Apple Sets iOS 8.3 Restrictions Limiting File Manager Apps

iOS 8.3 is the most recent public mobile firmware for iPhone and other ‘fruit’ iDevices released by Apple. The company brought a lot of new things to this update [read iOS 8.3 release notes] and it also added some iOS 8.3 restrictions you have to know about. They are related to different file manager programs such as iFunBox and similar tools.

You know how much Apple likes to patch holes, tweak things and improve its security. It doesn’t support jailbreaking and it does everything to kill the exploits found by hackers. This time the company went even further. It has implemented some changes in its iOS 8.3 security making developers wonder how they should work with their file manager apps and transfer utilities programs.

For example, current file manager tools are no longer able to access app directories on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch once user updates to 8.3 software because Windows and OS X computers can’t support such programs. Developers are trying to update their applications and constantly searching for workarounds to make programs functional and work on the iOS 8.3 at the same time.

It is possible to download iOS 8.3 ipsw and use an instruction on how to manually update to 8.3 version through iTunes and direct links. Remember that the new firmware cannot be jailbroken at the moment.

With iOS 8.3 file manager limited changes make it hard to control data in applications and games. Such information has been shared by iFunBox developer. This program cannot open data directory of the apps or games if you are not jailbroken and, once again, iOS 8.3 is non-jailbreakable.

If you have an earlier firmware version that is jailbroken you can easily use iFunBox and similar programs. But if you are on iOS 8.3, you have to wait for the new fixes.