Baseband Core Dump Secret Function [iPhone Codes]

I have just arrived to my motherland Ukraine to visit some games at EURO 2012. During the long 10 hours flight had some free time to learn more about iPhone baseband dumping methods. There is actually nice dumper by Dev Team which I have described here, But it only support S-Gold 2 chips, that is only the first gen iPhone.

Today I want to share the iPhone Secret Code which can be used to activate Baseband Core Dump function by simply dialing some numbers through iPhone dialer. This method works on newer basebands. Also this method doesn’t work on iPhone 2. So let’s see supported iDevices for Baseband Core Dump function activation.

Supported Devices:

  • iPhone 4s
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 3gs
  • iPhone 3g

After you know which types of iPhones are supported we can start to prepare your baseband to dump the memory. It is very essential action and you should do it not only for its simplicity but for getting access to, for example, iOS 6 iPhone baseband and do whatever you want with it.

For example you can dump memory and look for some hidden structured info there. When you have the dump you can apply decryption and use the data to create your own exlpoits if you know some of bb vulnerabilities.

So here below I’ll show the first and easiest step to get to baseband memory activating Baseband Core Dump function.

How to trigger a core dump of the iPhone baseband memory

As you may guess you need to open iPhone dialer and type next commands:

*5005*CORE# (*5005*2673#)

This command will activate the baseband core dump function. Look at the screenshot below:

Core Dump Secret Code on iPhone

That’s it. You have just activated Baseband Core Dump function on your iPhone. But if you ask me how to turn it off I show you how.

Just type in your iPhone dialer this command:


to you turn OFF the core dump function:

iPhone Baseband dump secret code

Now I give you the command that allows you to see the status of core dump function so just type next:


and you will see the status of core dump function:

baseband core dump

That’s all, pretty simple steps. Now your baseband is ready to dump the memory. Just experimenting share your experience using comment form below. I really appreciate that.