Apple to Prepare No Updates for iPod This Year

Apple is rumored to stop releasing its iPod device eventually for iWatch. Some experts believe it might even happen this year as they haven’t heard anything about the iPod line updates. While there should be iPhone 6 and the new iPads, there is no information, leaked images and predictions on the iPod.

iWatch concept news instead appear everywhere. Some designers have even added it to the next iPhone 6 iOS 8 home screen as an idea of what might cone. One analyst from Susquehanna Financial Group, for example, mentions the iWatch in his report. The Cupertino tech giant is said to be preparing for producing a pair of display sizes for the iWatch in the last quarter of 2014.

It is expected from Apple to produce up to 6 million devices at first with essential replacement of the iPod lineup with the iWatch devices. It will not happen at once, of course. Apple can’t just stop selling and supporting the iPod no matter how low it sales get. Eventually it can still replace the gadget with the iWatch.

There were not major updates in the line of Apple iPods since 2012. Even the company’s CEO Tim Cook called this a “declining business” thus this might be the last of the classic iPod from the fruit giant with further introduction of the iWatch.