Chinese Customers Can Trade-in iPhone and iPad at Local Apple Stores

Chinese customers who are fans of original iOS products can now participate in the iPhone trade-in Apple China program that has been officially confirmed by the company’s spokeswoman Kitty Potter. The rumors about this have been floating on the web for a while [everyone knows how Apple benefits from iPhone sales in China]. Now everything seems to be set up between the Cupertino-based giant and its local stores in Asia.

You should be able to trade-in iPhone in China anywhere you live. This popular American program has to be available across all Chinese iOS retail stores. The ‘fruit’ giant is extending opportunities for customers. For example, the company updated its program in the U.S. and now accepts non-iOS gadgets as well which includes BlackBerry, Android and Windows Phone devices.

Now its Asian customers can also trade in both iPhones and iPads. When you bring your older model to the retail store you will get a credit that can be used as a discount to your purchase of a new iPhone or iPad. Of course, your older device has to be in good condition and able to turn on.

According to Potter, the famous iPhone maker is bringing this program to Chinese users to assist those of them who want to recycle the previous-gen models. This way customers can help the environment and also receive a credit. In other words, local consumers can finally exchange an old iDevice for a new iPhone 5S, 6, 6 Plus or iPad.

Previous rumors said that all the ‘fruit’ trade-ins in China would be handled by Foxconn. This company is going to take all the recycled models, repair the ones that can be repaired for good and resell them through its network of sites.

Where will you be able to purchase a repaired old iPhone or iPad in China? Reports mention such platforms as eFeihu and FLNet.