How Big Is 4K Video on iPhone 6S?

The 2015 iPhone 6s model Apple will officially release in the end of September has some unique features not present on iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. Firstly, this device will be running the new iOS 9 platform with tons of options and interesting extras. Secondly, iPhone 6s 4k video is a new option that allows users recording 4k films through the 12MP camera.

How big is 4k video on iPhone 6s? A lot of potential customers might want to know this information before getting the new generation smartphone since Apple still offers the 16GB model even though most users hoped the company would drop this storage space version.

The 4k video storage space is surely much bigger than space taken by regular videos. There is already information from different experts who manage to shot the 1 minute video and discovered how big it is.

Let me say one thing. You do not want to get the 16GB iPhone 6s or 6s Plus. Look at the 64GB or 128GB model because the 4k video is pretty big. To compare, the HD video requires at least 60MB of space if you capture it at 30fps and at 720p HD. Better quality you want to get – the more space will be required.

Thus, the 30fps and 1080p HD 1-minute iPhone 6s 4K video will need 130MB of space. If you ant even better quality, you should remember this: while the 60fps 1080p HD video needs 200MB of space your brand new 4K video shot at 30fps will take even more – it will need 375MB!

You can see that the iOS 9 iPhone 6s with 16GB of space will definitely be not enough for users who are planning to record 4k videos. The Apple phone with the smallest storage space won’t even hold the 40 minutes 4k video because it requires all the space this model has.

The 128GB iPhone 6s would be able to record not more than 6 hours of 4k videos.