Apple Announced Respond On AntiSec UDID Hack

Scandal with 12 million stolen UDID by hackers from AntiSec group continues to grow slowly. Earlier it was reported that among the victims of this hack was even iPad of Barack Obama. You can also check if your UDID was hacked or not. But today Apple responded on this AntiSec UDID hack.

As long as all parties remain relatively calm – hackers have posted a million UDID to the network and temporarily hiding, the FBI strongly denied AntiSec hack and the possibility that their employees could have an impressive stock of private data, and yesterday decided to keep up with Apple and also responded on the situation.

In an official statement, Apple has decided not only to declare his innocence, but at the same time denied the fact that the FBI could request personal details. It seems that they really do not want to quarrel with major government agencies.

A couple of days ago I wrote you that group of hackers from AntiSec hacked laptop of one of FBI agents and get 12 millions of Apple identifier numbers. At the same time FBI said that they didn’t hear about that leakage and that it was fake info. Today Apple also responded on this situation.

According to Apple respond on AntiSec hack they said that the FBI had not requested this information from Apple, and they had not provided any personal user’s info nor the FBI nor any other organization. Also, Apple is introducing a number of new API after iOS 6 release, through which the need for a UDID disappears. Also Apple stated that soon they would prohibit the use of UDID.

After all this natural question arises: if Apple does not provide such data, and the FBI does not ask them, how the computer of one of the FBI employees had accumulated such an impressive amount of users’ personal data?

I think there may be two reasons. The first is FBI keep an eye on Apple and its users because of iPhone and iPad producer’s monopoly. The second is that Apple leaks all personal of its users to the FBI if they need it.

The second variant is more than just possible. US government likes to keep an eye on US people. It is like a dependency.

Do you believe Apple respond on iPad and iPhone UDID hack by AntiSec? Leave your comments below.