Apple Music 503 Error Reported by iTunes Users

Apple Music 503 error occurs once in a while and in different situations. Users report such an issue on Apple Support forums and this might be familiar to you as well. The problem doesn’t seem to appear when you access the new music streaming service from you iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

If you are accessing the service from you computer [the issue seems to take place on both Mac OS X and Windows PC machines] you might get error 503 iTunes message. In other words you have to access Apple Music through iTunes and only this way the bug exists.

It also appears when you are using playback feature and sometimes the error message can pop up when you are not even listening to music. This seems like an outage that should be fixed by Apple. Some users assure they can connect to Apple Music without problems and others keep getting the same 503 dialog box.

We don’t know what causes the issue. Apple doesn’t comment on the problem but there are a lot of users who are affected and thus the bug is real. If you get the 503 error you might be able to dismiss it and listen to songs after you reconnect to the service or play the next track.

Give it a try and wait till the ‘fruit’ giant fixes the outage and normalizes the work of its new service through iTunes.

You know that Music was released in the end of June. This service is new and it might have different problems once in a while. The company has included it to iOS 8.4 and will add the tool to the future iOS 9 that will be launched in the fall.