How to Avoid Pangu Boot Loop of Death Bug

Some users report mysterious iOS Pangu boot loop of death bug while trying to jailbreak their iPhone or iPad with this popular and only tool. Is the a fix to the jailbreak problem? Can you avoid getting the boot loop or not? Let’s see what users have to say regarding this issue and what is the best Pangu boot loop fix solution.

Fix Boot Loop of Death Pangu Jailbreak iOS 9 iPhone

Not many users believed that the real jailbreaking tool for iOS 9, 9.0.1 and 9.0.2 platforms would arrive in October. Apple makes harder and harder to jailbreak its mobile operating system and hackers have to work hard on finding new exploits in the code they can use for jailbreaking the system. Luckily, the latest iOS 9 can be jailbroken already and Pangu team is the only group of hackers who released their program with support for the most recent iOS version.

It is interesting that the BLOD issue [it stands for Boot Loop of Death] is experienced by both jailbroken users who have successfully used the program and those who are only trying to perform the jailbreak.

How to Avoid Boot Loop of Death Pangu Issue

Since this problem is not the common boot loop you can get into while using your iDevice, there is no absolute solution to it. The problem looks so mysterious. It appears when you don’t expect it. Not all users get it but some really suffer from the BLoDs and wish to solve this issue asap.

The boot loop of death bug seems to be caused by either unclean shutdowns when you are forcing reboot or by kernel panic. This has nothing to do with boot loops caused by incompatible jailbreak tweaks [you can download the updated Cydia Substrate with support for iOS 9].

With BLoD problem you cannot get to SpringBoard as your smartphone or tablet keeps rebooting constantly. The only known iOS 9 jailbreak boot loop fix is restoring your iDevice. This mean you’ll lose the jailbreak and will have to run Pangu once again to get Cydia store and all the fun jailbreak tweaks for your iOS 9 platform.

Users who don’t want to get stuck in the Boot Loop of Death are advised to use only clean shutdowns meaning you should turn off you iDevice using the slide to power off button. Avoid force restart and force reboot and you should be fine.

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