Crazy iPhone Unlock $500,000 Fine Or Even More Penalties

From now on U.S. citizents will have to pay penalties for illegal iPhone unlock. It has become illegal to get phone unlock yourself (without the permission of the carrier you are locked to) since January 26th. Personally I find the new iPhone unlock $500,000 find too crazy to be real, but this is how much you will be charged in case you wish to pay no attention to the law.

The law has some exceptions. You better learn what you are allowed doing now and what you are prohibited to do. It is best to avoid iPhone unlock fine as the price is way too high. Breaking the unlocking law can be painful to your pocket and freedom. Half a million bucks or five years in jail is something all iPhone users would absolutely need to stay away from. If you bought iPhone on iOS 6.1 and want to unlock it, do do that if you made this after February 26.

Illegal iPhone Unlock in the U.S.

Penalties for Unlock iPhone

U.S. citizens mustn’t unlock their devices. This notice comes from the Library of Congress. According to it, first time offenders might be both fined and imprisoned. This doesn’t sound too exciting, does it?

If it’s the second time you are caught penalties for iPhone unlock will increase up to $1,000,000 and 10 years of prison. It looks serious now, so don’t violate the law. Only in this situation iPhone unlock fine will not be applied to you.

Buy Unlocked iPhones Use IMEI Unlocking Service

Locked smartphones are less expensive than unlocked ones, still it is better to pay extra $100-$200 and get a never lock gadget than save this money and later pay penalties for iPhone unlocking.

The only exception to the law which let’s you avoid unlock $500,000 fine is the official permission to purchase an unlocked device from the U.S. carrier or Apple. For example, Verizon sells iPhone 5 unlocked out of the box.

So according to news all iPhones that were bought before 2013 you can unlock.

Also you can use official service to unlock AT&T iPhone IMEI or IMEI or some other international carrier here. Use factory unlocked iPhone and be safe. And never return to this theme again.

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