Benefits of iPhone Unlocking with Factory Tool

There is no need to have a magic wand if you wish to unlock iPhone once and forever with possibility to upgrade iOS firmware as many times as you wish and preserving your unlock status. This is one of the main benefits of iPhone unlocking with factory IMEI tool. Still some users thinking it is better to use software unlock and Gevey SIM tool. Let’s see why factory unlock iPhone method is better than the other services.

We hope our post will help you to decide how you wish to perform unlock in order to insert SIM cards of any carrier and have connection in any country worldwide.


What Is Factory Unlocked iPhone?

There is no need to explain why unlock iPhone service is very popular nowadays. Never-locked smartphones cost too much money, while a locked handset can be purchased much cheaper and it can be easily unlocked for free or at an affordable price.

Factory unlocked iPhone is a device that got freedom by IMEI code. Such unlock is distant and permanent meaning you don’t have to give your gadget to anyone because the company that offers IMEI unlock will return your status as “unlocked.”

Once you order this service, you will be able to upgrade your baseband and firmware, and you unlock will stay. There will be no need to unlock each time you update to a newer iOS. You’ll be able to user services from any mobile provider. Your smartphone will work perfectly, and all you are asked to do by the company for iPhone is provide the IMEI code for your device to check it’s locked network.

By the way, if you have an unlocked handset you can resell it for a higher price than the locked one.


IMEI Unlock vs. Hardware / Software Unlock

As we have mentioned above, some customers still think that it is better to unlock their iPhone iOS 6.1.4 using software / hardware unlocking. This was true a couple of years ago, before Apple started to securely protect its iOS from hackers and before IMEI unlock was introduced.

iPhone Unlock with IMEI Tool

The first iOS unlock for AT&T iPhone was launched 6 years ago. It was developed for the original handset model. Later hackers created other programs to update later versions of iOS. This method was popular till iOS 6 release. Apple learned to quickly patch any holes in its firmware making hackers work harder on developing unlock programs for each mobile operating system update. The SAM unlock, for example, was patched by the Cupertino-based company and is no longer available to users.

Some people used to “trick” their iPhone hardware with R-SIM, Gevey SIM and X-SIM methods. These tools helped your smartphone to make phone calls with a different route. Still it was impossible to upgrade to a newer iOS version and continue tricking the hardware because such unlock was lost after update. All these tools voided Apple’s warranty while IMEI unlock keeps it.

Go and order unlocking services for your iPhone to free from locked network and use any newer ioS version as well as any Sim card worldwide.