Blackberry vs. Apple Competition: Who Pays iPhone Users

How far can a company go in its competition against another firm? iPhone 6 vs. Blackberry Passport fight is going on and Blackberry continues to offer iDevice users an opportunity to switch to the 4.5-inch square screen gadget using the $600 discount deal. It also promises to release Blackberry Siri alternative. Thus if you happen to wish to use the deal, why not learning more about it?

Blackberry – Apple competition is nothing new. Both companies wish to attract more customers and fight for each consumer. Some users choose the round-angled ‘fruit’ smartphone and others like the square display more.

iPhone vs Blackberry Passport

The price on Blackberry Passport is $599 in the USA and £529 in the UK [iPhone 6 discounts available in the U.S. make it pretty affordable right now even though the ordinary price was around $600]. But if you agree to switch from ‘fruit’ to ‘square’ you can get up to $400 back for the iOS cell phone and up to $200 off your new Blackberry. The deal is worth $600.

All you have to do is upgrade to the Passport model, but before you do so, you are advised to contact your local Blackberry stores to make sure the deal is still available and ask them to confirm the eligibility requirements for such an update.

iPhone Blackberry Passport Deal

Everything depends on the value of the used iDevice and new Blackberry. You do understand that your smartphone has to be in good working condition.

What do you think about the deal? Would you ever trade-in your ‘fruit’ gadget for the square screen device only because of the possible discount?

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