Apple Watch Issues Cut Wearable’s Production by Half

The iOS giant faces unpredictable Apple Watch production problems. The company reportedly was forced to cut the production of its wearable by 50 percent. Such information has surfaced on one of the Chinese sources that is sure that the ‘fruit’ company comes across Apple Watch issues that cannot allow producing 3 million units a month.

The iPhone maker was supposed to manufacture about 3 million smartwatches but can only create about 1.5 million of them per month [though a lot of customers say they are not looking into iOS wearable purchase] because of its new Apple Watch OLED displays. These screens are made by LG and this big company cannot make 90-100 percent of screens usable. Up to 60 percent of its OLED panels can’t be used at all which leaves Apple with only about 30-40 percent of working screens for its watches.

LG factories are not the only ones that are causing problems. Report also mentions another company Quanta that has issues with assembling the small Watch device with struggles. This firm has been only working with computers before and smartwatch is too tiny for it causing yield problems Apple wasn’t prepared for.

The monthly yield of the iOS Watch product is estimated by some experts to only 300,000 devices per month because of the issues with LG and Quanta.