infected by this malware.

Apple App Store malware programs have been already removed from the store. According to the company’s spokeswoman Christine Monaghan, the Cupertino-based giant had to remove apps from its store that were developed using ‘counterfeit software’ that helped the XcodeGhost malware to infect them.

The App Store malware attack began on the weekend. Different titles were infected by the malware and the iPhone maker assures that it is now working with devs who programs suffered from the attack on using the correct Xcode version to rebuild the iOS 9 applications. If you already have the infected program installed on your gadget you have no solution from Apple yet.

The XcodeGhost is the malware that usually affects the programs developed by Chinese teams. It can affect the Xcode compiler in both iPhone / iPad / iPod touch and Mac programs. Some developers uploaded their applications that were already affected by XcodeGhost to the iOS App store. The company successfully added them to its store giving access for public downloads. Will the iPhone create make its rules more strict now to avoid such apps from getting into the store or not?

We have on idea what Apple is planning to do. In case you are running the XcodeGhost infected applications you are highly advised to delete them asap.