How to Delete Music from iPhone 6: Albums and All Music at Once [Instruction]

Users who have 8GB iPhone 6 or other models with little storage space might want to learn how to delete albums from iPhone to free it for more images and games [you can also learn how to delete backups to free up some space]. It’s great that all the music won’t be deleted permanently and you’ll always be able to re-download it again.

Some users prefer storing songs and other files in the cloud. Others are fans of storing everything on the PC or Mac. Before you choose to remove music or albums you are advised to back up your music in iTunes or cloud. Follow the guide below and you will find out how to get rid of extra files within seconds.

Delete Music from iPhone 6

How to Delete Music from iPhone 6

Method 1. It is possible to remove everything at once. This how to delete all music from iPhone method is simple. You have to launch Settings and go to General – Usage – Storage and you will find Manage Storage feature. Find Music app from the list of applications and select it to see the music library on iPhone 6 or other model. Press on Edit option next to All Songs menu and you will be able to get rid of all songs stored on the handset.

Method 2. You can delete albums one by one through Settings. You have Music application that reveals every song you have got from iTunes and you are able to remove albums after you go to Settings, select Music and disable the feature called Show All Music. It is now possible to choose Albums from the Music app menu and select the album you wish to get rid of by swiping to the left. There will be a red box with Delete option you can use in order to remove one album at a time.

Enable Show All Music after you have deleted the albums.

Remember that you can always get the music back if you store it in cloud or purchased from iTunes.

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