Apple to Increase Tablet Sales to Gamers with its iPad Mini

It seems that iPad Mini will soon become more popular than the original one or any other model, as it is less expensive and takes less space in your bag. I think Steve Jobs would be glad to hear that iPad Mini could increase Apple’s tablet sales.

Based on the recent study, a smaller and much cheaper iPad Mini could boost Apple’s tablet sales not just to students and schools, but also to people who like playing games on mobile devices.

Ben Reitzes stated that Apple is likely to expand the iPad selection in fall 2012. A number of different rumors have often suggested that the fruit company is exploring a smaller device having a 7.85-inch display that would work at 1,024 by 768 pixels, a similar resolution to the first-gen iPad and also iPad 2.

This is what Ben Reitzes wrote to investors:

“We don’t think that a smaller, cheaper tablet will dilute the quality of the iPad brand and iOS ecosystem either, despite earlier comments by the company”.

On the other hand, Ben Reitzes believes that a smaller and cheaper iPad Mini would help Apple promote the usage of its device for education and also e-books. In addition he said that the iPad Mini would also help to expand the tablet market, allowing it to get to as high as 350 million sales by 2015.

Besides that, Reitzes thinks that an iPad Mini would also boost sales among people who play iOS games on the mobile devices. He wants iOS gaming to become even bigger platform for Apple in the coming years.

So Apple may soon become more popular not just because of being a mobile operator, but also because of its iPad Mini. Use this link to find out more about Apple to become a mobile operator. The analyst believes that an iPad Mini would become even more popular than the 9.7-inch iPad 3, but it still will be great for Apple as the new device will beat lower priced rivals, such as Samsung.

Additionally he noted that the price drop of the iPad 2 16GB model to $399 in March has gone a long way in overcoming Amazon’s Kindle Fire for $199. A couple of weeks ago, IDC said that shipments of the Kindle Fire fell from a 16.8% market share in the Q4 of 2011 to just 4% in the Q1 of the current year.

The analyst Ben Reitzes also said that he expects Apple to make its Mac platform less expensive offering the new MacBook Air for $800, $200 less than the existing low-end model.