Apple Samsung Patent Lawsuit Summary

The long-going Apple Samsung dispute over a number of issues doesn’t seem to ever end. The two companies are sure that their rival is copying their ideas, designs and void patents. Will they find an agreement? It looks like they have already achieved some understanding over the ongoing patent dispute.

The well-known world giants that release interesting and high-demanded smartphones and other gadgets have reportedly settled to court supervised mediation in the dispute they have had for a long long while. The statement was made by ADR. It reports that the attorneys from the two firms filed the agreement with the United States District Court in California.

Apple Samsung Lawsuit Settlement

Apple Samsung Patent Lawsuit Summary

The companies started their court battles a few years ago. Apple even managed to win the case for over $1 billion award in damages three years ago. However Samsung fighted back and this sage goes on and on. Samsung is appealing the case and finally, in 2015, Apple and Samsung agree to court supervised mediation.

As attorneys have filed, the parties came the alternative dispute resolution this September. It is officially knownthat the two companies are planning to mediate with Judge Spero. The deadline to settle down the case is November 15th. This should be the date for the official settlement conference.

Apple didn’t get the one billion dollars award. The damages were reduced to about $500 million and the fact that the companies found an agreement could mean that no damages would be paid.

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