How to Clear Space on iPhone for iOS 9 Update

This week Apple is rolling out the new public iOS 9 firmware for its iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Here is the simple prepare to update iOS 9 guide that will help all users to free up space for the installation on their iDevice to make the upgrade as smooth as possible.

Our tips on how to free up space on iPhone for iOS 9 update are simple and you most likely know most of them. Recollecting is fun so let’s prepare our gadgets for the major roll out that is planned for September 16.

How to Clear Space on iPhone for iOS 9

Step 1. Figure out where the most of your storage space is used. Go to Settings and select General – Usage menu. You can choose Storage – Manage Storage option and get details on the storage space used on the iPhone or other iDevice you have.

Step 2. Think about the apps you want to get rid of. Uninstall the programs you don’t need. This way you get free up enough storage space for successful iOS 9 updating.

Step 3. Users with the 16GB models might need to also reduce the music library and maybe switch to the streaming service to get more free space on the smartphone.

Step 4. Sync your pictures / video files to iCloud Photo Library [here is how to restore deleted files on iCloud] and use less space on the iDevice by not storing photos and videos directly on it. You can also sync your files with your computer through iTunes.

Step 5. You might want to clear your Safari cache by going to Settings – General menu and selecting Usage – Manage Storage – Safari and choosing the feature called Clear History and Website Data.

Step 6. Do you have a lot of iMessage conversations that are old and you don’t actually need to store them? Delete all the old texts and get more free space for updating to iOS 9.

It’s great that the Cupertino-based company reduced the free space you have to have on the iDevice in order to install iOS 9 through OTA option. You’ll need 1.3GB of free space if you choose this method. This is a great accomplishment because iOS 8 needed at least 4.6GB of free space for over-the-air updates.

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