How Can I Copy Photos from iPhone without My Laptop?

You can’t have your computer or laptop anywhere you go. Sometimes you take a trip and you have only your smartphone with you. Is there a way how to copy photos from iPhone without a computer? There are a lot of different solutions you can find [we have already explained to you how to delete iPhone backups from iCloud]. This time we’ll talk about a thumb drive that can do lots of tricks.

This is a short guide for users who want to learn how to transfer photos from iPhone without computer. You might have internet connection or might have no network at all. Having a small thumb drive in your pocket can save your nerves and easily store your images taken with your smartphone.

How to Download iPhone Photos to External Hard Drive

Step 1. This is not exactly the hard drive you might think of. There are small thumb drives that don’t take much space and are compatible with Apple device. Such gadgets cost about $50-$80 for 16GB or 32GB storage capacity. They have a USB and Lightning connector ends that make it possible to connect to your smartphone and later to your computer. Get one if you are going into a trip where you won’t have a laptop, Mac or PC and you’ll have extra space for images. 16GB drive can store over 6,000 photographs so this should be enough for most users.

Step 2. Connect the drive to your iPhone.

Step 3. The device will ask you if you want to copy photographs [there might be a couple of promts] and your images located in Camera Roll will be transferred to the external drive. This procedure might last for a while [by the way, you might want to learn how to recover lost photos on iPhone and this is also easy when you know which tools to use].

Step 4. Keep the extra photos on the drive and when you get back home you can plug your thumb drive to your computer through the USB port and copy photos from it to your PC or Mac.

Everything is simple, isn’t it?