Apple Processor for iPhone 6c Leaked

Will Apple present a new iPhone along or after the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus launch? Could it be true that the company has plans to announce Apple iPhone 6c release date sometime in the spring 2016 along with the next generation Watch wearable? The new rumors suggest that such plans could be real.

We came across some reports that state that Apple processor for iPhone 6c is to be the FinFET chip line that promises great performance along with incredible power efficiency. Still it doesn’t look like the 6c line would be launched in the fall 2015 when the ‘fruit’ giant is expected to unveils the ‘S’ line models.

Till now there was no evidence about 6c version appearing in the supply chain and there were news about iPhone 6S Force Touch production and other details about the ‘S’ devices at the same time. This could only mean that Apple is planning to push the introduction of its 4-inch smartphone to the Q2 2016.

A lot of customers believe that iPhone is too expensive. Maybe Apple wants to bring more affordable handsets to the market and provide more choices to all potential consumers who think that the ‘fruit’ gadgets are unique and must-have.

Some sources note that the 6c version could get the FinFET processor [as we have mentioned above] that could be manufactured through 16- or 14-nanometer process. TSMC and Samsung could produce such chips without problems. Right now both companies are rumored to work on the details for the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus gadgets.

Could the smaller and still powerful iPhone 6c become just as popular or even more popular than current iPhone 6 [by the way the future iPhone 6S chip also leaked]? What are customers expecting to see and wishing to buy for Christmas this year? Are they eager to purchase a smaller device even if it is released in the spring? There are a lot of questions right now and we don’t have the answers.