AT&T and T-Mobile Share Free Roaming in NJ and New York

Americans and visitors of New York City and New Jersey can now enjoy free roaming between 2 biggest U.S. GSM mobile operators, AT&T and T-Mobile. The two companies made a deal and now let all people affected by horrifying Hurricane Sandy keep in touch via both carriers’ networks.

There is no need to tell you about how horrible frankenstorm was – Hurricane Sandy brought Shark in New Jersey, that’s amazing!

According to the deal, AT&T and T-Mobile roaming free during hurricane Sandy will not charge customers when those make phone calls over their networks. They will charge each other. There is a press release posted by the two mobile operators that explains the deal to people from New York and New Jersey.

AT&T and T-Mobile Free Roaming

The two carriers have enabled free roaming on their networks meaning their clients can call each other just as they always have had but each phone call will be supported by the network which better operates in their location. This helps Americans and guests of the severely impacted areas to stay in touch. Frankenstorm swept along the Northeast coast and left much destruction. The whole country is now helping those who lost their homes and relatives. You can use hurricane Sandy apps to track it via iPhone and iPad.

Actually, AT&T and T-Mobile consumers will not get anything for free during roaming. Their data plans will remain the same but they will not pay for the roaming service if they call via T-Mobile while their device is attached to AT&T [and opposite] which is nice.

Are There Any Additional Charges?

As we have mentioned above, these are the two major U.S. carriers. Their networks are based on two standards: UMTS and GSM. Thus it is possible for users to share data and voice traffic between the 2 companies. The phones simply change networks when customers’s current subscribed service’s coverage disappears.

The roaming deal between T-Mobil and AT&T is affected by Hurricane Sandy. It is temporary and we have no idea how long this partnership can last since the latest reports say that about one fourth of the Northeast cell towers are still down.

Dear readers, stay safe!