Apple Orders More Displays for iPhone 6s Release September 2015

iPhone 6s launch date in USA coming soon and Apple is reportedly increasing the number of displays for this new gen models. The official introduction is planned for September 9th. There were earlier reports about the Cupertino-based giant decreasing its 6s and 6s Plus orders. Now it changes its mind and wants to order more units.

According to news, iPhone 6s release September 2015 might also introduce other ‘fruit’ products to customers. Besides, the company is ordering more displays for its ‘S’ lineup from Japan Display company.

The report comes from Japan Display. This firm assures that Apple is coming to them with more orders. The ‘fruit’ giant is the ‘biggest client’ the company has. The technology the company is using for producing iPhone 6s displays is difficult but ‘ramp-up is going well’ as noted by Japan Display.

The difficulty most likely refers to the new Force Touch option Apple is adding to its 6s / 6s Plus smartphones. The two models are being officially introduced on September 9th and released around September 16th-18th.

Apple upgrades the lineup of its handsets every year. Recent releases were all held in the fall. This is the time of ‘fruit’ changes and a lot of customers get more ideas for Christmas gifts since iPhones are pretty popular during the holiday season.

Force Touch was unveiled in the Apple Watch and this wearable quickly become popular among users even though a lot of customers believe it is priced too high. Rumors say that iPhone 6s Force Touch will be different from what is offered in the Watch and still this is a curious addition to iOS smartphones.

The upcoming handsets will also feature A9 chip, more RAM, better cameras and a lot of new options, specs and features users might enjoy upgrading to.