AT&T iPhone Unlock: Advantages of Factory Unlock Service

How long can you stay without your handset? I remember when my iPhone stopped working because of the dead battery and I had to wait for 3 days to replace it. It was very difficult. I am so used to using my smartphone that I couldn’t stop thinking about it when I had that problem.
Now imagine that your device is locked to AT&T network and you can’t insert the SIM card of Verizon, Sprint or other carriers. Isn’t it a big issue? I think it is. iPhone users who travel a lot need to be mobile and not dependent on one company. A lot of people purchase locked handsets and a lot of them dream about iPhone AT&T U.S.unlocking. I’ll tell you about this service so that you know how you can set yourself free from being locked to just one carrier.
About AT&T iPhone Unlocking Tool
I came across this intelligent iPhone unlocking site not so long ago. I needed to leave U.S. and go abroad where my AT&T iPhone became useless unless it was unlocked. I read a lot of consumer’s reviews and decided to give it a try.
AT&T iPhone Unlock [this is the name of the company] really helped me a lot. It works with fruit smartphones locked to this U.S. carrier. It doesn’t matter what iPhone model, baseband and iOS firmware you have as the factory unlock tool is perfect for any versions.
Here is what I did to place my order and getting the status “unlocked” in less than 24 hours.
Step 1. I found my IMEI number by typing *#06#. My phone displayed this code to me which is fast and easy to do.
Step 2. I was sure I was locked to AT&T but just in case I used the iPhone Network Checkerto verify this information and in a couple of minutes I got an email with the details about my handset.
Step 3. I emailed my IMEI code to the company and paid $9.99 for their service using my PayPal account. The company emailed me back assuring it got my order.
Step 4. The next email was received by me in less than 24 hours. I got further instructions that helped me finish the unlock. They were really simple and I had no problems following them and finally saw a message “Your iPhone has been unlocked” on iTunes.
Benefits of Factory Unlock
I was happy to know that my Apple warranty wasn’t void by this distant unlocking service. Now I can freely update to any iOS version / baseband because my unlock will not be lost. I can also use any carrier and I am really happy as it saves some bucks.