Can Apple Pay in Europe Become Successful?

Apple Pay future stores will include overseas companies since the iPhone maker is going to push its payment system Apple Pay in Europe. Different contactless opportunities to pay for products and services have become popular nowadays, but can the Cupertino-based giant make its new platform as widespread as its iDevices?

In the USA the new system got much attention [users suffered some Apple Pay issues but still it is now supported by NBA teams, a lot of banks and stores], and Apple managed to attract millions of customers within the first two months from the official service launch. Is something similar possible in EU? Can Apple Pay future retailers in France, Germany and other European countries convince iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users how safe and easy it is to pay with the new method?

According to different reports, consumers who prefer digital payments use Apple Pay in about 1% of their purchases. This is not too much at the moment but experts believe that Europe can accept the new service even more willingly than U.S. consumers because here people are used to EuroPay, Visa and MasterCard contactless technologies.

Everything about Apple Pay Europe future is currently just a rumor. Apple hasn’t confirmed such a movement but it definitely looks closely at the European market which brings a lot of opportunities for further growth.

The now-popular contactless cards first appeared in Europe in 2007. It was Visa Europe and its Chief digital officer Steve Perry believes that the entry of Apple Pay in EU market has future and sounds exciting.

It is believed that the first countries that will see the new payment option will be the UK, France and Germany.