Will Apple Car Be Launched?

The rumors about possible Apple car launch get new ‘food’ to digest as the Cupertino-based giant hires another specialist for its Special Projects division. This time the ‘fruit’ giant hired ex-senior engineer from Tesla Motors. In other words, its secrel Project Titan might be presented even sooner than more of us expect.

The well-known iPhone and iPad creator [it is expected to soon unveil iPhone 6S with Force Touch option] is working with a lot of engineers and its Special Projects division can boast well-known professionals who used to work with major automakers. There are no details about the projects though so we can only read what rumors state and think that the smartphone developer wants to get involved into the vehicle projects.

Previous reports mention other professionals who are now working for Apple but used to work for Volkswagen and other great companies that make cars.

Apple vehicle development might be just the field where the company is adding its firmware and programs to cars. However, the fact that iPhone maker has already entered the mobile payment market and is rumored to think about creating its own virtual mobile network in the U.S. – it could just as well appear on the automotive industry and offer its own car models.

The Project Titan is so secret that there are no leaks that could point on what Apple is working on and hoping to bring to public in the future. Will we see a self-driving vehicle developed by the Cupertino-based company or a car driven by iOS 9 iPhone or Apple Watch? Or is self-driving option just the testing option?

The rumors are just rumors and we have no idea what surprises the ‘fruit’ company is preparing for its millions of fans.