Apple Will Launch iOS 7 Update This Summer For iPhone 5S and iPad 5

After sir Jonathan Ive became the designer of iOS 7 update many iFans were waiting for it. it will be something new, something that have never happened with iOS before. iOS 7 will  cast a shadow over iPhone 5S, iPad 5 and other Apple products.

Many new Apple products scheduled for 2013: iPhone 5S, iPad mini with a Retina-display, updated iPad 5 and iPhone Mini. There will be used A7 processor and LTE technology, which allows the simultaneous transmission of voice and data. Maybe we will see a flexible display, biometric sensors, AirPlay-enabled 4K, built identifier voice, gestures and facial expressions. Apple, in one way or another, will continue on its path to the future, but for ordinary users of technological innovation is enough, they are quite pleased with the capabilities of their devices.

But c what could bring the iOS 7 update nobody knows. However some iOS 7 features and predictions we have. The interaction of the operating system and applications. Multilayer intuitive interface. Cloud technologies that allow to link together the entire ecosystem – so you can access the information when needed and where needed. You can jointly operate with devices. iOS 7 should bring a brilliant synthesis of software and services to the physical device and cloud technologies. iOS 7 Notification Center and Passbook update.

In the coming weeks and months we will fall a ton of rumors about the new iPhone, iPad and other devices by the Californian company. But none of them will be as important to Apple, for us and for the future of mobile platforms like iOS 7 which will be launched this summer.

As to the hack for this exclusively new update I can tell only one thing. Famous hacker pod2g asked Apple for open iOS 7 running the Twitition. But that is another story.

What do you think about iOS 7 update and how it will look like?