Apple to Seed New iOS 8.0.1 Firmware to Partners not Users

While iOS 8 hasn’t become even public yet and developers are still testing its iOS 8 beta, there are reports according to which Apple is going to offer iOS 8.0.1 official upgrade to its partners. This hasn’t happened yet, at least, we haven’t heard about iOS 8.0.1 release yet but rumors promise partners the right to be the first ones to install the latest firmware version.

iOS 8.0.1 download will most likely be present to public after iOS 8 goes live. This should happen in mid-September or even sooner. The official iPhone 6 was introduced on September 9 and this is the day when the company mentioned the final release date for its next iOS 8.

A lot of users surely dream about being Apple partners who often get the first releases of iOS and other Cupertino-based company’s products. Still there is a good news as well. Since Apple seeds iOS 8.0.1, it means that the GM update will also come to end users.

You can’t update to iOS 8.0.1 right now, but this operating system update, according to reports, will get improvements and further enhancements of the iPhone and iPad OS. Only select partners will be able to install this upgrade, and they might have already updated to iOS 8 which hasn’t been launched officially yet.

Await is almost over though. Apple announced its next iOS 8 and new iPhone on September 9 and it should roll out all these updates before the end of the month.